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「a hemoprotein that receives oxygen from hemoglobin and stores it in the tissues until needed」

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  • The current therapeutic strategies are based on the design of multifunctional drug candidates able to interact with various disease related targets. Drugs that have the ability to scavenge reactive oxygen species (ROS), beyond their main therapeutic action, may prevent the oxidative damage of biomol
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  • 豚肉中のミオグロビン,ヘモグロビンならびにシトクロムcの同時定量法の検討
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  • Carbon monoxide binding properties of domain-swapped dimeric myoglobin
  • 冷凍食品の氷水解凍 (特集 機能性氷・氷スラリーの研究動向と食品冷蔵・冷却への展開) -- (研究動向)


Myoglobin is a protein in heart and skeletal muscles. When you exercise, your muscles use up available oxygen. Myoglobin has oxygen attached to it, which provides extra oxygen for the muscles to keep at a high level ...
Myoglobin belongs to the globin superfamily of proteins, and as with other globins, consists of eight alpha helices connected by loops. Human globin contains 154 amino acids. [14] Myoglobin contains a porphyrin ring with an iron at ...


MyoglobinMyoglobinHeme In MyoglobinExample myoglobin for oxygen storage:This article is about a class of molecules Getting Oxygen: Myoglobin vs. Hemoglobin

拡張検索myoglobin-Blondheim salting out method」「acute recurrent myoglobinuria」「familial myoglobinuria」「paroxysmal myoglobinuria」「myoglobin salting out method



myoglobin (K), Mb, MG
筋肉ヘモグロビン muscle hemoglobinミオヘモグロビン myohemoglobin


  • 骨格筋、心筋中に見出されるヘムタンパク質で鉄を1原子含む。酸素親和性が高く、激しい運動に備えての酸素の貯蔵に貢献している。


  • 153アミノ酸残基、分子量17.2 kDa、単量体。


  • 骨格筋・心筋内における酸素の貯蔵






  [★] ミオグロビン myoglobin

myoglobin-Blondheim salting out method」

  [★] ミオグロビン・ブロンドハイム塩析法

acute recurrent myoglobinuria」

  [★] 急性再発性ミオグロブリン尿症

familial myoglobinuria」

  [★] 家族性ミオグロビン尿症

paroxysmal myoglobinuria」

  [★] 発作性ミオグロビン尿症

myoglobin salting out method」

  [★] ミオグロビン塩析法