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  • n.

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「the act of observing something (and sometimes keeping a record of it); "the monitoring of enemy communications plays an important role in war times"」

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  • Airborne lidar-based estimates of tropical forest structure in complex terrain: opportunities and trade-offs for REDD+
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  • BACKGROUND: Carbon stocks and fluxes in tropical forests remain large sources of uncertainty in the global carbon budget. Airborne lidar remote sensing is a powerful tool for estimating aboveground biomass, provided that lidar measurements penetrate dense forest vegetation to generate accurate estim
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  • Enantioselective Inhibition of Carprofen Towards UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) 2B7.
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  • Precipitation Process of Calcium Phosphate from Calcium Carbonate Suspension
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  • … Samples of the synthesis were collected at different intervals and analysed by laser granulometry and by environmental scanning electron microscopy.For the synthesis conducted at 260 rpm, synthesis monitoring was made using a contact probe in solution coupled to a Raman spectrometer in order to follow the formation of solid phase. …
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  • 船体動揺と立位姿勢応答
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  • Monitoring the movement of the center of gravity due to posture change,we investigated the relationship between the joint torques and the center of gravity inside and outside a stable area of the base of support. …
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  • GPSを用いた地震時のダムの変位計測 (巨大地震に備える技術開発)
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モニタリング【monitoring】とは。意味や解説。[名](スル)監視すること。観察し、記録すること。モニタリングカー【monitoring car】環境中の放射線を測定する機材を搭載した車。原子力施設の周辺を移動しながら、広い範囲に ...
monitoring:モニタリング...英語からも日本語からも検索できて、解説、文例、コロケーションまで掲載した実用的な内容です。 ... 「ビジネス英語辞書」は検索語の和訳・英訳を検索できます。収録語数は 25,076語(ver.50)



拡張検索continuous glucose monitoring」「intracranial pressure monitoring method」「blood glucose monitoring system」「subdural monitoring」「nerve action potential monitoring



  • n.
  • v.
  • 監視する、警戒する

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「to keep watch over; "there would be men guarding the horses"」

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「a device designed to prevent injury or accidents」
safety, safety device

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「(American football) a position on the line of scrimmage; "guards must be good blockers"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a position on a basketball team」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a posture of defence in boxing or fencing; "keep your guard up"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a military unit serving to protect some place or person」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a person who keeps watch over something or someone」

WordNet   license wordnet

「the person who plays that position on a football team; "the left guard was injured on the play"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「the person who plays the position of guard on a basketball team」

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「〈C〉『見張り』,番人;歩哨(ほしょう),番兵;護衛兵 / 〈U〉(…を)見張ること,監視すること《+『over』+『名』》;(…を)警戒(用心)すること《+『against』+『名』》 / 〈C〉《英》(列車・電車の)『車掌』(《米》conductor) / 《the Guards》《英》近衛(このえ)連隊 / 〈U〉〈C〉(ボクシング・フェンシングなどで,相手の攻撃に対する)ガード,防御 / 〈C〉(米式フットボール・バスケットボールの)ガード / 〈C〉《しばしば複合語を作って》「(危険などを)防止する物,保護物」の輔を表す / …‘を'『見張る』,環視する / (…から)…‘を'『警戒する』,守る《+『against』(『from』)+『名』》 / (…に備えて)『警戒する』,用心する《+『against』+『名』(do『ing』)》」

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「watch over or shield from danger or harm; protect; "guard my possessions while I''m away"」

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「take precautions in order to avoid some unwanted consequence; "guard against becoming too friendly with the staff"; "guard against infection"」



  • n.

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「(特に容疑者・囚人などの)監視,見張り / 監督,指揮」

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「close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)」



  • n.

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「a mistake resulting from inattention」

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「an unintentional omission resulting from failure to notice something」

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  • n.

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「a prolonged intense look」




continuous glucose monitoring」

  [★] 連続血糖モニタリング

連続血糖モニタリングシステム CGMS

intracranial pressure monitoring method」

  [★] 頭蓋内圧モニタリング法

blood glucose monitoring system」

  [★] 血糖モニターシステム

subdural monitoring」

  [★] 硬膜下モニタリング

nerve action potential monitoring」

  [★] 神経活動電位測定