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  • n.
  • 強い悪意、敵意、激しい憎しみ。有害、有害なもの。(医)(病気の)悪性/悪性度。(医)悪性腫瘍

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「(medicine) a malignant state; progressive and resistant to treatment and tending to cause death」

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「強い悪意,敵意 / (特に腫瘍(しゅよう)の)悪性;悪性腫瘍」

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  • Timing and causes of death in septic shock.
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  • BACKGROUND: Most studies about septic shock report a crude mortality rate that neither distinguishes between early and late deaths nor addresses the direct causes of death. We herein aimed to determine the modalities of death in septic shock.METHODS: This was a 6-year (2008-2013) monocenter retrospe
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  • Runx1 is associated with breast cancer progression in MMTV-PyMT transgenic mice and its depletion in vitro inhibits migration and invasion.
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  • Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is responsible for 4% of all neoplasms in adults and for 80% of all primary renal tumors. Metastatic RCC is resistant to all cytotoxic agents and generally prognosis is poor. However, the clinical behavior of RCC is unpredictable, and late recurrences of disease can occur
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  • がんの悪性化におけるエクソソームの役割とその治療戦略 (特集 疾患エクソソーム : 病をもたらすパンドラの箱がいま開かれる : エクソソームを制するものが疾患を制する) -- (疾患とエクソソーム)
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  • 出血性腎嚢胞との鑑別に苦慮した乳頭状腎細胞癌の1例
  • 山室 拓,三塚 浩二,佐藤 真彦 [他]
  • 泌尿器科紀要 = Acta urologica Japonica 58(12), 679-682, 2012-12
  • … Aspiration cytology of the cyst revealed no malignancy, but malignancy could not be ruled out on magnetic resonance imaging because of the cyst's wall thickness and heterogeneous contents. …
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Malignancy (from Latin male "badly" + -gnus "born") is the tendency of a medical condition, especially tumors, to become progressively worse and to potentially result in death. Malignancy in cancers is characterized by anaplasia, invasiveness, ...
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リンク元100Cases 14」「悪性腫瘍」「悪性病変」「malignant potential
拡張検索lymphoid malignancy」「surface epithelial-stromal tumor of borderline malignancy of ovary」「humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy」「digestive system malignancy

100Cases 14」


☆case14 複視
diplopia n. 複視
筋力低下筋無力筋脱力 muscle weakness, muscular weakness
vt. sinkのpp.
3,4-ジアミノピリジン 3,4-diaminopyridine 3,4-DAP K+チャネル阻害薬;ランバートイートン筋無力治療
43-year-old woman
cheif complaint: diplopia
present history: diplopia and holding her head up ; more marked in the evenings, for the last 3 months. difficulty of chewing. voice has become quieter. weight loss (3kg / 6months). non-smoker. drinks about 15 units/week. no regular medication.
past history: no significant previous medical illnesses.
family history: lives with her husband and three children.
診察 examination
looks well.
organ systems: normal; cardiovascular, respiratory, and abdominal systems.
muscle power; grossly normal. decrease after testing a movement repetitively.
motor function: normal; tone, coordination, reflexes and sensation.
bilateral ptosis. exacerbated by prolonged upward gaze
eye: normal; pupillary reflexes, eye movements, and funduscopy
diagnosis: myathenia gravis
differential diagnoses:
上位and/or下位運動ニューロン motor neurone disease 運動ニューロン疾患線維束性攣縮進行例では筋力低下
muscular dystrophy 筋ジストロフィー:ある種の筋肉選択的筋力低下する。家族歴がある。
dystrophia myotonica 強直性筋ジストロフィー咬筋側頭筋胸鎖乳突筋筋萎縮四肢遠位端の筋萎縮顔貌特徴的(前頭部脱毛、無表情、窪んだ頬)。家族歴ある。筋電図診断有用(急降下爆撃音)。
polymyositis 多発筋炎普通皮疹関節痛出現CK上昇筋生検診断有用
myopathy ミオパチー:甲状腺中毒性ミオパチー甲状腺機能低下症によるミオパチークッシング症候群によるミオパチーアルコール性のミオパチー
神経筋接合部non-metastatic associations of malignancy (paraneoplastic syndrome(傍腫瘍性症候群 = 腫瘍随伴症候群)のこと):胸腺腫症例の10%に重症筋無力症がみられる。ランバートイートン筋無力症候群小細胞癌関連がある。
Treatment with penicillamine (used for scleroderma or rheumatoid arthritis) may result in true autoimmune MG, but the weakness is usually mild, and recovery occurs within weeks or months after discontinuing its use.
Aminoglycoside antibiotics or procainamide can cause exacerbation of weakness in myasthenic patients; very large doses can cause neuromuscular weakness in normal individuals.
HIM = Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 17th Edition
CASES = 100 Cases in Clinical Medicine Second edition
IMD = 内科診断学第2版



malignant tumor, malignancy
悪性新生物 malignant neoplasm cancer


  • 極性の乱れ
  • 壊死 + apoptosis
  • 出血
  • 核分裂の増加 (+異常核分裂)
  • 細胞密度の増加
  • 間質浸潤 (+腫瘍性間質の形成)
  • 脈管浸潤 (リンパ管、血管)
  • 転移 (リンパ節、他臓器、経気道)




米国SEERプログラム 1975-1995 SPE.555
  • 1. 白血病 31%
  • 2. 中枢神経腫瘍 19%
  • 3. リンパ腫 11%
  • 4. 交感神経腫瘍 8%
  • 5. 軟部肉腫 7%
  • 6. 腎腫瘍 6%
  • 7. 悪性骨腫瘍 5%
  • 8. 胚細胞腫瘍 4%
  • 9. がん/上皮性腫瘍 4%
  • 10. 網膜芽細胞腫 3%
  • 11. 肝腫瘍 1%
  • 12. その他 1%




  • 1. 人口動態調査 > 平成22年人口動態統計 > 確定数 > 上巻 > 死亡 > 年次 - 政府統計の総合窓口 GL08020102
  • 5-24 悪性新生物の主な部位別にみた性・年次別死亡数及び率(人口10万対)
  • 5-26 悪性新生物の主な部位別にみた性・年次別年齢調整死亡率(人口10万対)




malignant potential」



lymphoid malignancy」



lymphoid tumor

surface epithelial-stromal tumor of borderline malignancy of ovary」

  [★] 卵巣境界悪性表層上皮性・間質性腫瘍

humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy」

  [★] 腫瘍随伴体液性高カルシウム血症

digestive system malignancy」

  [★] 消化器系悪性腫瘍