larva migrans

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  • BACKGROUND: Eosinophils may suggest the presence of a great variety of anomalies whereupon allergies, malignancies, certain tissue disorders, idiopathic hypereosynophilic syndrome and parasitic infections (with the exception of protozoons) can be cited as a few. Although the clinical manifestations
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  • Infectious diseases of the skin have become rarer in industrialized nations, but they still affect a considerable part of the population in tropical regions. Skin diseases induced by protozoa, worms and ectoparasites are among the 17 "neglected tropical diseases" defined by the WHO (leishmaniasis, d
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  • Visceral larva migrans syndrome: Analysis of serum cytokine levels in children with hepatic lesions confirmed in radiological findings.
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  • Human toxocariasis is a helminth zoonosis resulting from accidental infection of humans by the roundworms Toxocara canis (T.canis) and cati (T.cati). The infection occurs in five forms: systemic (VLM), ocular, neurological, covert, and asymptomatic. The aim of this study was to characterize the radi
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  • 症例報告 ホタルイカ生食による旋尾線虫幼虫type Xの皮膚幼虫移行症の1例
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  • 症例報告 転移性肝腫瘍との鑑別が困難であったトキソカラ症の1例 (特集 珍しい外科感染症症例)
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Larva Migrans What is larva migrans and what causes it? Larva migrans describes a parasitic disease involving migration of immature (larval) worms in various parts of the body. Several different worm species can be involved and ...
larva mi·grans (mī′grănz′) n. pl. larvae mi·gran·tes (mī-grăn′tēz′) A larval worm, typically a nematode, that wanders in the host tissues but does not develop to the adult stage. larva migrans. See cutaneous larva migrans, visceral larva ...


LARVA MIGRANS CUTÂNEAlarva migrans on the hand of a light cutaneous larva migrans اليرقه Larva Migrans, Visceral (Visceral Larva  and pictures of Cutaneous Larva Migrans24. Larva migrans cutánea

拡張検索cutaneous larva migrans」「visceral larva migrans



larva migrans
  • ヒトを固有宿主としない寄生虫の感染による

cutaneous larva migrans」

  [★] 皮膚幼虫移行症

creeping eruptionlarva migransocular larva migrans

visceral larva migrans」

  [★] 内臓幼虫移行症 VLM





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「the immature free-living form of most invertebrates and amphibians and fish which at hatching from the egg is fundamentally unlike its parent and must metamorphose」

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「(昆虫の)幼虫(青虫など) / (動物の)幼生(オタマジャクシなど)」