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「filamentous hairlike growth on a plant; "peach fuzz"」
fuzz, tomentum

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「a filamentous projection or process on an organism」

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「any of the cylindrical filaments characteristically growing from the epidermis of a mammal; "there is a hair in my soup"」

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「a covering for the body (or parts of it) consisting of a dense growth of threadlike structures (as on the human head); helps to prevent heat loss; "he combed his hair"; "each hair consists of layers of dead keratinized cells"」

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「〈C〉(人間・動物の1本の)『毛』;(植物・昆虫などの)毛 / 〈U〉《集合的に》『髪の毛』,毛,毛髪;(動物の)体毛 / 《a~》1本の毛ほどの量(距離,程度),ごくわずか」

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  • Advanced chemical imaging and comparison of human and porcine hair follicles for drug delivery by confocal Raman microscopy.
  • Franzen L, Mathes C, Hansen S, Windbergs M.SourceSaarland University, Department of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Saarbruecken, Germany.
  • Journal of biomedical optics.J Biomed Opt.2013 Jun;18(6):061210. doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.18.6.061210.
  • Hair follicles have recently gained a lot of interest for dermal drug delivery. They provide facilitated penetration into the skin and a high potential to serve as a drug depot. In this area of research, excised pig ear is a widely accepted in vitro model to evaluate penetration of drug delivery int
  • PMID 23165762
  • Ultra sensitive microfluidic immunosensor for determination of clenbuterol in bovine hair samples using electrodeposited gold nanoparticles and magnetic micro particles as bio-affinity platform.
  • Regiart M, Fernández-Baldo MA, Spotorno VG, Bertolino FA, Raba J.SourceINQUISAL, Departamento de Química, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, CONICET, Chacabuco 917, D5700BWS,San Luis, Argentina.
  • Biosensors & bioelectronics.Biosens Bioelectron.2013 Mar 15;41:211-7. doi: 10.1016/j.bios.2012.08.020. Epub 2012 Aug 17.
  • In this article, we report the first integrated microfluidic immunosensor coupled to a screen-printed carbon electrode (SPCE) applied to determination of clenbuterol (CLB) in bovine hair samples. CLB is a member of the β(2)-agonist drugs which is used in animal production and is banned in Argentine
  • PMID 22975092
  • Two-photon excited fluorescence lifetime imaging and spectroscopy of melanins in vitro and in vivo.
  • Krasieva TB, Stringari C, Liu F, Sun CH, Kong Y, Balu M, Meyskens FL, Gratton E, Tromberg BJ.SourceUniversity of California, Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic, Irvine, California 92617-1475.
  • Journal of biomedical optics.J Biomed Opt.2013 Mar 1;18(3):31107. doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.18.3.031107.
  • ABSTRACT. Changes in the amounts of cellular eumelanin and pheomelanin have been associated with carcinogenesis. The goal of this work is to develop methods based on two-photon-excited-fluorescence (TPEF) for measuring relative concentrations of these compounds. We acquire TPEF emission spectra (λe
  • PMID 23235925
  • Simultaneous analysis of antiretroviral drugs abacavir and tenofovir in human hair by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.
  • Shah SA, Mullin R, Jones G, Shah I, Barker J, Petroczi A, Naughton DP.SourceSchool of Pharmacy and Chemistry, Kingston University, London, UK. Electronic address:
  • Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis.J Pharm Biomed Anal.2013 Feb 23;74:308-13. doi: 10.1016/j.jpba.2012.10.023. Epub 2012 Oct 26.
  • A sensitive and reproducible method has been developed and validated for the simultaneous quantification of the key antiretroviral drugs abacavir and tenofovir in hair using LC-MS/MS. The method was validated according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for the parameters: speci
  • PMID 23245265


  • 全国食品衛生監視員研修会優秀演題 ウインナーに生じた毛様物について
  • 大嶋 綾,峯岸 俊貴,茂木 修一 [他]
  • 食品衛生研究 = Food sanitation research 65(8), 71-74, 2015-08
  • NAID 40020552285
  • オランダで迎える日本人の老い:在蘭日本人の高齢化に関する意識調査
  • 金本 伊津子
  • 桃山学院大学総合研究所紀要 41(1), 55-80, 2015-07-27
  • … Komojin (紅毛人), which literarily means `red hair people', was the nickname of the Dutch people at that time. …
  • NAID 110009924105
  • DNA型分析のための毛髪表面からの汚染除去法の評価
  • 岩嶋 泰樹,渡邊 賢,北山 哲史 [他]
  • 日本法科学技術学会誌 = Japanese journal of forensic science and technology 20(2), 165-173, 2015-07
  • NAID 40020548635
  • Variation of hair cortisol concentrations among wild populations of two baboon species (Papio anubis, P. hamadryas) and a population of their natural hybrids
  • Fourie Nicolaas H.,Jolly Clifford J.,Phillips-Conroy Jane E. [他]
  • Primates 56(3), 259-272, 2015-07
  • NAID 40020532453









hair, hair of head

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