glycyrrhizic acid

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diammonium glycyrrhizinateglycyrrhizinglycyrrhizinateglycyrrhizinate dipotassiumglycyrrhizinic acidmonoammonium glycyrrhizinate

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  • Water soluble biocompatible vesicles based on polysaccharides and oligosaccharides inclusion complexes for carotenoid delivery.
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  • Since carotenoids are highly hydrophobic, air- and light-sensitive hydrocarbon compounds, developing methods for increasing their bioavailability and stability towards irradiation and reactive oxygen species is an important goal. Application of inclusion complexes of "host-guest" type with polysacch
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  • Glycyrrhizic acid (GA) inhibits reactive oxygen Species mediated photodamage by blocking ER stress and MAPK pathway in UV-B irradiated human skin fibroblasts.
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  • BACKGROUND: Previously we have reported that generation of reactive oxygen species is the prime event responsible for calcium mediated activation of PERK-eIF2α-CHOP pathway and apoptosis in UV-B irradiated human skin fibroblasts (Hs68). We have also reported that glycyrrhizic acid (GA) mediates pot
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  • Determination of high-intensity sweeteners in river water and wastewater by solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.
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  • High-intensity sweeteners have been suggested as potential organic contaminants due to their widespread use in food, drugs and sanitary products. As a consequence, they are introduced into the environment by different pathways, affecting aquatic life. In this study, a method based on solid-phase ext
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  • 薬用植物甘草の栽培とグリチルリチン酸の分析
  • 和歌山大学教育学部紀要. 自然科学 = Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. 和歌山大学教育学部紀要委員会 編 66, 9-11, 2016-02
  • NAID 40020744521
  • 葛根湯エキス製剤および湯剤の同等性に関する研究(II)
  • グリチルリチン酸に含まれるグルクロン酸の立体化学の確認


The European Union suggests people should not consume any more than 100 mg of glycyrrhizic acid a day, equivalent to approximately 50 g of liquorice sweets . In Japan, where concern over the safety of artificial sweeteners during the ...
Literature on case reports, clinical studies and biochemical mechanisms of the sweet-tasting compound glycyrrhizic acid in liquorice was critically reviewed to provide a safety assessment of its presence in liquorice sweets. A high intake of ...


Glycyrrhizic acid from Plants (CAS#1405-86 Glycyrrhizic Acid.svgGlycyrrhizic acid (Glycyrrhizin) Structural formula of Glycyrrhizic acidGlycyrrhizic acid | CAS:1405-86-3 Glycyrrhizic acid (Glycyrrhizin)

先読みglycyrrhizinate dipotassium
リンク元グリチルリチン酸」「glycyrrhizinate」「diammonium glycyrrhizinate」「グリシルリジン酸」「グリチルリジン酸

glycyrrhizinate dipotassium」

  [★] グリチルリチン酸二カリウム



glycyrrhizic acidglycyrrhizinate
グリチルリチン酸二カリウム glycyrrhizinate dipotassiumグリチルリチン酸モノアンモニウム monoammonium glycyrrhizinateグリチルリチン酸二アンモニウム diammonium glycyrrhizinate



diammonium glycyrrhizinateglycyrrhizic acidglycyrrhizinate dipotassiumglycyrrhizinic acidmonoammonium glycyrrhizinate

diammonium glycyrrhizinate」


glycyrrhizic acidglycyrrhizinglycyrrhizinateglycyrrhizinate dipotassiumglycyrrhizinic acidmonoammonium glycyrrhizinate



glycyrrhizinic acidglycyrrhizic acid



glycyrrhizic acidglycyrrhizinic acidglycyrrhizinate



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「street name for lysergic acid diethylamide」
back breaker, battery-acid, dose, dot, Elvis, loony toons, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, pane, superman, window pane, Zen

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「any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt」

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「having the characteristics of an acid; "an acid reaction"」

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「酸性の / 酸味のある,すっぱい(sour) / (言葉・態度などが)厳しい,しんらつな / 酸 / すっぱいもの / 《俗》=LSD」