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  • Metabolic functions of glucocorticoid receptor in skeletal muscle.
  • Kuo T, Harris CA, Wang JC.SourceDepartment of Nutritional Science & Toxicology, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720, United States; Graduate Program of Endocrinology, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720, United States.
  • Molecular and cellular endocrinology.Mol Cell Endocrinol.2013 Nov 5;380(1-2):79-88. doi: 10.1016/j.mce.2013.03.003. Epub 2013 Mar 21.
  • Glucocorticoids (GCs) exert key metabolic influences on skeletal muscle. GCs increase protein degradation and decrease protein synthesis. The released amino acids are mobilized from skeletal muscle to liver, where they serve as substrates for hepatic gluconeogenesis. This metabolic response is criti
  • PMID 23523565
  • Effects of food-deprivation and refeeding on the regulation and sources of blood glucose appearance in European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.).
  • Viegas I, Rito J, González JD, Jarak I, Carvalho RA, Metón I, Pardal MA, Baanante IV, Jones JG.SourceCNC-Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra, 3004-517 Coimbra, Portugal; CFE-Center for Functional Ecology, University of Coimbra, Apartado 3046, 3001-401 Coimbra, Portugal; Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra, 3001-401 Coimbra, Portugal. Electronic address:
  • Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part A, Molecular & integrative physiology.Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol.2013 Nov;166(3):399-405. doi: 10.1016/j.cbpa.2013.07.013. Epub 2013 Jul 17.
  • Sources of blood glucose in European seabass (initial weight 218.0±43.0g; mean±S.D., n=18) were quantified by supplementing seawater with deuterated water (5%-(2)H2O) for 72h and analyzing blood glucose (2)H-enrichments by (2)H NMR. Three different nutritional states were studied: continuously fed
  • PMID 23871878
  • Ghrelin: much more than a hunger hormone.
  • Pradhan G, Samson SL, Sun Y.SourceaUSDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center, Department of Pediatrics bDivision of Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism, Department of Medicine cHuffington Center on Aging, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Current opinion in clinical nutrition and metabolic care.Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care.2013 Nov;16(6):619-24. doi: 10.1097/MCO.0b013e328365b9be.
  • PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Ghrelin is a multifaceted gut hormone that activates its receptor, growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R). Ghrelin's hallmark functions are its stimulatory effects on growth hormone release, food intake and fat deposition. Ghrelin is famously known as the 'hunger hormone'. H
  • PMID 24100676


  • Uterine Glycogen Metabolism in Mink during Estrus, Embryonic Diapause and Pregnancy
  • DEAN Matthew,HUNT Jason,MCDOUGALL Lisa,ROSE Jack
  • Journal of Reproduction and Development, 2014
  • … While glycogen phosphorylase protein was detected during estrus and diapause, glycogen synthase was almost undetectable after estrus, which probably contributed to a higher glycogenolysis/glycogenesis ratio during diapause. …
  • NAID 130004687240
  • 福山型先天性筋ジストロフィーにおける糖代謝
  • 小峯 聡,石井 かやの,池谷 紀代子 [他],齋藤 加代子,大澤 眞木子
  • 東京女子医科大学雑誌 83(E1), E25-E35, 2013-01-31
  • 福山型先天性筋ジストロフィー (FCMD)は、日本では、小児期の筋ジストロフィーの中で2番目に最も多く見られる。FCMDには、長年の診療の中で本症患児の病状を脅かす問題点が多々認められている。我々は、FCMDの患者にケトン性低血糖にしばしば遭遇する。ケトン性低血糖は一般的に幼児期の健常児に認められるが、その機序は、FCMDでは明確にされていない。この研究は、FCMDにおける低血糖の機序を明らかにす …
  • NAID 110009559429
  • Effects of celiac superior mesenteric ganglionectomy on glucose homeostasis and hormonal changes during oral glucose tolerance testing in rats
  • Kumakura Atsushi,Shikuma Junpei,Ogihara Norikazu,Eiki Jun-ichi,Kanazawa Masao,Notoya Yoko,Kikuchi Masatoshi,Odawara Masato
  • Endocrine Journal 60(4), 525-531, 2013
  • … In contrast, the liver produces glucose by glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis while fasting. … Glycogenesis and glycogenolysis are regulated by various mechanisms including hormones, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and the hepatic glucose content. …
  • NAID 130004443868


Biosynthesis of Glucose: Gluconeogenesis: Gluconeogenesis is the process of synthesizing glucose from non-carbohydrate sources. The starting point of gluconeogenesis is pyruvic acid, although oxaloacetic acid and ...
glycogenolysis /gly·co·ge·nol·y·sis/ (-jĕ-nol´ĭ-sis) the splitting up of glycogen in the liver, yielding glucose.glycogenolyt´ic gly·co·gen·ol·y·sis (glī′kə-jə-nŏl′ĭ-sĭs) n. The hydrolysis of glycogen to glucose. gly′co·gen′o·lyt′ic (-jĕn′ə-lĭt′ĭk) adj.






glycogen phosphorylase
  • first aid step1 2006 p.98


  • 細胞内cAMP濃度 (HBC.160)
インスリン → ↓cAMP → ↓glycogen phosphorylase
グルカゴンエピネフリン → ↑cAMP → ↑glycogen phosphorylase
  • cAMP非依存的経路 (HBC.162)
  • Ca2+
  • Ca2+やphosphatidylinositol bisphosphate pathway
  • バソプレシン、オキシトシン、アンジオテンシンII


  • 骨格筋のグリコーゲンホスホリラーゼ欠損


  • Q book p.139 33






  • adj.
  • グリコーゲン分解の