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  • Long-Term Follow-Up of Amniotic Membrane Graft for the Treatment of Symblepharon in a Patient With Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa.
  • Koulisis N1, Moysidis SN, Siegel LM, Song JC.
  • Cornea.Cornea.2016 Sep;35(9):1242-4. doi: 10.1097/ICO.0000000000000861.
  • PURPOSE: To report a case of symblepharon due to epidermolysis bullosa (EB), surgical treatment, and follow-up to 14 years.METHODS: A 17-year-old white female with recessive dystrophic EB presented with decreased vision due to extensive symblepharon OU. There was opacification and neovascularization
  • PMID 27124783
  • General Pharmacokinetic Model for Topically Administered Ocular Drug Dosage Forms.
  • Deng F1, Ranta VP2, Kidron H1, Urtti A3,4.
  • Pharmaceutical research.Pharm Res.2016 Jul 18. [Epub ahead of print]
  • PURPOSE: In ocular drug development, an early estimate of drug behavior before any in vivo experiments is important. The pharmacokinetics (PK) and bioavailability depend not only on active compound and excipients but also on physicochemical properties of the ocular drug formulation. We propose to ut
  • PMID 27431864
  • Stability-Indicating RP-HPLC Methods for the Determination of Fluorometholone in Its Mixtures with Sodium Cromoglycate and Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride.
  • El-Bagary RI1, Fouad MA2, El-Shal MA3, Tolba EH3.
  • Journal of chromatographic science.J Chromatogr Sci.2016 Jul;54(6):923-33. doi: 10.1093/chromsci/bmw022. Epub 2016 Feb 26.
  • Two stability-indicating reversed-phase liquid chromatographic methods were developed and validated for the determination of fluorometholone (FLU) in its mixtures with sodium cromoglycate (SCG) and tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride (THZ). The first HPLC method (Method 1) was based on isocratic elution
  • PMID 26921897


  • Topical loteprednol etabonate 0.5% for treatment of vernal keratoconjunctivitis : efficacy and safety
  • ONER Veysi,TURKCU Fatih Mehmet,TAS Mehmet,ALAKUS Mehmet Fuat,ISCAN Yalcm
  • Japanese journal of ophthalmology 56(4), 312-318, 2012-07-01
  • NAID 10030951915
  • CLINICAL INVESTIGATION : Topical loteprednol etabonate 0.5 % for treatment of vernal keratoconjunctivitis : efficacy and safety
  • Oner Veysi,Turkcu Fatih Mehmet,Tas Mehmet [他]
  • Japanese journal of ophthalmology : the official English-language journal of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society 56(4), 312-318, 2012-07-00
  • NAID 40019342245
  • フルオロメトロンの株化ヒト角膜上皮細胞における代謝と代謝物のステロイド活性
  • 加藤 雅智,小田 知子,深野 泰史 [他],森 俊之,堀部 吉偉,椎 大介,河津 剛一,中村 雅胤
  • あたらしい眼科 = Journal of the eye 23(3), 391-395, 2006-03-30
  • NAID 10018836625


フルオロメトロン点眼液 : 炎症治療用の目薬。 抗炎症ステロイド水性懸濁点眼剤 フルオロメトロン点眼液 Fluorometholone Ophthalmic Suspension 0.02% T 添付文書 http://www.kyorin-pharm.co.jp/prodinfo/data/temp/html/a_fluo2.html http ...
fluorometholone [floor″o-meth´o-lōn] a synthetic glucocorticoid used topically for treatment of allergic and inflammatory conditions of the eye. fluorometholone /flu·o·ro·meth·o·lone/ (floor″o-meth´ah-lōn) a synthetic glucocorticoid used ...


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