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  • CD44 Influences Fibroblast Behaviors Via Modulation of Cell-Cell and Cell-Matrix Interactions, Affecting Survivin and Hippo Pathways.
  • Tsuneki M1,2, Madri JA1.
  • Journal of cellular physiology.J Cell Physiol.2016 Mar;231(3):731-43. doi: 10.1002/jcp.25123.
  • CD44 has been studied in a wide variety of cell types, in a diverse array of cell behaviors and in a diverse range of signaling pathways. We now document a role for CD44 in mediating fibroblast behaviors via regulation of N-cadherin, extracellular matrix expression, Survivin and the Hippo pathway. H
  • PMID 26248063
  • Identification of Tyrosine O Sulfated Proteins in Cow Retina and the 661W Cell Line.
  • Kanan Y1, Al-Ubaidi MR2.
  • Advances in experimental medicine and biology.Adv Exp Med Biol.2016;854:649-54. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-17121-0_86.
  • Lack of tyrosine O Sulfation compromises both rod and cone electroretinographic responses emphasizing the importance of this post-translational modification for vision. To identify tyrosine sulfated proteins in retina, cow retinal lysates were subjected to immunoaffinity purification using an anti-s
  • PMID 26427471
  • Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA) promotes the epithelial mesenchymal transition of triple negative breast cancer cells via HDAC8/FOXA1 signals.
  • Wu S, Luo Z, Yu PJ, Xie H, He YW.
  • Biological chemistry.Biol Chem.2016 Jan 1;397(1):75-83. doi: 10.1515/hsz-2015-0215.
  • Inhibitor of histone deacetylases (HDACIs) have great therapeutic value for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients. Interestingly, our present study reveals that suberoyl anilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA), one of the most advanced pan-HDAC inhibitor, can obviously promote in vitro motility of MD
  • PMID 26431101


  • MT1-MMP prevents growth inhibition by three dimensional fibronectin matrix
  • Takino Takahisa,Luyang Guo,Domoto Takahiro,Sato Hiroshi
  • Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 436(3), 503-508, 2013-07-05
  • … When MT1-MMP was silenced in HT1080 fibrosarcoma cells, cells created three dimensional (3D) fibronectin matrix in a confluent culture, and growth of cells embedded within it was retarded. … Formation of 3D fibronectin matrix initiated by MT1-MMP silencing was impeded by knockdown of either FN or integrin β1, which resulted in restoration of cell growth. … When cells in 3D fibronectin matrix were treated with integrin β1 inhibitory antibody, cells underwent S phase entry. …
  • NAID 120005302290
  • Anti-diabetic Action of 7-O-Galloyl-d-sedoheptulose, a Polyphenol from Corni Fructus, through Ameliorating Inflammation and Inflammation-Related Oxidative Stress in the Pancreas of Type 2 Diabetics
  • Park Chan Hum,Tanaka Takashi,Yokozawa Takako
  • Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 36(5), 723-732, 2013-05-01
  • … Moreover, GS modulated protein expressions of pro-inflammatory nuclear factor-kappa Bp 65, cyclooxygenase-2, inducible nitric oxide synthase, c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK), phospho-JNK, activator protein-1, transforming growth factor-β1, and fibronectin. …
  • NAID 120005295876
  • ヒト歯髄由来線維芽細胞におけるIL-1β刺激によるMMP-3産生に及ぼすJNKの影響
  • 加藤 侑,合田 征司,池尾 隆,林 宏行
  • 日本歯科保存学雑誌 56(1), 48-54, 2013-02-28
  • 目的:う蝕の進行に伴い,う蝕病原性細菌により歯髄組織に炎症が惹起される.炎症時の歯髄組織では炎症性サイトカインであるIL-1βが産生され,炎症の進行に伴いマトリックスメタロプロテアーゼ(MMPs)などのタンパク質分解酵素が産生される.特にMMP-3は,細胞外マトリックス分解能だけでなく,ほかのMMP-1, MMP-7, MMP-9を活性化し,歯髄組織を破壊進行し,炎症を進展することが知られている. …
  • NAID 110009596781


Fibronectin Solution, from Human Plasma 細胞培養用 1mg 18,000 その他細胞外基質 コードNo. 品名 規格 容量 希望納入価格(円) 120-05751 Laminin Solution, from Mouse EHS Tumor 細胞培養用 1mg 28,000 031-19443 200mg ...
Fibronectin (FN) is a multifunctional, extracellular matrix glycoprotein composed of two nearly identical disulfidebound polypeptides of molecular weight 220 kDa. Cellular fibronectin is structurally and antigenically similar to cold ...


Thermolysin human plasma fibronectin fibronectin | Beyond the DishFibronectin | Sigma-AldrichFibronectin of fibronectin and its binding domains 蛋白(fibronectin,FN)(图

拡張検索fibronectin receptor」「oncofetal fibronectin」「fibronectin deposit disease



adhesion molecule


白血球の相互作用に関与している接着分子 (IMM.87)

グループ名 機能 名称 別名 組織分布 リガンド
セレクチン 炭化水素鎖に結合。
P-selectin PADGEN CD62P 活性化した内皮細胞、活性化した血小板 PSGL-1, sialyl-Lewisx
E-selectin ELAM-1 CD62E 活性化した内皮細胞 sialyl-Lewisx
インテグリン CAMや細胞外マトリックスに結合。
LFA-1 αL:β2 CD11a:CD18 単球、T細胞、マクロファージ、好中球、樹状細胞 ICAMs
CR3, Mac-1 αM:β2 CD11b:CD18 好中球、単球、マクロファージ ICAM-1, iC3b, fibrinogen
CR4, p150.95 αX:β2 CD11c:CD18 樹状細胞、マクロファージ、好中球 iC3b
VLA-5 α5:β1 CD49d:CD29 単球、マクロファージ fibronectin
免疫グロブリンスーパーファミリー 細胞結合で様々に働く。
ICAM-1   CD54 活性化した内皮細胞 LFA-1, MAC1
ICAM-2   CD102 非活性化状態の内皮細胞、樹状細胞 LFA-1
VCAM-1   CD106 活性化した内皮細胞 VLA-4
PECAM   CD31 活性化した白血球、内皮細胞間の結合 CD31

白血球の相互作用に関与している免疫グロブリンスーパーファミリーの接着分子 (IMM.329)

名称 分布組織 リガンド
CD2 LFA-2 T細胞 LFA-1 CD53
ICAM-1 CD54 活性化した血管、リンパ球、樹状細胞 LFA-1, Mac-1  
ICAM-2 CD102 非活性化状態の血管 LFA-1  
ICAM-3 CD50 Naive T cells DC-SIGN, LFA-1  
LFA-3 CD58 リンパ球、APC CD2  
VCAM-1 CD106 活性化した内皮細胞 VLA-4  



integrin, integrins

インテグリン IMM.87

name tissue distribution ligand
単球 T細胞 マクロファージ 好中球 樹状細胞
αL:β2 LFA-1 CD11a:CD18 ICAMs
αM:β2 CR3, Mac-1 CD11b:CD18     ICAM-1, iC3b, fibrinogen
αx:β2 CR4, p150.90 CD11c:CD18     iC3b
α5:β1 VLA-5 CD49d:CD29       fibronectin



ラージエキスターナルトランスフォーメーションセンシティブプロテイン large external transformation sensitive protein LETS proteinガラクトプロテイン agalactoproteina

  • 細胞接着蛋白質
  • 線維芽細胞などが産生
  • 癌化した細胞では細胞膜上のフィブロネクチンが減少

fibronectin receptor」



integrin alpha5beta1

oncofetal fibronectin」

  [★] 癌胎児性フィブロネクチン

fibronectin deposit disease」

  [★] フィブロネクチン沈着症