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  • X-linked dominant protoporphyria: The first reported Japanese case.
  • Ninomiya Y1, Kokunai Y1, Tanizaki H1, Akasaka E2, Nakano H2, Moriwaki S1.
  • The Journal of dermatology.J Dermatol.2015 Sep 21. doi: 10.1111/1346-8138.13101. [Epub ahead of print]
  • A 12-year-old boy with photosensitivity since 3 years of age presented with small concavities on both cheeks, the nasal root and the dorsal surface of both hands. According to the clinical features, erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP) was suspected. Urine and blood samples were tested for porphyrin
  • PMID 26387792
  • A metabolomic perspective of griseofulvin-induced liver injury in mice.
  • Liu K1, Yan J1, Sachar M1, Zhang X2, Guan M2, Xie W1, Ma X3.
  • Biochemical pharmacology.Biochem Pharmacol.2015 Sep 5. pii: S0006-2952(15)00575-4. doi: 10.1016/j.bcp.2015.09.002. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Griseofulvin (GSF) causes hepatic porphyria in mice, which mimics the liver injury associated with erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP) in humans. The current study investigated the biochemical basis of GSF-induced liver injury in mice using a metabolimic approach. GSF treatment in mice resulted in s
  • PMID 26343413
  • Kinetic Evaluation of Determinant Factors for Cellular Accumulation of Protoporphyrin IX Induced by External 5-Aminolevulinic Acid for Photodynamic Cancer Therapy.
  • Nakanishi T1, Ogawa T1, Yanagihara C1, Tamai I1.
  • Journal of pharmaceutical sciences.J Pharm Sci.2015 Sep;104(9):3092-100. doi: 10.1002/jps.24462. Epub 2015 May 8.
  • Five-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) is a prodrug to generate phototoxic protoporphyrin IX (PPIX) for photodynamic cancer therapy. It remains unclear how PPIX accumulates in cancer cells; therefore, we aimed to clarify determinant factors by assessing ALA uptake, PPIX biosynthesis, conversion of PPIX to h
  • PMID 25959076


  • Improvement of the Efficacy of 5-aminolevulinic Acid-mediated Photodynamic Treatment in Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma HSC-4
  • Yamamoto Masanao,Fujita Hirofumi,Katase Naoki,Inoue Keiji,Nagatsuka Hitoshi,Utsumi Kozo,Sasaki Junzo,Ohuchi Hideyo
  • Acta Medica Okayama 67(3), 153-164, 2013-06-00
  • Ferrochelatase (FECH) and ATP-binding cassette transporter G2 (ABCG2) are known to regulate PpIX accumulation. …
  • NAID 120005295913
  • Mitochondrial Localization of ABC Transporter ABCG2 and Its Function in 5-Aminolevulinic Acid-Mediated Protoporphyrin IX Accumulation
  • Kobuchi Hirotsugu,Moriya Koko,Ogino Tetsuya,Fujita Hirofumi,Inoue Keiji,Shuin Taro,Yasuda Tatsuji,Utsumi Kozo,Utsumi Toshihiko
  • PLoS ONE 7(11), 2012-11-26
  • … We studied the expression of proteins that possibly affect ALA-mediated PpIX accumulation, namely oligopeptide transporter-1 and -2, ferrochelatase and ATP-binding cassette transporter G2 (ABCG2), in several tumor cell lines. …
  • NAID 120005323823
  • 症例 フェロケラターゼ遺伝子解析により診断した骨髄性プロトポルフィリン症
  • 古市 恵,牧野 輝彦,松永 憲治 [他]
  • 皮膚科の臨床 53(7), 1043-1046, 2011-07-00
  • NAID 40018909240


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