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「a solution that conducts electricity; "the proper amount and distribution of electrolytes in the body is essential for health"」

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  • Tolvaptan for hyponatremia with preserved sodium pool in critically ill patients.
  • Umbrello M1,2, Mantovani ES3, Formenti P4, Casiraghi C5, Ottolina D6, Taverna M7, Pezzi A8, Mistraletti G9,10, Iapichino G11,12.
  • Annals of intensive care.Ann Intensive Care.2016 Dec;6(1):1. doi: 10.1186/s13613-015-0096-2. Epub 2016 Jan 4.
  • BACKGROUND: Hyponatremia is the most common electrolyte disturbance in hospitalized patients, and it represents a well-established risk factor for ICU/hospital mortality. The majority of hyponatremic states are associated with elevated arginine vasopressin levels and a preserved sodium pool. Convent
  • PMID 26728593
  • Synthesis of Mesoporous ZnO Nanosheets via Facile Solvothermal Method as the Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries.
  • Wang X1, Huang L2,3, Zhao Y4,5, Zhang Y6,7, Zhou G8.
  • Nanoscale research letters.Nanoscale Res Lett.2016 Dec;11(1):37. doi: 10.1186/s11671-016-1244-9. Epub 2016 Jan 27.
  • Mesoporous ZnO nanosheets are synthesized through a room temperature solvothermal method. Transmission and scanning electronic microscopy observations indicate that as-prepared ZnO hierarchical aggregates are composed and assembled by nanosheets with a length of 1-2 μm and a thickness of 10-20 nm
  • PMID 26815606
  • Electrochemical Properties of Nanoporous Carbon Material in Aqueous Electrolytes.
  • Rachiy BI1, Budzulyak IM2, Vashchynsky VM3, Ivanichok NY4, Nykoliuk MO5.
  • Nanoscale research letters.Nanoscale Res Lett.2016 Dec;11(1):18. doi: 10.1186/s11671-016-1241-z. Epub 2016 Jan 13.
  • The paper is devoted to the study of the behavior of capacitor type electrochemical system in the К(+)-containing aqueous electrolytes. Nanoporous carbon material (NCM) was used as the electrode material, obtained by carbonization of plant raw materials with the following chemical activation. Optim
  • PMID 26759354


  • Electrochemical Properties of Anthraquinone-Based Polyimides as Cathodes for Lithium Secondary Batteries
  • 過眠を主症状とし,脳幹,視床下部のposterior reversible encephalopathy syndromeを呈したuremic encephalopathyの1例
  • Electroless plating of Ni thin films using foam of electrolyte


電解質(でんかいしつ、英語:electrolyte)とは溶媒中に溶解した際に、陽イオンと陰 イオンに電離する物質のことである。これに対し、溶媒中に溶解しても電離しない物質を 非電解質という。 一般に電解液は電気分解が起こる以上の電圧をかければ電気伝導性 を ...
Electrolytes are minerals in your blood and other body fluids that carry an electric charge. Electrolytes affect the amount of water in your body, the acidity of your blood (pH), your muscle function, and other important processes. You lose ...


Water-electrolyte imbalanceElectrolytes – What do they Do and How Clif Bar, Shot, Electrolyte Replacement  : Home > Products > Vitargo Electrolyte67: Contrast volume and electrolyte  of ionization for strong electrolyte is 0




consciousness disturbance, disturbance of consciousness



急性/慢性, 持続性/一過性


  • 単純な意識障害
明識困難状態 < 昏蒙 < 傾眠 < 昏眠 < 昏睡
  • 複雑な意識障害
  • せん妄     意識混濁 + (高度)精神運動興奮
  • 夜間せん妄
  • 意識障害に関連した特殊な病態

意識レベルの分類 覚醒度

Mayo Clinicの分類

救急 意識障害をみたら

  • AIUEOTIPS (also see DIF.96)
  症候学プリント DIF.95
A alcohol アルコール関連 accidents, arterial occlusions, arteriosclerosis, aneurysms, autoimmune disorders
I insulin インスリン関連(低血糖、糖尿病性ケトアシドーシス非ケトン性高浸透圧性昏睡) inflammatory, intoxication (encephalitis, cerebral abcess, meningitis, alcoholism, opiates, barbiturates)
U uremia 尿毒症電解質異常、内分泌異常、肝性脳症 undefined disorders (narcolepsy, conversion hysteria)
E encephalopathy, endocrinopathy, electrolyte 脳症(脳炎、脳血管障害)、てんかん後 endocrine disorders(myxedema coma, hyperparathyroidism, diabetic coma, insulin shock), epileptic coma
O opiate, other overdose of O2 & CO2 薬物中毒 organ failure(hepatic coma, respiratory failure, uremia)
T trauma, tumor, temparature 頭部外傷、脳挫傷、硬膜外血腫、硬膜下血腫  
I infection 感染症、髄膜炎
P psychogenic 精神疾患
S syncope, seizure, stroke, shock, senile 失神クモ膜下出血


  • 1. 脳原発の疾患(一次性)
  • a. テント上病変(脳幹の圧迫性病変ないし脳ヘルニアをきたす疾患)
  • 1) 脳血管障害:脳出血、脳梗塞
  • 2) 硬膜下血腫
  • 3) 脳腫瘍:原発性、転移性
  • 4) 脳膿瘍
  • b. テント下病変(脳幹網様体の障害)
  • 1) 脳幹出血、脳幹梗塞、小脳出血、小脳梗塞、脳腫痛、多発性硬化症など
  • c. びまん性病変
  • 1) くも膜下出血、中枢神経感染症:髄膜炎、脳炎、 播種性血管内凝固症候群など
  • 2. 全身疾患に伴う病態(二次性)
  • a. 代謝性またはびまん性病変
  • 1) ショック:心筋梗塞、大出血など
  • 2) 薬物、毒物
  • 3) 無酸素ないし低酸素血症
  • 4) DIC、全身性感染症:敗血症など
  • 5) 肝不全、腎不全、糖尿病性高血糖、重症肝炎、内分泌疾患など
  • 6) 低血糖、ビタミンB1欠乏: Wernicke脳症
  • 7) 脳振盪、てんかん大発作後
  • 8) 酸塩基平衡および電解質異常
  • 9) 栄養障害
  • b. 心因性無反応
  • 1) ヒステリー、統合失調症




evaluation of consciousness disturbance