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  • adj.
  • めまいがして、ふらふらして。(運動・速度・高所・野心・成功など)目がくらむような。(頭が)混乱して
  • vt.

dizziness, dizzyness, giddiness, vertiginous, vertigo

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「make dizzy or giddy; "a dizzying pace"」

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「(人が)めまいがする,ふらふらする / 《名詞の前にのみ用いて》(場所・状況などが)めまいを起こさせる,目をくらませるような / 《補語にのみ用いて》(…で)浮き浮きした《+with+名》 / 愚かな,ばかな / …‘に'めまいを起こさせる,‘を'ふらつかせる / …‘を'まごつかせる,‘の'心を混乱させる」

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「having or causing a whirling sensation; liable to falling; "had a dizzy spell"; "a dizzy pinnacle"; "had a headache and felt giddy"; "a giddy precipice"; "feeling woozy from the blow on his head"; "a vertiginous climb up the face of the cliff"」
giddy, woozy, vertiginous

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  • Safety and tolerability of zonisamide in elderly patients with epilepsy.
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  • For the vestibular system, aging is associated with degenerated otoconia and loss of hair cells, vestibular afferents, and cells in the vestibular nuclei. Further neurodegenerative processes involve cortical, extrapyramidal motor, and cerebellar structures. Dizziness is quite common in the elderly,
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  • A study to evaluate safety and tolerability of repeated doses of tirasemtiv in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
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  • Abstract Tirasemtiv is a fast skeletal muscle activator that increases the sensitivity of the sarcomere to calcium, increasing the efficiency of muscle contraction when the muscle is stimulated at submaximal contraction frequencies. A previous study showed single doses of tirasemtiv to be well toler
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  • Mass carbon monoxide poisoning at an ice-hockey game: initial approach and long-term follow-up.
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  • OBJECTIVES: A mass carbon monoxide (CO) intoxication during an ice-hockey game is described. Two hundred and thirty-five patients were seen in different hospitals, 88 of them the same night at the nearby emergency department. To evaluate long-term implications and to identify relevant indicators, a
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  • 眩暈の

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