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  • Demeclocycline as a contrast agent for detecting brain neoplasms using confocal microscopy.
  • Wirth D1, Smith TW, Moser R, Yaroslavsky AN.
  • Physics in medicine and biology.Phys Med Biol.2015 Apr 7;60(7):3003-11. doi: 10.1088/0031-9155/60/7/3003. Epub 2015 Mar 19.
  • Complete resection of brain tumors improves life expectancy and quality. Thus, there is a strong need for high-resolution detection and microscopically controlled removal of brain neoplasms. The goal of this study was to test demeclocycline as a contrast enhancer for the intraoperative detection of
  • PMID 25790138
  • Factors affecting the rate of oxidation and resultant discolouration of tetracyclines contained in endodontic medicaments and irrigants.
  • Bennett ZY1, Walsh LJ.
  • International endodontic journal.Int Endod J.2015 Apr;48(4):373-9. doi: 10.1111/iej.12323. Epub 2014 Jul 11.
  • AIM: To determine the effect of pH, oxygen levels and ions on tetracycline oxidation and resultant discolouration.METHODOLOGY: Solutions of demeclocycline hydrochloride or doxycycline hyclate were prepared and exposed to different pH conditions, pure oxygen or carbon dioxide, ascorbic acid or variou
  • PMID 24889184
  • Effect of Photo-Fenton Bleaching on Tetracycline-stained Dentin in vitro.
  • Bennett ZY1, Walsh LJ2.
  • The journal of contemporary dental practice.J Contemp Dent Pract.2015 Feb 1;16(2):126-9.
  • AIM: Tetracycline-stained tooth structure is difficult to bleach using nightguard tray methods. The possible benefits of in-office light-accelerated bleaching systems based on the photo-Fenton reaction are of interest as possible adjunctive treatments. This study was a proof of concept for possible
  • PMID 25906803


  • 術後に重篤なsyndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormoneを合併した膵頭部癌の1例
  • 武内 有城,福岡 伴樹,高見 秀樹,村上 弘城,三輪 高也
  • 日本消化器外科学会雑誌 42(5), 522-527, 2009-05-01
  • 膵頭部癌切除症例に合併した重症syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone(以下,SIADH)を経験したので報告する.症例は58歳の男性で,膵胆管合流異常(Type IIa)に合併した2.2cmの膵頭部癌として,幽門輪温存膵頭十二指腸切除術(D_2,II型再建)を施行した(t3n2M0 Stage IVa).術後順調に回復し …
  • NAID 110007226839
  • A Self-defense Gene Homologous to Tetracycline Effluxing Gene Essential for Antibiotic Production in Streptomyces aureofaciens
  • Dairi Tohru,Aisaka Kazuo,Katsumata Ryoichi,Hasegawa Mamoru
  • Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 59(10), 1835-1841, 1995-10-23
  • … By Northern blot analyses with DNA probes carrying 6-demethylchlortetracycline (6-DCT) biosynthetic genes from Streptomyces aureofaciens NRRL3203, a highly expressed gene (tcrC) was detected in a high titer producing mutant derived from the parental strain NRRL3203 by NTG mutagenesis. …
  • NAID 110002677770


Key:FMTDIUIBLCQGJB-SEYHBJAFSA-N Yes Y. Yes Y(what is this?) (verify). Demeclocycline (marketed as Declomycin, Declostatin and Ledermycin) is a tetracycline antibiotic. It is derived from a strain of Streptomyces aureofaciens. Contents ...


有効成分に関する理化学的知見ANAPHYLAXIS IN DEMETHYLCHLORTETRACYCLINENongonococcal Urethritis demethylchlortetracyclinedemeclocycline picture alternative for Nongonococcal Urethritis

拡張検索demethylchlortetracycline hydrochloride



demethylchlortetracycline DMCTC
塩酸デメチルクロルテトラサイクリン demethylchlortetracycline hydrochloride
デメクロサイクリン demeclocycline
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  • ADH antagonist; acts as a diuretic in SIADH


demethylchlortetracycline hydrochloride」

  [★] 塩酸デメチルクロルテトラサイクリン