chronic marginal periodontitis

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  • Analysis of IL1 gene polymorphisms and transcript levels in periodontal and chronic kidney disease.
  • Braosi AP, de Souza CM, Luczyszyn SM, Dirschnabel AJ, Claudino M, Olandoski M, Probst CM, Garlet GP, Pecoits-Filho R, Trevilatto PC.SourceHealth and Biosciences School, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR), Imaculada Conceição Street 1155, CEP 80215-901, Curitiba, PR, Brazil.
  • Cytokine.Cytokine.2012 Oct;60(1):76-82. Epub 2012 Jul 13.
  • Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and periodontitis (PD) are complex inflammatory disturbances, influenced by genetic factors. Interleukin (IL)-1 genes code for inflammatory mediators involved in the physiopathogenesis of both diseases. Functional polymorphisms in IL1 genes modulate cytokine levels and h
  • PMID 22795294


  • 慢性辺縁性歯周炎にて抜歯後に非クロストリジウム性ガス産生蜂窩織炎を合併した血液透析患者の1例
  • 田中 宏明,小原 真美,高田 健治,山田 啓子,生井 友農,山縣 邦弘
  • 日本透析医学会雑誌 = Journal of Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy 41(6), 395-400, 2008-06-28
  • 72歳,男性.糖尿病性腎症による慢性腎不全にて維持血液透析を施行されていた.2006年1月歯周炎にて近医で抜歯されたが,その後左頸部の強い疼痛が出現し2月1日当院受診.頸部CT検査でガス産生蜂窩織炎と診断し,同日緊急で切開排膿術を施行した.膿の培養で<I>Streptococcus anginosus/milleri</I>と<I>Prevotella inte …
  • NAID 10029405796
  • Identification of Hop Polyphenolic Components Which Inhibit Prostaglandin E_2 Production by Gingival Epithelial Cells Stimulated with Periodontal Pathogen(Pharmacognosy)
  • INABA Hiroaki,TAGASHIRA Motoyuki,HONMA Daiki,KANDA Tomomasa,KOU Yurong,OHTAKE Yasuyuki,AMANO Atsuo
  • Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin 31(3), 527-530, 2008-03-01
  • Chronic marginal periodontitis is a destructive inflammatory disease caused by an imbalance between bacterial virulence and host defense ability, resulting in eventual tooth exfoliation. … gingivalis, and HBP may be useful for the prevention and attenuation of periodontitis. …
  • NAID 110006623088
  • 長期間の歯肉出血が重度貧血を引き起こしたと思われる von Willebrand 病患者の1症例
  • 福辻 智,今井 裕一郎,稲掛 耕太郎,露木 基勝,村上 和宏,桐田 忠昭
  • 日本口腔外科学会雑誌 53(7), 458-462, 2007-07-20
  • … We report a case of von Willebrand disease in a patient with serious anemia, probably caused by chronic gingival bleeding due to marginal periodontitis.<BR>A 28-year-old man with von Willebrand disease was referred to our hospital because of general fatigue and edema.Despite continuous gingival bleeding for more than 8 years, the patient had not received hemostatic management; …
  • NAID 10019575881


Definition of marginal periodontitis in the Medical Dictionary. marginal periodontitis explanation. Information about marginal periodontitis in Free online English dictionary. What is ... n 2. a chronic, progressive disease of the periodontium.


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  • n.

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「the boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary」
border, perimeter

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「the amount of collateral a customer deposits with a broker when borrowing from the broker to buy securities」
security deposit

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「an amount beyond the minimum necessary; "the margin of victory"」

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「the blank space that surrounds the text on a page; "he jotted a note in the margin"」

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「『へり』,『縁』,端(edge) / (ページの)『余白』,欄外 / (可能の)限界,限度 / (空間・時間・経費・活動などの)余裕,余地 / 利ざや,マージン,販売利益」



  • adj.
  • 慢性の、慢性的な、慢性型の

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「being long-lasting and recurrent or characterized by long suffering; "chronic indigestion"; "a chronic shortage of funds"; "a chronic invalid"」

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「(病気が)長期にわたる,慢性の / 《名詞の前にのみ用いて》常習の,癖になった」

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「of long duration; "chronic money problems"」

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「habitual; "a chronic smoker"」



  • adj.
  • 辺縁性の、辺縁の、帯域の

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「producing at a rate that barely covers production costs; "marginal industries"」

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「縁の,へりの / 限界の,ぎりぎりの,かろうじて要件を満たす / 《名詞の前にのみ用いて》余白に書いた,欄外の / かろうじて帳じりの合う,限界収益点の / 取るに足りない,小さな」