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corneal reflexwinking

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「closing the eyes intermittently and rapidly; "he stood blinking in the bright sunlight"」

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  • Effect of Rebamipide Ophthalmic Suspension on Intraocular Light Scattering for Dry Eye After Corneal Refractive Surgery.
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  • PURPOSE: To assess the changes in intraocular scattering before and after instillation of rebamipide ophthalmic suspension in patients with dry eye after corneal refractive surgery.METHODS: This study enrolled 60 eyes of 30 dry eye patients undergoing corneal refractive surgery. Patients were random
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  • Three Cases of Palatal Tics and Gilles De La Tourette Syndrome.
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  • Five patients with palatal tics and Gilles de la Tourette syndrome have been previously reported. Little is known about the characteristics of palatal tics given that there are so few reports. On one hand, palatal tics may be rare. Alternatively, they may be less well recognized than repetitive eye
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  • Beyond the gaze: Communicating in chronic locked-in syndrome.
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  • OBJECTIVE: Locked-in syndrome (LIS) usually follows a brainstem stroke and is characterized by paralysis of all voluntary muscles (except eyes' movements or blinking) and lack of speech with preserved consciousness. Several tools have been developed to promote communication with these patients. The
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  • Influence of Eyelid Pressure on Fluorescein Staining of Ocular Surface in Dry Eyes.
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  • PURPOSE: To determine the relationship between eyelid pressure during blinking and the fluorescein staining of the cornea and conjunctiva in dry eye patients.DESIGN: Cross-sectional prospective study.METHODS: The pressure of the upper and lower eyelids was measured with a specially designed blepahro
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  • Implicit Association Test を用いた不安の測定と行動予測
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  • 眼瞼痙攣の治療
  • 視覚刺激を用いた自動車ドライバの覚醒維持の試み:実車環境に適合した視線フィードバック法と追越車両を利用した空間的注意誘導法の提案と評価
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  • 虹彩の特徴量に基づいたコミュニケーションエイドの開発
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blink (blĭngk) v. blinked, blink·ing, blinks v.intr. 1. To close and open one or both of the eyes rapidly. 2. To look in astonishment or disbelief, typically with the eyes blinking: stood blinking at the money they found in the drawer ...
Blinking definition, (used as an intensifier): He's a blinking idiot. See more. Word of the Day Translate Games Blog Apps Favorites Log Out Log In follow My Account ...
blinkingとは。意味や和訳。[形]1 まばたきする;ちらちらする.2 ((英話))いやな. bloodyの婉曲語You blinking fool!このどあほうめ.blink・ing・ly[副] - 40万項目以上収録、例文・コロケーションが豊富な無料英和和英辞典。






blinkblinkingcorneal reflex






WordNet   license wordnet

「showing no visible emotion; "stood unblinking and accepted a sentence of a year"」

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「not shrinking from danger」
unflinching, unintimidated, unshrinking



WordNet   license wordnet

「showing no emotion; "the convicted killer listened unblinkingly to the reading of his sentence"」