antilipemic drug

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antilipemic agenthypolipidemichypolipidemic agenthypolipidemic drughypolipidemicslipid-lowering agentlipid-lowering drug

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  • Degradation kinetics of atorvastatin under stress conditions and chemical analysis by HPLC.
  • Oliveira MA, Yoshida MI, Belinelo VJ, Valotto RS.SourceUniversity Center of the North of Espirito Santo, UFES, BR 101 North, km 60, 29932-540 São Mateus, ES, Brazil.
  • Molecules (Basel, Switzerland).Molecules.2013 Jan 24;18(2):1447-56. doi: 10.3390/molecules18021447.
  • Atorvastatin is an antilipemic drug belonging to the statins class, whose reference drug is Pfizer's Lipitor®. It is used to reduce the levels of lipoproteins rich in cholesterol and reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. It is well-known that calcium atorvastatin (ATV), C₆₆H₆₈CaF₂N�
  • PMID 23348997
  • Drug treatment of metabolic syndrome.
  • Altabas V.SourceDepartment of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, Clinic of Internal Medicine, UHC 'Sestre milosrdnice', Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Current clinical pharmacology.Curr Clin Pharmacol.2012 Sep 3. [Epub ahead of print]
  • The metabolic syndrome is a constellation of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases including: abdominal obesity, a decreased ability to metabolize glucose ( increased blood glucose levels and/or presence of insulin resistance ), dyslipidemia, and hypertension. Patients who have developed this syn
  • PMID 22950955
  • Relative efficacy of antilipemic agents in non–high-density lipoprotein cholesterol reduction.
  • Santee J, Lindsey C, Pace H.SourceSchool of Pharmacy, University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA.
  • Journal of pharmacy practice.J Pharm Pract.2012 Aug;25(4):447-56.
  • The investigators sought to summarize the percentage reduction in non–high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (non-HDL-C) achieved with various antilipemic regimens and to determine whether certain antilipemic regimens have been proven more effective in lowering non-HDL-C. A search of MEDLINE, Intern
  • PMID 22551562


  • アンジオテンシン変換酵素阻害薬の脂質・糖代謝への影響と臨床的有用性
  • 桐生 智恵,大林 雅彦,安生 紗枝子,山村 重雄,松田 寿美子,石田 里子,並木 温
  • 医療薬学 29(6), 750-755, 2003-12-10
  • … In hypertensive patients with mild hyperlipidemia treated with antilipemic agents, the ACE inhibitors did not decrease the TC and TG levels. …
  • NAID 110001166762
  • Preparation of Aminated Fucoidan and Its Evaluation as an Antithrombotic and Antilipemic Agent
  • 添田 秦司,大曲 祐介,占野 廣司,永松 淳雄
  • Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 17(6), 784-788, 1994-06-15
  • … The present results that the anticoagulant and antilipemic potency of fucoidan can be improved by charge modification may provide useful clues for the development of an ideal anticoagulant and antilipemic drug. …
  • NAID 110003640643


Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (ChEBI) is a freely available dictionary of molecular entities focused on 'small' chemical compounds. ... ChEBI Name antilipemic drug ChEBI ID CHEBI:35679 Definition A substance used to ...
Antilipemic drugs are used to lower abnormally high blood levels of lipids, such as cholesterol, triglycerides, and phospholipids. The risk of developing CAD increases when serum lipid levels are elevated. Drugs are used ...


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リンク元lipid-lowering drug」「lipid-lowering agent」「hypolipidemic」「抗脂血薬」「hypolipidemic drug

lipid-lowering drug」


antilipemic agentantilipemic drughypolipidemichypolipidemic agenthypolipidemic drughypolipidemicslipid-lowering agent

lipid-lowering agent」


antilipemic agentantilipemic drughypolipidemichypolipidemic agenthypolipidemic drughypolipidemicslipid-lowering drug



  • adj.
  • 脂質低下性の、脂質低下の
  • n.
antilipemic agentantilipemic drughypolipidemic agenthypolipidemic drughypolipidemicslipid-loweringlipid-lowering agentlipid-lowering drug



lipid-lowering agentantilipemic drugantilipemic agent

hypolipidemic drug」


antilipemic agentantilipemic drughypolipidemichypolipidemic agenthypolipidemicslipid-lowering agentlipid-lowering drug




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「use recreational drugs」
do drugs

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「administer a drug to; "They drugged the kidnapped tourist"」

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「a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic」

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「『薬』,薬品,薬剤 / 『麻薬』,麻酔剤 / 〈人〉‘に'薬(特に麻酔剤)を与える / 〈飲食物〉‘に'(麻酔薬・毒薬などの)薬を混ぜる」