antibody-mediated hypersensitivity

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  • Post-transplant Recurrent Bile Salt Export Pump Disease: A Form of Antibody-mediated Graft Dysfunction and Utilization of C4d.
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  • SNP in human ARHGEF3 promoter is associated with DNase hypersensitivity, transcript level and platelet function, and Arhgef3 KO mice have increased mean platelet volume.
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  • 炎症性腸疾患におけるTNF-αを中心としたサイトカインの動態と治療戦略
  • Mechanisms for Glucocorticoid Inhibition of Immediate Hypersensitivity Reactions in Rats.


antibody-mediated hypersensitivity, n 1. an anaphylactic (Type I) reaction, also known as “immediate”; allergen-induced IgE antibodies remember the target antigen and proliferate against it, producing mediators such as ...
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  • 仲介する、媒介する

WordNet   license wordnet

「occupy an intermediate or middle position or form a connecting link or stage between two others; "mediate between the old and the new"」

PrepTutorEJDIC   license prepejdic

「〈紛争・相違点など〉‘を'調停する,仲裁する / 〈妥協・和解・同意など〉‘を'仲裁して成立させる / (両者の)調停をする《+『between』+『名』》 / 仲介者(媒介物)を通じての,間接の」

WordNet   license wordnet

「acting through or dependent on an intervening agency; "the disease spread by mediate as well as direct contact"」



  • n.

WordNet   license wordnet

「any of a large variety of proteins normally present in the body or produced in response to an antigen which it neutralizes, thus producing an immune response」

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  [★] アレルギー

WordNet   license wordnet

「pathological sensitivity」

WordNet   license wordnet

「extreme sensitivity」

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WordNet   license wordnet

「acting or brought about through an intervening agency; "the mediated settlement brought satisfaction to both sides"」