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amyloid fibrilamyloid protein

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「(pathology) a waxy translucent complex protein resembling starch that results from degeneration of tissue」

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「a non-nitrogenous food substance consisting chiefly of starch; any substance resembling starch」

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  • It's not what it looks like: challenges in diagnosis of synovial lesions of the knee joint.
  • Dash KK1, Gavai PV2, Wade R3, Rajani A4,5.
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  • BACKGROUND: With the advent of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Synovial lesions around knee are being more and more easily detected. Synovial lesions of knee present with boggy swelling, effusion, pain, and restriction of motion. Differential diagnoses of such lesions include pigmented villonodula
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  • Phenolic contents and bioactive potential of peach fruit extracts.
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  • Several cultivars of peach fruit (Prunus persica L.) were investigated. Their phenolic composition and concentration were assessed by LC-MS. Concentrations were calculated in mg per g of dry weight extract. Their antioxidant capacity (Folin-Ciocalteu, ORAC, DPPH, ABTS, PFRAP and ICA), inhibitory pro
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  • ToF-SIMS analysis of amyloid beta aggregation on different lipid membranes.
  • Yokoyama Y1, Aoyagi S1, Shimanouchi T2, Iwamura M2, Iwai H3.
  • Biointerphases.Biointerphases.2016 Jun 28;11(2):02A314. doi: 10.1116/1.4940706.
  • Amyloid beta (Aβ) peptides are considered to be strongly related to Alzheimer's disease. Aβ peptides form a β-sheet structure on hard lipid membranes and it would aggregate to form amyloid fibrils, which are toxic to cells. However, the aggregation mechanism of Aβ is not fully understood. To eva
  • PMID 26822505
  • Imaging of amyloid-β in Alzheimer's disease transgenic mouse brains with ToF-SIMS using immunoliposomes.
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  • Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) has been proven to successfully image different kinds of molecules, especially a variety of lipids, in biological samples. Proteins, however, are difficult to detect as specific entities with this method due to extensive fragmentation. To cir
  • PMID 26801213


  • Quantitative Comparison Between Amyloid Deposition Detected by ⁹⁹[m]Tc-Diphosphonate Imaging and Myocardial Deformation Evaluated by Strain Echocardiography in Transthyretin-Related Cardiac Amyloidosis
  • Circulation journal : official journal of the Japanese Circulation Society 80(9), 1998-2003, 2016-09
  • NAID 40020916017
  • 脳アミロイドアンギオパチーの臨床像と治療法 (第1土曜特集 アミロイドーシスの最新情報) -- (限局性アミロイドーシス治療)
  • Topics from special edition アルツハイマー病の病態における無症候性白質病変の意義
  • Monoclonal antibody with conformational specificity for a toxic conformer of amyloid β42 and its application toward the Alzheimer's disease diagnosis.


アミロイドβ蛋白 (amyloidβprotein) アミロイドβ蛋白(Aβ)は40-42(3)アミノ酸からなるペプチドであり、β-及びγ-セクレターゼの働きにより前駆体蛋白(APP: amyloid β protein precursor)から切り出されてくる。APPはα-セクレターゼによっても切断 ...



リンク元amyloid protein」「アミロイド」「amyloid fibril
拡張検索amyloidosis」「hereditary amyloidosis」「secondary localized cutaneous amyloidosis」「serum amyloid P-component」「familial amyloid neuritis

amyloid protein」


amyloidamyloid fibril




amyloid fibril」


amyloidamyloid protein


  [★] アミロイドーシス アミロイド症

WordNet   license wordnet

「a disorder characterized by deposit of amyloid in organs or tissues; often secondary to chronic rheumatoid arthritis or tuberculosis or multiple myeloma」

hereditary amyloidosis」



familial amyloidosis

secondary localized cutaneous amyloidosis」

  [★] 続発性皮膚限局性アミロイドーシス

serum amyloid P-component」

  [★] 血清アミロイドP成分


familial amyloid neuritis」

  [★] 家族性アミロイド性神経炎

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