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  • adj.
  • 歩行の。歩行用の、歩行に適した。動く。一時的な
  • (医)=ambulant 外来の
  • n.
  • 遊歩場。アーケード
  • 回廊

attendexogenousnon-nativeoutpatientoutpatient departmentportable

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「a covered walkway (as in a cloister); "it has an ambulatory and seven chapels"」

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「relating to or adapted for walking; "an ambulatory corridor"」

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「(患者が)歩行できる,外来の / 歩行に適した / 歩き(動き)回る / (遺言など)変更(取り消し)できる / (僧院の)回廊,歩廊」

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  • 慢性期脳卒中患者に対する間欠入院による集中的理学療法の効果 : 歩行可能例を対象とした検討
  • 義足療法を用いた脳卒中の歩行再建の試み (特集 歩行再建への挑戦)
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  • 義足療法を用いた脳卒中の歩行再建の試み
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  • Morganella morganii Peritonitis Associated with Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) after Colonoscopy


The ambulatory (Med. Lat. ambulatorium, a place for walking, from ambulare, to walk) is the covered passage around a cloister. The term is sometimes applied to the procession way around the east end of a cathedral or large church and ...
/ˈæm byə ləˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i/ Show Spelled [am-byuh-luh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee] Show IPA adjective, noun, plural am·bu·la·to·ries. adjective. 1. of, pertaining to, or capable of walking: an ambulatory exploration of the countryside. 2. adapted for ...
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拡張検索ambulatory blood pressure monitoring」「ambulatory electrocardiography



  • adj.

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「of a motor designed to be attached to the outside of a boat''s hull; "a portable outboard motor"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a small light typewriter; usually with a case in which it can be carried」

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「『持チ運びのできる』,携帯用の / 携帯用器具,ポータブル(タイプ・ラジオなど)」

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「easily or conveniently transported; "a portable television set"」



  • adj.
  • 外来性の、外因的な、外因性の、外来の
adventitiousambulatoryexogenouslyexoticextraneousextrinsicforeignnon-nativeoutpatientoutpatient department

WordNet   license wordnet

「derived or originating externally」

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「(植物の生長が)外生の(木部年輪が外方へ追加されて生長すること) / 外因性の」



  • adj.
  • 移動する、巡回する
  • (医)(病気が)移動性の、転移性の
  • (医)(患者が)歩行できる、(治療法が)歩行できる人を対象にした、外来(患者)のための
  • (医)(患者の(歩行)運動を含んだ

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「able to walk about; "the patient is ambulatory"」

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「巡回する,動き回る / (患者が)歩行可能な,外来の」



  • adj.
ambulatoryambulatory patientexogenousnon-nativeoutpatient department

WordNet   license wordnet

「a patient who does not reside in the hospital where he is being treated」

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outpatient departmentoutpatientambulatorynon-nativeexogenous

ambulatory blood pressure monitoring」


ambulatory electrocardiography」



Holter monitoring