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auditory agnosiacognition disordercognitive deficitcognitive disordercognitive disturbancecognitive dysfunctioncognitive impairmentfinger agnosiavisual agnosia

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「inability to recognize objects by use of the senses」

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  • The two-visual-systems hypothesis (TVSH) postulates that memory-guided movements rely on intact functions of the ventral stream. Its particular importance for memory-guided actions was initially inferred from behavioral dissociations in the well-known patient DF. Despite of rather accurate reaching
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  • What's in the name 'alexithymia'? A commentary on "Affective agnosia: Expansion of the alexithymia construct and a new opportunity to integrate and extend Freud's legacy."
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  • The recent proposal of a new type of agnosia termed 'affective agnosia' extends Freud's legacy and captures the concept of not knowing one's own emotions. This concept links well with the theory of levels of emotional awareness and maps onto a hierarchical model of neural substrates of emotional exp
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  • Agnosia for mirrored stimuli is a rare clinical deficit. Only eight patients have been reported in the literature so far and little is known about the neural substrates of this agnosia. Using a previously developed experimental test designed to assess this agnosia, namely the Mirror and Orientation
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  • ヒトの質感認知 : 損傷脳における質感認知障害 (特集 脳と「質感」)
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  • 認知機能低下を伴う高齢者に発症した街並失認の1例
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  • 症例は73歳女性,右利き。以前より軽度の記銘力低下があったが,生活は自立していた。既往に大動脈弁置換と心房細動があったが,ワーファリンを怠薬していた。ふらつきと視覚異常を主訴に来院した。上方水平半盲,色覚異常,体幹失調を認め,頭部MRIで両側後頭葉下部と左小脳虫部に梗塞像を認めた。保存的加療で体幹失調と色覚異常は改善した。第8病日よりリハビリテーション室で歩行訓練を開始したが,一人で帰室できなかっ …
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  • Gerstmann症候群 (特集 精神科医が知っておくべき症候群) -- (器質性・症状性あるいは物質使用に関する症候群)


Agnosia (a-gnosis, or loss of knowledge) is a loss of ability to recognize objects, persons, sounds, shapes, or smells while the specific sense is not defective nor is there any significant memory loss. It is usually associated with brain injury or ...
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Visual agnosia is the inability of the brain to recognize or understand visual stimulus. An individual with visual agnosia has otherwise normal visual functioning and can see, ...


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リンク元失がつく英単語」「cognitive impairment」「cognitive deficit」「cognitive disorder」「cognition disorder



-praxia 「動作」「行為」の意
-phasia 言語障害
dysphasia 失語症、言語障害
-gnosia 認識力、認識能力
anosognosia 病態失認、疾病失認 prosopagnosia 顔貌失認、相貌失認
-lexia 「~な読み方」「~な欠陥のある読み方」
dyslexia 失読症、読字障害、失読
-graphia (1)「(特定の)主題についての記述」「(特定の)ものの描写」、(2)「(特定の)心理異常によって特徴づけられた描写」の意
dysgraphia 書字障害、書字困難 micrographia 小字症、小書症

cognitive impairment」


agnosiacognition disordercognitive deficitcognitive disordercognitive disturbancecognitive dysfunction

cognitive deficit」


agnosiacognition disordercognitive disordercognitive disturbancecognitive dysfunctioncognitive impairment

cognitive disorder」



agnosiacognition disordercognitive deficitcognitive disturbancecognitive dysfunctioncognitive impairment

cognition disorder」


agnosiacognitive deficitcognitive disordercognitive disturbancecognitive dysfunctioncognitive impairment




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