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pancreatic choleraVerner-Morrison syndromeVIPomaVIPoma syndromewatery diarrhea syndromewatery diarrhea with hypokalemic alkalosiswatery diarrhea、hypokalemia and achlorhydria

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  • Biochemical Testing in Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumors.
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  • Frontiers of hormone research.Front Horm Res.2015;44:24-39. doi: 10.1159/000381981. Epub 2015 Aug 14.
  • Neuroendocrine tumors are usually slow-growing tumors. Many of these are capable of secreting peptide hormones or biogenic amines that may lead to endocrine syndromes. Nonfunctioning tumors can either secrete no hormones at all, or secrete hormones not giving rise to endocrine symptoms, such as chro
  • PMID 26303702
  • A rare case of watery diarrhea, hypokalemia and achlorhydria syndrome caused by pheochromocytoma.
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  • BACKGROUND: A rare syndrome of watery diarrhea, hypokalemia and achlorhydria (WDHA) is usually caused by pancreatic endocrine tumors that secrete excessive vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP). Here we report a rare case of WDHA caused by a pheochromocytoma.CASE PRESENTATION: A 45-year old male p
  • PMID 25081061
  • A 45-year-old female with hypokalemic rhabdomyolysis due to VIP-producing composite pheochromocytoma.
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  • The watery diarrhea, hypokalemia and achlorhydria (WHDA) syndrome due to vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP)-producing extra-pancreatic tumors is rare. We report on a 45-year-old woman who suffered from persistent secretory diarrhea for six years and who was admitted to hospital with complaints
  • PMID 22660994


  • 膵内分泌腫瘍の病態生理と臨床像 VIPoma (内分泌腺腫瘍--基礎・臨床研究のアップデート) -- (膵内分泌腫瘍)
  • 五十嵐 久人,伊藤 鉄英,大野 隆真 [他]
  • 日本臨床 69(-) (995), 597-601, 2011-03
  • NAID 40018749443
  • バソアクティブ・インテスティナール・ポリペプチド(VIP) (広範囲 血液・尿化学検査 免疫学的検査(第7版・4)その数値をどう読むか) -- (内分泌学的検査 膵・消化管関係)
  • Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide産生膵腫瘍による大量下痢からの循環・腎機能不全に対し持続的血液濾過透析など生命補助下に腫瘍切除しえた1例
  • 廣瀬 哲朗,西村 充孝,東 大介,高橋 則尋,山岡 竜也,安田 勝太郎,石川 順英,嶋田 俊秀,荻野 哲朗,西平 友彦
  • 日本消化器外科学会雑誌 43(6), 640-646, 2010-06-01
  • 症例は60歳の女性で,1年前より腸炎症状にて輸液治療をされており,低カリウム,脚力低下にても入院歴あり.本年になり糖尿病指摘.交通事故を契機の精査で膵臓に10cm大の腫瘍を指摘された.治療目的で近隣病院に入院中1日あたり5〜8回におよぶ下痢による腎不全となり当院へ転送,循環不全,高度アシドーシス,低カリウムに対し輸液管理,塩酸ロペラミド・酢酸オクトレオチド投与,透析・持続的血液濾過透析で生命維持を …
  • NAID 110007656696


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リンク元水様下痢低カリウム血症無胃酸症候群」「watery diarrhea with hypokalemic alkalosis」「Verner-Morrison syndrome」「watery diarrhea syndrome
拡張検索WDHA症候群」「WDHA syndrome



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watery diarrhea-hypokalemia-achlorhydria syndrome, watery diarrhea with hypokalemic alkalosis, watery diarrhea, hypokalemia and achlorhydria WDHA
WDHA症候群 WDHA症候群 WDHA syndromeヴェルナー-モリソン症候群 Verner-Morrison syndrome膵性コレラ pancreatic choleraVIP産生腫瘍症候群 VIPoma syndromeVIP産生腫瘍??? VIPoma???
膵島細胞腫瘍VIP産生腫瘍 VIPomaVIP



watery diarrhea with hypokalemic alkalosis」

  [★] 水様下痢低カリウム血症無胃酸症候群

pancreatic choleraVerner-Morrison syndromeVIPomaVIPoma syndromewatery diarrhea syndromewatery diarrhea、hypokalemia and achlorhydria、WDHA

Verner-Morrison syndrome」



pancreatic choleraVIPomaVIPoma syndromewatery diarrhea syndromewatery diarrhea with hypokalemic alkalosisWDHA

watery diarrhea syndrome」

  [★] 水様下痢症候群水様下痢

pancreatic choleraVerner-Morrison syndromeVIPomaVIPoma syndromewatery diarrheawatery diarrhea with hypokalemic alkalosisWDHA


  [★] 水様下痢低カリウム血症無胃酸症候群 watery diarrhea hypokalemia-achlorhydria syndrome

WDHA syndrome」

  [★] 水様下痢低カリウム血症無胃酸症候群

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