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short interspersed element, short interspersed nuclear element, short interspersed nucleotide element, SINEs

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  • Short interspersed repetitive elements or Short interspersed nuclear elements[8] are short DNA sequences (<500 bases) that represent reverse-transcribed RNA molecules originally transcribed by RNA polymerase III into tRNA, rRNA, and other small nuclear RNAs. SINEs do not encode a functional reverse transcriptase protein and rely on other mobile elements for transposition. The most common SINEs in primates are called Alu sequences. Alu elements are 280 base pairs long, do not contain any coding sequences, and can be recognized by the restriction enzyme AluI (hence the name). With about 1,500,000 copies, SINEs make up about 13% of the human genome.[11] While historically viewed as "junk DNA", recent research suggests that in some rare cases both LINEs and SINEs were incorporated into novel genes, so as to evolve new functionality. The distribution of these elements has been implicated in some genetic diseases and cancers.

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知恵蔵2013 SINEの用語解説 - 短鎖散在反復配列ともいう。高等生物のゲノムには、 特定の塩基配列が何回も繰り返し存在している。これを反復配列といい、ゲノムの特定 の場所に反復が集中する直列型と、ゲノム内に散らばる散在型がある。後者の散在型 ...
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Sine function.Sine Arapiraca - Vagas de empregos em Sine wave showing amplitude and wavlengthAbout 'Sine wave'Damped sine wavesynthesis, we have to sample this sine sine curvesine_wave

リンク元short interspersed nucleotide element」「Alu配列



  • 転写されたRNAから逆転写でゲノムに組み込まれる自己増殖性の転移因子

short interspersed nucleotide element」


short interspersed elementshort interspersed nuclear elementSINE



Alu sequence, Alu element






  • n.
  • (数)正弦、サイン

  • prep.
  • ex.

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「ratio of the length of the side opposite the given angle to the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle」

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  [★] SINE

See Short interspersed repeat sequences



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