Pancoast's syndrome

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  • Superior sulcus tumor resection with multiple pulmonary arteriovenous fistulas.
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  • The authors present a case of a 66-year-old male presenting with a superior sulcus tumor and severe hypoxemia due to bilateral multiple pulmonary arteriovenous fistulas. The unilateral pulmonary arterial occlusion test was useful before surgery because it enabled evaluation of the feasibility and sa
  • PMID 25193224
  • [Safety of reintroduction of erlotinib at low doses following hand-foot syndrome induced by erlotinib treatment for a Pancoast-Tobias tumour].
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  • INTRODUCTION: Erlotinib, an epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor (EGFR-TKI), is a targeted therapy used in first, second or third line treatment of non-small cell lung carcinoma. Several cutaneous toxicities after the use of EGFR-TKI are well-described.OBSERVATION: After 13 day
  • PMID 25239586


  • 8.Pancoast's syndromeで発症したHCCの1例(第83回 日本肺癌学会関西支部会,関西支部,支部活動)
  • 森 英恵,大野 貴司,原 良和,寺町 政美,平林 正孝
  • 肺癌 46(2), 179-180, 2006-04-20
  • NAID 110004731692
  • Pancoast症候群を呈し診断に苦慮した乳癌晩期再発の1例
  • 吉岡 伸吉郎,則行 敏生,柴田 諭,沖政 盛治,片岡 健,浅原 利正,土肥 雪彦
  • 日本臨床外科学会雑誌 = The journal of the Japan Surgical Association 61(3), 632-635, 2000-03-25
  • NAID 10009377977


13 Jul 2012 ... Pancoast syndrome (Pancoast's syndrome) is characterized by a malignant neoplasm of the superior sulcus of the lung (lung cancer) with destructive lesions of the thoracic inlet and involvement of the brachial plexus and ...
A Pancoast tumor, also called a pulmonary sulcus tumor or superior sulcus tumor , is a tumor of the pulmonary apex. It is a type of lung cancer defined primarily by its location situated at the top end of either the right or left lung. It typically ...






Pancoast tumor, Pancoast's tumor
Pancoast腫瘍、上肺溝腫瘍 superior pulmonary sulcus tumor、
パンコースト症候群(パンコースト腫瘍による症状) Pancoast症候群 Pancoast's syndrome Pancoast syndrome



  • v.

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「to make melodious sounds; "The nightingale was singing"」

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「『歌う』;(…に)歌って聞かせる《+『to』(『for』)+『名』》;(楽器に合わせて)歌う《+『to』+『名』》・〈小鳥・虫などが〉『鳴く』,さえずる / 《文》(…を)詩(歌)にする,(詩(歌)を詠んで)賛美する《+『of』+『名』》・〈小川・風・弾丸・湯沸かし・耳などが〉歌うように鳴る・《米語》自白する;密告する・〈歌〉‘を'歌う・《副詞[句]を伴って》歌って…‘を'(…に)する・…‘を'唱える,詠唱する・《文》…‘を'詩(歌)にする,(詩(歌)に詠んで)賛美する・合唱の集い」

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「deliver by singing; "Sing Christmas carols"」

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「produce tones with the voice; "She was singing while she was cooking"; "My brother sings very well"」



  • n.

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「a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease」

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「a complex of concurrent things; "every word has a syndrome of meanings"」

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「(疾患の徴候となる一群の)症徴候,症候群 / (事件・社会的状態などのパターンを示す)徴候形態」



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「the 19th letter of the Roman alphabet」

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「sulfurの化学記号 / {略}South[ern]」



single strandsingle-strandsingle-stranded