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  • Biotransformation effects on anti lipogenic activity of citrus extracts.
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  • Citrus peel is a good source of flavonoids, with higher content in relation to pulp. This study proposed to investigate the anti-lipogenic potential of a newly developed citrus flavonoids extract, obtained from citrus industrial residue, bioprocessed in order to generate a commercial source of some
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  • Carnauba wax p-methoxycinnamic diesters: Characterisation, antioxidant activity and simulated gastrointestinal digestion followed by in vitro bioaccessibility.
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  • The beneficial biological effects of cinnamic acid derivatives and the lack of studies on the antioxidant activity and bioavailability of cinnamic esters from carnauba wax, diesters were extracted from carnauba wax powder. Their structural, physical and morphological characteristics, antioxidant act
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  • An integrated approach with experimental and computational tools outlining the cooperative binding between 2-phenylchromone and human serum albumin.
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  • 2-Phenylchromone (2PHE) is a flavone, found in cereals and herbs, indispensable in the human diet. Its chemical structure is the basis of all flavonoids present in black and green tea, soybean, red fruits and so on. Although offering such nutritional value, it still requires a molecular approach to
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  • Complication of Chronic Eosinophilic Pneumonia in an Elderly Patient with Sjögren Syndrome
  • Waseda Koichi,Hagiya Hideharu,Hanayama Yoshihisa,Terasaka Tomohiro,Kimura Kosuke,Tsuzuki Takao,Hasegawa Kou,Nada Takahiro,Nakamura Eri,Murakami Kazutoshi,Kondo Eisei,Otsuka Fumio
  • Acta Medica Okayama 69(2), 123-127, 2015-04
  • … Based on the high level of eosinophils observed in his bronchial alveolar lavage, he was diagnosed with chronic eosinophilic pneumonia (CEP) and successfully treated by oral prednisolone. … therefore, the present case is extremely unique in that the patientʼs condition was complicated with CEP. …
  • NAID 120005595786
  • Assessing the impact of pain on the life of breast cancer survivors using the Brief Pain Inventory
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  • Journal of Physical Therapy Science 27(5), 1361-1363, 2015
  • [Purpose] This study attempted to assess the impact of pain on the life of breast cancer survivors using the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI). [Subjects and Methods] A cross-sectional stud …
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  • Upper limb function evaluation scales for individuals with cerebral palsy: a systematic review
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  • Journal of Physical Therapy Science 27(5), 1617-1620, 2015
  • [Purpose] The aim of the present study was to perform a systematic review of the literature on the scales and methods most often used for the evaluation of upper limb function in ind …
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CEP日本公式サイト。ドイツ製の高い品質と技術によって、ヨーロッパやアメリカで人気急上昇中の機能性ソックス。 ... ドイツメイドの高品質ソックス シー・イー・ピー スポーツ中の疲労軽減に最適! ふくらはぎを集中的に強化する ...
フットランプをお好みのカラーに設定出来ます。 スモール時、ドア開時、スモール+ドア開時のカラーをそれぞれ設定可能です。 Pポジションに接続すれば、シフトに連動してカラー・明るさを変更可能です。 カラーは付属のスイッチ ...



先読みcongenital erythropoietic porphyria
リンク元ポルフィリン症」「先天性骨髄性ポルフィリン症」「chronic eosinophilic pneumonia

congenital erythropoietic porphyria」

  [★] 先天性骨髄性ポルフィリン症



porphyria, porphyrias


ポルフィリン症 光線過敏症 ポルフィリン
欠損酵素 遺伝形式
骨髄性 先天性骨髄性ポルフィリン症 CEP 尿,糞便,赤血球 ウロポルフィリノーゲンIIIシンターゼ 常染色体劣性
骨髄性プロトポルフィリン症 EPP    糞便,赤血球 フェロケターゼ 常染色体優性
肝性 急性間欠性ポルフィリン症 AIP ポルホビリノーゲンデアミナーゼ 常染色体優性
異型ポルフィリン症 VP 尿,糞便 プロトポルフィリノーゲンオキシダーゼ 常染色体優性
晩発性皮膚ポルフィリン症 PCT 尿,糞便 ウロポルフィリノーゲンデカルボキシラーゼ 常染色体優性



congenital erythropoietic porphyria CEP, congenital erythropoietie protoporphyria???
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chronic eosinophilic pneumonia」

  [★] 慢性好酸球性肺炎 CEP

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