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vasodilatatorvasodilator agentvasodilator drug
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「a drug that causes dilation of blood vessels」

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  • Headache after exposure to 'date-rape' drugs.
  • Peatfield R, Villalón CM.SourcePrincess Margaret Migraine Clinic, Charing Cross Hospital, London, W6 8RF UK.
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  • SUMMARY: We report two patients who developed a prolonged featureless headache, they think after a drink was 'spiked'. We speculate that each was exposed to scopolamine, resulting in enhanced trigeminal release of vasodilator neuropeptides, including Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP), and thus
  • PMID 23451337
  • Vasodilation to PTH (1-84) in bone arteries is dependent upon the vascular endothelium and is mediated partially via VEGF signaling.
  • Prisby R, Menezes T, Campbell J.SourceDepartment of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716, USA. Electronic address: prisby@UDel.Edu.
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  • BACKGROUND: Intermittent PTH administration directly stimulates osteoblasts; however, mechanisms of bone accrual that are independent of the direct actions on osteoblasts may be under-appreciated. Our aims were to decipher (1) whether PTH 1-84 augments vasodilation of the femoral principal nutrient
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  • Mediterranean diet- and exercise-induced improvement in age-dependent vascular activity.
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  • The aging effect on microvascular integrity, marked by endothelial dysfunction and reduction in exercise tolerance, is a major cause of CVD (cardiovascular disease). Improved dietary habits, known to reduce morbidity and mortality, are also known to attenuate those aging effects. The present study i
  • PMID 23163793


  • 肺高血圧症合併型 (特集 COPDのフェノタイプ)
  • 左心疾患による肺高血圧症 : out of proportion (特集 肺高血圧症 : 内科的治療の展開)
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  • DIEP flapを用いた乳房再建における周術期管理 (特集 形成外科における手術スケジュール : エキスパートの周術期管理)
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vasodilator [-dī′lāt′ər] vasodilator definition by Webster's New World adjective Physiol. causing dilatation of the blood vessels Origin: vaso- plush dilator noun a nerve or drug causing such dilatation Related Forms: vasodilatation noun or ...
vasodilator /vaso·di·la·tor/ (-di-la´ter) 1. causing dilatation of blood vessels. 2. a nerve or agent that does this. va·so·di·la·tor (vā′zō-dī-lā′tər, -dĭ-, -dī′lā-) n. Something, such as a nerve or drug, that causes vasodilation. adj. Producing ...


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リンク元血管拡張剤」「血管拡張薬」「vasodilatator」「vasodilator drug」「vasodilator agent
拡張検索vasodilatory」「nitrovasodilator」「sympathetic vasodilator nerve fiber







vasodilatorvasodilator drugvasodilator agentvasodilatator
  • アデノシンATPジピリダモールは細動脈の強力な血管拡張薬。正常冠動脈を拡張させるが、有意冠動脈狭窄領域では血流増加は認められない。(YN.C-70)



vasodilatorvasodilator agentvasodilator drug

vasodilator drug」


vasodilatatorvasodilatorvasodilator agent

vasodilator agent」


vasodilatatorvasodilatorvasodilator drug



  • 血管拡張性の



Nitrates, organic; Nitrites, organic

sympathetic vasodilator nerve fiber」

  [★] 交感神経性血管拡張神経