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「sing treble」

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「3重の,3倍の(triple) / (声・歌手・楽器が)最高音部の / 3倍,3重[のもの] / 最高音部[の声,歌手,楽器] / …を3倍する / 3倍になる」

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「three times as great or many; "a claim for treble (or triple) damages"; "a threefold increase"」
threefold, three-fold, triple

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  • Temperature affects biological functions by altering reaction rates. Physiological rates usually double to treble for every 10 °C rise, and 1-4 fold encompasses normal biological functions. However, in polar marine species inhabiting temperatures around 0 °C many processes are slowed beyond the Ar
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  • The C-terminal domain of α-COP, an essential subunit of the COPI coatomer complex, is composed of an all α-helical region and a small β-sheet domain. We show that this β-sheet domain is a Really Interesting New Gene (RING)-like treble clef zinc finger. The zinc-binding residues are substituted b
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  • Reliability of sintered silver layer obtained using silver-oxide paste in power cycling test
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  • … These results reveal that the sintered silver layer obtained using silver-oxide paste can treble the lifetime of a power module. …
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  • E211 高速レーザースペックル法による火炎温度分布測定に関する研究(OS-9:燃焼の最近の進展(5))
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  • … The burner used a treble circular tube. …
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  • 三倍賠償問題と特許情報調査
  • アメリカにおける組織犯罪と民事責任 : Civil RICO法の理念と現実(前野育三教授退任記念論集)
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  • … It also authorizes private persons to sue and recover treble damages and costs including reasonable attorney fees (this system called Civil RICO). … especially for respected and legitimate 'enterprises' who find difficult to bear heavy treble damages when some subordinates have engaged in racketeering activities. …
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trebleの意味は?goo辞書は無料で使える日本最大級の辞書サービスです。国語辞典、英和辞典、和英辞典、類語辞典、中国語辞典、百科事典などを提供しています。 ... トレブル【treble】 アンプのトーンコントロールで、高音を調節する ...
trebleとは。意味や和訳。[形]1 (数量・価値が)3倍の,3部分からなる,3様の;(構成などが)3重の. all, bothと同じく冠詞などの前に置く. ⇒DOUBLE[形]sell for treble the price3倍の価格で売る.2 〈ウイスキー・ジンなどが〉(3倍は ...
/treacute;bl/[形]1 (数量・価値が)3倍の, 3部分からなる, 3様の;(構成などが)3重の. all, bothと同じく冠詞などの前に置く. ⇒DOUBLE[形]sell for treble the price|...



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treble clef」


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「a clef that puts the G above middle C on the second line of a staff」
treble staff, G clef

treble damages」


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「three times the amount that a court would normally find the injured party entitled to」

treble chance」


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