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  • Low Serum Vitamin D Levels Are Associated With Inferior Survival in Follicular Lymphoma: A Prospective Evaluation in SWOG and LYSA Studies.
  • Kelly JL1, Salles G1, Goldman B1, Fisher RI1, Brice P1, Press O1, Casasnovas O1, Maloney DG1, Soubeyran P1, Rimsza L1, Haioun C1, Xerri L1, LeBlanc M1, Tilly H1, Friedberg JW2.
  • Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.J Clin Oncol.2015 May 1;33(13):1482-90. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2014.57.5092. Epub 2015 Mar 30.
  • PURPOSE: Recent literature reports a potential association between high vitamin D and improved lymphoma prognosis. We evaluated the impact of pretreatment vitamin D on follicular lymphoma (FL) outcome.PATIENTS AND METHODS: SWOG participants were previously untreated patients with FL enrolled onto SW
  • PMID 25823738
  • Patients with relapsed follicular lymphoma treated with rituximab versus tositumomab and iodine I-131 tositumomab.
  • Quackenbush RC1, Horner TJ, Williams VC, Giampietro P, Lin TS.
  • Leukemia & lymphoma.Leuk Lymphoma.2015 Mar;56(3):779-81. doi: 10.3109/10428194.2014.927461. Epub 2014 Jul 23.
  • PMID 24898665
  • Activatory and inhibitory Fcγ receptors augment rituximab-mediated internalization of CD20 independent of signaling via the cytoplasmic domain.
  • Vaughan AT1, Chan CH1, Klein C2, Glennie MJ1, Beers SA1, Cragg MS3.
  • The Journal of biological chemistry.J Biol Chem.2015 Feb 27;290(9):5424-37. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M114.593806. Epub 2015 Jan 7.
  • Type I anti-CD20 mAb such as rituximab and ofatumumab engage with the inhibitory FcγR, FcγRIIb on the surface of B cells, resulting in immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motif (ITIM) phosphorylation. Internalization of the CD20·mAb·FcγRIIb complex follows, the rate of which correlates wit
  • PMID 25568316


  • Radioimmunotherapy for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma : Historical Perspective and Current Status
  • Journal of clinical and experimental hematopathology 47(2), 43-60, 2007-11-01
  • … A similar anti-CD20 radiotherapeutic compound, <SUP>131</SUP>I-tositumomab, was subsequently approved in the USA. …
  • NAID 10019969918
  • Radioimmunotherapy(RIT)によるB細胞性リンパ腫治療の展望--Ibritumomab tiuxetan(Zevalin)とtositumomab(Bexxar) (第1土曜特集 造血器腫瘍の分子標的療法) -- (期待される分子標的療法とその臨床効果)
  • 小椋 美知則
  • 医学のあゆみ 220(9), 741-749, 2007-03-03
  • NAID 40015287594
  • High-dose [^<131>I] tositumomab (anti-CD20) radioimmunotherapy and autologous hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation for adults > or = 60 years old with relapsed or refractory B-cell lymphoma


癌,がん,ガン,化学療法,がん情報,放射線治療,米国国立がん研究所,抗がん剤 ... 【リニューアルのお知らせ】 「海外癌医療情報リファレンス」のウェブサイトは、2011年5月24日に全面リニューアルを行い、新サイトへ引越しました。
You should not receive this medication if you are allergic to mouse proteins, or if you have ever had an allergic reaction to a monoclonal antibody. ... Tositumomab can cause damage to the thyroid gland of an unborn baby if the ...


131I-Tositumomab Therapy as Initial Bexxar (Tositumomab) - Bexxar (Tositumomab Ibritumomab or tositumomab is also tositumomab/iodine-131TOSITUMOMAB lega lantigene di superficie Tositumomab and Iodine I 131 Tositumomab