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  • Digital tomosynthesis combines digital image capture and processing with simple tube/detector motion as used in conventional radiographic tomography - although there are some similarities to CT, it is a separate technique. In CT, the source/detector makes a complete 360 degree rotation about the subject obtaining a complete set of data from which images may be reconstructed. In digital tomosynthesis, only a small rotation angle (e.g. 40 degrees) with a small number of discrete exposures (e.g. 10) are used. This incomplete set of data can be digitally processed to yield images similar to conventional tomography with a limited depth of field. However, because the image processing is digital, a series of slices at different depths and with different thicknesses can be reconstructed from the same acquisition, saving both time and radiation exposure.
  • Because the data acquired is incomplete, tomosynthesis is unable to offer the extremely narrow slice widths that CT offers. However, higher resolution detectors can be used, allowing very-high in-plane resolution, even if the Z-axis resolution is poor. The primary interest in tomosynthesis is in breast imaging, as an extension to mammography, where it may offer better detection rates, with little extra increase in radiation exposure.
  • Reconstruction algorithms for tomosynthesis are significantly different from conventional CT, as the conventional filtered back projection algorithm requires a complete set of data. Iterative algorithms based upon expectation maximization are most commonly used, but are extremely computationally intensive. Some manufacturers have produced practical systems using commercial GPUs to perform the reconstruction.


  • 高速データ通信が可能なフラットパネルディテクタの出現により、幾何学的断層撮影法がトモシンセシスとして

再び脚光を浴びつつある1,2)。従来の幾何学的断層撮影法では各深さにおける断層像の取得毎にX線照射が 必要であったが、このトモシンセシスでは1度のX線照射で任意の深さでの断層像を何枚でも再構成できる。欧 米では既に Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT)として吸収コントラストによる乳房撮影の分野で臨床試験が進 められ、2009年からの臨床利用が計画されている。


  • The Flat Panel Detector(FPD)and digital imaging technologies have widely utilized in various clinical application with R/F diagnostic table system. Tomosynthesis is the digital imaging technique which reconstructs the tomography images of any height with one-time tomographic application. This report refers to the principle of Tomosysthesis and its clinical application with the Shimadzu Sonialvision safire digitalized X-ray diagnostic table system.


  • (1)Digital Tomosynthesis

  • (2)「屈折強調 Digital Breast Tomosynthesis に関する基礎研究」
  • (3)トモシンセシスの原理と応用 ~FPDが生み出した新技術~
  • 医用画像情報学会雑誌, Vol. 24 (2007) , No. 2 pp.22-27
  • 塩見 剛1)
  • 1) 株式会社島津製作所医用機器事業部
  • (4)株式会社 横浜総合研究所

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  • Digital tomosynthesis of the chest: Utility for detection of lung metastasis in patients with colorectal cancer.
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  • AIM: To evaluate the performance of digital tomosynthesis (DT) of the chest for detection of lung nodules in patients with colorectal cancer (CRC).MATERIALS AND METHODS: The institutional review board approved this study, and all patients provided informed consent. A commercial caesium iodide/amorph
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  • OBJECTIVE: To assess if digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is at least equal to digital spot compression view (DSCV).METHODS: Following institutional approval and written informed consent, both DBT and DSCV were obtained in women with a screening abnormality. The diagnostic accuracy of DBT and DSCV
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  • RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to retrospectively compare the interpretive performance of synthetically reconstructed two-dimensional images in combination with digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) versus full-field digital mammography (FFDM) plus DBT.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ten ra
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  • Digital tomosynthesis for aortic arch calcification evaluation: performance comparison with chest radiography with CT as the reference standard.
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  • Background Recently developed digital tomosynthesis has shown improved detection of pulmonary lesions with a radiation dose comparable to conventional CR but with a much lower radiation dose than CT. Purpose To compare the diagnostic performance of digital tomosynthesis (DT) with that of chest radi
  • PMID 22139721


  • 関節の単純X線検査 (ここまでわかる!! 関節疾患の画像診断)
  • トモシンセシスの現状と将来 (特集 医用画像機器(16))
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  • ディジタル時代の画質と線量: 胸部トモシンセシス
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  • 日本放射線技術学会雑誌 67(11), 1486-1491, 2011
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  • 寛骨臼回転骨切り術後骨リモデリング評価におけるトモシンセシスの臨床的有用性
  • 塩見 俊行,西井 孝,坂井 孝司,高尾 正樹,中原 一郎,津田 晃祐,吉川 秀樹,菅野 伸彦
  • Hip joint 36, 449-452, 2010-10-01
  • NAID 10027678949


シーメンス旭メディテック(株)は,従来2次元の撮影画像のみで診断していたマンモグラフィに,3次元的画像収集が可能となる断層撮影技術「Tomosynthesis」を,11月5日(木)より札幌で開催される第19回日本乳癌検診学会総会に ...
Tomosynthesis is used in 3D mammography in order to create a three dimensional image of breast tissue for better examination. ... Latest news: June 24, 2014: NYT article on new study. Other studies outline many pros and cons of ...
30 〈MEDIX VOL.54〉 乳房トモシンセシス —マンモグラフィの性能向上— Breast Tomosynthesis—Improving the Performance of Mammography— 技術レポート Key Words: Tomosynthesis, Mammography, Three-Dimensional Imaging ...


GE SenoClaire 3D Tomosynthesis System - tomosynthesis Palm Software Granted Tomosynthesis PatentSiemens Adds Tomosynthesis to Its Top Line aryastana_blog_breast_tomosynthesisBreast Tomosynthesis capabilities with breast tomosynthesisDigital tomosynthesis (pronounced toh-moh




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