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「a light-colored crystalline powder (trade name Merthiolate) used as a surgical antiseptic」
sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate, Merthiolate

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  • Measurement of Carbonic Anhydrase Ⅰ and Ⅱ Isozymes in Feces as a Marker of Occult Blood in Horses with Intestinal Tract Bleeding
  • ワクチンの痛みや局所反応の差異とチメロサールあるいは2-フェノキシエタノール含有ワクチンとの関連
  • Organomercurials removal by heterogeneous merB genes harboring bacterial strains(ENVIRONMENTAL BIOTECHNOLOGY)


世界保健機関(WHO)・欧州・日本の対応 アメリカ合衆国の中で、チメロサール( thimerosal )をワクチンにできるだけ添加しない方向は、医学協議会( Institution Of Medicine : IOM )の予防接種安全性検討委員会の勧告以前に、米国 ...
Thimerosal is a mercury-containing organic compound (an organomercurial). Since the 1930s, it has been widely used as a preservative in a number of biological and drug products, including many vaccines, to help prevent potentially life threatening contamination with harmful microbes. Over the ...


ThimerosalHere is a candid analysis of thimerosal Pediatricians Want to Keep Thimerosal in study has discovered that thimerosal Chemical structure of thimerosal.Goverment Admits Thimerosal (Mercury) in




チオメルサール thiomersalマーゾニン merzonin、エチル水銀チオサリチル酸ナトリウム sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate
  • 水銀型の殺菌剤