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  • Clinical Feasibility of 2-Dimensional Video Analysis of Active Cervical Motion in Congenital Muscular Torticollis.
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  • Pediatric physical therapy : the official publication of the Section on Pediatrics of the American Physical Therapy Association.Pediatr Phys Ther.2015 Fall;27(3):276-83. doi: 10.1097/PEP.0000000000000165.
  • PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical feasibility of using a 2-dimensional (2D) video analysis (VA) system compared with visual estimation (VE) for measurement of active cervical rotation and lateral flexion in infants with congenital muscular torticollis.METHODS: Twelve in
  • PMID 26102170
  • Evaluation of the osteoinductive potential of a bio-inspired scaffold mimicking the osteogenic niche for bone augmentation.
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  • Augmentation of regenerative osteogenesis represents a premier clinical need, as hundreds of thousands of patients are left with insufficient healing of bony defects related to a host of insults ranging from congenital abnormalities to traumatic injury to surgically-induced deficits. A synthetic mat
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  • Association between bone stiffness and nutritional biomarkers combined with weight-bearing exercise, physical activity, and sedentary time in preadolescent children. A case-control study.
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  • Physical activity (PA) and micronutrients such as calcium (Ca), vitamin D (25OHD), and phosphate (PO) are important determinants of skeletal development. This case-control study examined the association of these nutritional biomarkers and different PA behaviours, such as habitual PA, weight-bearing
  • PMID 25952968


  • 青年の野外レクリエーションの参加動機と阻害要因が野外レクリエーション参加に与える影響:日本とカナダの文化的類似・相違点の比較検討
  • Sports and Medicine スポーツと医療の現場から考える(48)スポーツ環境とシーズンスポーツ
  • Sports and Medicine スポーツと医療の現場から考える(47)指導者・選手の喫煙マナー。運動中の子どもの水分摂取マナー


Sports Medicine bridges the gap between science and practice in the promotion of exercise and health, and in the scientific assessment, study and understanding of sports performance. Regular features include: sports injury ...
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  • n.

WordNet   license wordnet

「wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner; "she was sporting a new hat"」
feature, boast

WordNet   license wordnet

「an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition」

WordNet   license wordnet

「the occupation of athletes who compete for pay」

WordNet   license wordnet

「(Maine colloquial) a temporary summer resident of Maine」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a person known for the way she (or he) behaves when teased or defeated or subjected to trying circumstances; "a good sport"; "a poor sport"」

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「〈U〉《集合的に》『スポーツ』,運動競技 / 〈C〉(個々の)『スポーツ』,運動競技 / 《複数形で》《英》運動会,競技会 / 〈U〉『気晴らし』,慰め,娯楽 / 〈C〉《話》スポーツマンらしい人,さっぱりした人,いい人 / 〈C〉(動・植物の)変種(mutant) / スポーツの;スポーツ用の / (服装が)戸外の着用に適した,軽快な / 〈衣服など〉‘を'見せびらかす / 《文》(気晴らしなどで)楽しむ,遊ぶ / からかう」



  • n.

WordNet   license wordnet

「(medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease」
medication, medicament, medicinal drug

WordNet   license wordnet

「the learned profession that is mastered by graduate training in a medical school and that is devoted to preventing or alleviating or curing diseases and injuries; "he studied medicine at Harvard"」
practice of medicine

WordNet   license wordnet

「the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques」
medical specialty

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「〈U〉『医学』,医術;医[師]業 / 〈C〉〈U〉(外用薬以外の)『薬』[『剤』],内服薬 / 〈U〉(北米インディアンの間で行われる)病気(悪霊)を追い払うまじない」



WordNet   license wordnet

「relating to or used in sports; "sporting events"; "sporting equipment"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「involving risk or willingness to take a risk; "a sporting chance"; "sporting blood"」

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「《名詞の前にのみ用いて》スポーツの(に関する,用の) / スポーツマンらしい,正々堂々とした / 勝ち負け五分五分の,いちかばちかの」



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