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  • n.
  • 放浪。遠的を射ること
  • adj.
  • 放浪する。常駐しない、移動する、移動式の。とりとめのない、寄り道する
(stege 1 sleep)EMG activity is decreased, compared with relaxed wakefulness, and there are slow, roving eye movements.

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「放浪する / 特定の仕事・場所なしでつとめる」

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拡張検索disapprovingly」「approving」「roving eye」「disapproving



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「showing disapproval; "he shook his head disapprovingly"」

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「expressing or manifesting praise or approval; "approbative criticism"; "an affirmative nod"」
affirmative, approbative, approbatory, plausive

roving eye」


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「expressing or manifesting disapproval」

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