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anterior perforated substanceolfactory brainolfactory cortexolfactory lobeolfactory pathwayolfactory tractolfactory tuberclerhinecephalon

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「a center in the cerebral hemispheres that governs the sense of smell in lower animals; in humans it seems to mediate complex emotional behavior」
olfactory brain

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rhinencephalon [ri″nen-sef´ah-lon] 1. the part of the brain once thought to be concerned entirely with olfactory mechanisms, including olfactory nerves, bulbs, tracts, and subsequent connections (all olfactory in function) and the limbic ...
:the anterior inferior part of the forebrain that is chiefly concerned with olfaction and that is considered to include the olfactory bulb together with the ... Seen and Heard What made you want to look up rhinencephalon? Please tell us ...
Rhinencephalon definition, the part of the cerebrum containing the olfactory structures. See more. ... anatomy) the parts of the brain, in both cerebal hemispheres, that in the early stages of evolution were concerned with the sense of ...



リンク元anterior perforated substance」「olfactory cortex」「olfactory tract」「olfactory pathway」「嗅脳

anterior perforated substance」

  [★] (小血管が出入りするために多数の孔が開いている嗅球後部の大部分)前有孔質

olfactory cortexolfactory pathwayolfactory tractolfactory tuberclerhinencephalon

olfactory cortex」



anterior perforated substanceolfactory pathwayolfactory tractolfactory tuberclepiriform cortexrhinencephalon

olfactory tract」

  [★] 嗅索

anterior perforated substanceolfactory bundleolfactory cortexolfactory pathwayolfactory tuberclerhinencephalon

olfactory pathway」



anterior perforated substanceolfactory cortexolfactory tractolfactory tuberclerhinencephalon



rhinencephalon (B,KH), nose brain, olfactory brain