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「any of a group of viruses that contain two single-strand linear RNA molecules per virion and reverse transcriptase (RNA to DNA); the virus transcribes its RNA into a cDNA provirus that is then incorporated into the host cell」


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  • The koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial that is an Australian icon. Koalas in many parts of Australia are under multiple threats including habitat destruction, dog attacks, vehicular accidents, and infectious diseases such as Chlamydia spp. and the koala retrovirus (K
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  • Comparison between PCR and larvae visualization methods for diagnosis of Strongyloides stercoralis out of endemic area: A proposed algorithm.
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  • Underdiagnosis of chronic infection with the nematode Strongyloides stercoralis may lead to severe disease in the immunosuppressed. Thus, we have set-up a specific and highly sensitive molecular diagnosis in stool samples. Here, we compared the accuracy of our polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based m
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  • Inhibition of catecholamine degradation ameliorates while chemical sympathectomy aggravates the severity of acute Friend retrovirus infection in mice.
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  • Several lines of evidence indicate that the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) might be involved in the pathogenesis and progression of retroviral infections. However, experimental data are scarce and findings inconsistent. Here, we investigated the role of the SNS during acute infection with Friend v
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  • Nucleic Acid Binding by Mason-Pfizer Monkey Virus CA Promotes Virus Assembly and Genome Packaging.
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  • The Gag polyprotein of retroviruses drives immature virus assembly by forming hexameric protein lattices. The assembly is primarily mediated by protein-protein interactions between capsid (CA) domains and by interactions between nucleocapsid (NC) domains and RNA. Specific interactions between NC and
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  • Preparation of a cell line persistently infected with maedi/visna virus and production of viral antigens
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  • Effectiveness of Combined Therapy with Pirfenidone and Erythromycin for Unclassifiable Interstitial Pneumonia Induced by HTLV-1-associated Bronchioloalveolar Disorder (HABA)
  • The Effects of a Keratin Promoter on the Expression of Mouse Tyrosinase in Various Cultured Cell Types via Retroviral Infection
  • 世界での遺伝子治療薬の開発状況


一次創作を中心に版権もいろいろと。オリジナルゲーム配布中です。 ... Retrovirus 一弥個人による一次創作・二次創作非公式ファンサイト 同人的要素を十分に含みますので閲覧の際はご注意下さい。
オリジナルの備考録。 主にオリジナルゲームの配布場所です。 まだまだサイト調整中につき、見難いページがあります。。。すみません。 本館とは別動なので、こっちで更新があっても向こうで大々的に告知はしません。
徒然なるままにヲタク綴り。 ... 先程、ちょっと早いけど無事に入稿も済ませて、念願の脱稿となりましたー。 初めてかも! 締め切り当日のギリギリな時間までバタバタしないなんて!



リンク元Retroviridae」「oncovirus」「oncornavirus」「RNA tumor virus」「retroviral
拡張検索human endogenous retrovirus」「deltaretrovirus infection」「betaretrovirus」「monkey retrovirus




  • トロウイルス科
oncornavirusOncovirinaeoncovirusretrovirusRNA tumor virus



oncogenic virusoncornavirusOncovirinaeRetroviridaeretrovirusRNA tumor virus



OncovirinaeoncovirusRetroviridaeretrovirusRNA tumor virus

RNA tumor virus」







human endogenous retrovirus」


endogenous retrovirusERVHERV

deltaretrovirus infection」


BLV infectionHTLV infection



type D retrovirus

monkey retrovirus」


simian retrovirus