respiratory bronchiole

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  • An epithelial circadian clock controls pulmonary inflammation and glucocorticoid action.
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  • The circadian system is an important regulator of immune function. Human inflammatory lung diseases frequently show time-of-day variation in symptom severity and lung function, but the mechanisms and cell types underlying these effects remain unclear. We show that pulmonary antibacterial responses a
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  • Respiratory bronchiolitis-interstitial lung disease.
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  • Respiratory bronchiolitis-associated interstitial lung disease (RB-ILD) is a rare, mild inflammatory pulmonary disorder that occurs almost exclusively in current or former heavy smokers, usually between the third and sixth decades, most likely with no gender predilection. The onset is usually insidi
  • PMID 25011486
  • Chronic granulomatous disease with pulmonary mass-like opacities secondary to hypersensitivity pneumonitis: a case report.
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  • INTRODUCTION: Chronic granulomatous disease, one of the primary immunodeficiency syndromes, is characterized by failure of phagocytic capacity due to loss of reactive oxygen species production, as well as formation of granulomas in organs. Clinically, dysregulated inflammation by excessive cytokine
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  • 柔軟壁の呼吸器系に組み込まれた閉鎖細気管支の開通に関する計算
  • 多羅尾 範郎
  • 日本肺サーファクタント・界面医学会雑誌 = Journal of Japanese Medical Society for Lung Surfactant and Biological Interface 43, 19-27, 2012-10-15
  • NAID 10031123265
  • 多発嚢胞性陰影を呈した human T-cell leukemia virus I 関連気管支肺胞症/細気管支肺胞異常症の1剖検例
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  • 日本呼吸器学会誌 = Annals of the Japanese Respiratory
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  • A Case of Hard Metal Lung Disease Resembling a Hypersensitive Pneumonia in Radiological Images
  • Okuno Keiko,Kobayashi Kazuyuki,Kotani Yoshikazu,Ohnishi Hisashi,Ohbayashi Chiho,Nishimura Yoshihiro
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  • … Since the histological changes distributed terminal to respiratory bronchiole and surrounding alveoli, and macrophages engulfed black granules within the alveoli, in absence of giant cells, we considered this case to be a type of hypersensitivity pneumonitis of hard metal lung. …
  • NAID 130000251651


The bronchioles are a part of the respiratory system that are not discussed as often as, say, the bronchi, or alveoli, yet they play an important role in respiration.There are also several medical conditions that occur primarily in the ...
Respiratory Bronchioles This slide shows the transition from a terminal bronchiole, with a low cuboidal epithelium, to respiratory bronchioles, with a squamous epithelium. Terminal bronchioles are last generation of conducting airways.






respiratory bronchiole (Z)
bronchioli respiratorii



  • adj.
  • 呼吸の、呼吸器の、呼吸性の
breathbreathebreathingrespirationrespiratory mechanicsrespiratory organrespiratory tract

WordNet   license wordnet

「pertaining to respiration; "respiratory assistance"」

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  [★] 人工呼吸器

WordNet   license wordnet

「a breathing device for administering long-term artificial respiration」

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「《米》人工呼吸装置 / (一般に)マスク;防毒マスク」


  [★] 細気管支

WordNet   license wordnet

「any of the smallest bronchial ducts; ending in alveoli」