reactive oxygen species

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活性酸素種, ROS

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  • … Cisplatin ototoxicity may require the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the inner ear by activating enzymes specific to the cochlea. …
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Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Reactive oxygen species are molecules like hydrogen peroxide (#5) ions like the hypochlorite ion (#6) radicals like the hydroxyl radical (#3). It is the most reactive of them all; note how it differs from ...
reactive oxygen species, n molecules and ions of oxygen that have an unpaired electron, thus rendering them extremely reactive. Many cellular structures are susceptible to attack by ROS contributing to cancer, heart disease, and ...


 of reactive oxygen species in the bodyrelated to the Reactive Oxygen Species New concepts in reactive oxygen species Reactive oxygen species - 活性酸素 Figure 1. Reactive oxygen species (TNFR) triggers reactive oxygen species

リンク元活性酸素」「pro-oxidant」「active oxygen」「ROS」「反応性酸素生成物



active oxygen, reactive oxygen species ROS
body fat
body fat


  • ラジカル    :スーパーオキサイド(O2-)、ヒドロキシルラジカル(HO・)
  • ラジカルではない:過酸化水素(H2O2)、一重項酸素(1O2)



active oxygenoxygen radicalreactive oxygen species

active oxygen」


oxygen radicalpro-oxidantreactive oxygen species





reactive oxygen speciesROS



  • adj.

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「participating readily in reactions; "sodium is a reactive metal"; "free radicals are very reactive"」

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「reacting to a stimulus; "the skin of old persons is less reactive than that of younger persons"」



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「(biology) taxonomic group whose members can interbreed」

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「a specific kind of something; "a species of molecule"; "a species of villainy"」

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「〈C〉(生物分類上の)『種』(しゅ),種族(「属」(genus)の下の単位) / 〈C〉(…の)種類《+『of』+『名』》 / 《the ~》人類(mankind)」


  [★] 酸素

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「a nonmetallic bivalent element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless nonflammable diatomic gas; constitutes 21 percent of the atmosphere by volume; the most abundant element in the earth''s crust」
O, atomic number 8

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