procollagen N-proteinase

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procollagen N-endopeptidase、procollagen peptidase

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  • Identification of potent and selective hydantoin inhibitors of aggrecanase-1 and aggrecanase-2 that are efficacious in both chemical and surgical models of osteoarthritis.
  • Durham TB1, Klimkowski VJ, Rito CJ, Marimuthu J, Toth JL, Liu C, Durbin JD, Stout SL, Adams L, Swearingen C, Lin C, Chambers MG, Thirunavukkarasu K, Wiley MR.
  • Journal of medicinal chemistry.J Med Chem.2014 Dec 26;57(24):10476-85. doi: 10.1021/jm501522n. Epub 2014 Dec 5.
  • A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs-4 (ADAMTS-4) and ADAMTS-5 are zinc metalloproteases commonly referred to as aggrecanase-1 and aggrecanase-2, respectively. These enzymes are involved in the degradation of aggrecan, a key component of cartilage. Inhibitors of these enzym
  • PMID 25415648
  • SKI306X inhibition of glycosaminoglycan degradation in human cartilage involves down-regulation of cytokine-induced catabolic genes.
  • Choi CH1, Kim TH2, Sung YK2, Choi CB2, Na YI3, Yoo H4, Jun JB2.
  • The Korean journal of internal medicine.Korean J Intern Med.2014 Sep;29(5):647-55. doi: 10.3904/kjim.2014.29.5.647. Epub 2014 Aug 28.
  • BACKGROUND/AIMS: SKI306X, a mixed extract of three herbs, Clematis mandshurica (CM), Prunella vulgaris (PV), and Trichosanthes kirilowii (TK), is chondroprotective in animal models of osteoarthritis (OA). The objectives of this study were to investigate its effect on interleukin (IL)-1β-induced deg
  • PMID 25228841
  • Differential effects of caveolin-1 and -2 knockdown on aqueous outflow and altered extracellular matrix turnover in caveolin-silenced trabecular meshwork cells.
  • Aga M1, Bradley JM1, Wanchu R1, Yang YF1, Acott TS1, Keller KE1.
  • Investigative ophthalmology & visual science.Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.2014 Aug 7;55(9):5497-509. doi: 10.1167/iovs.14-14519.
  • PURPOSE: A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) identified between caveolin-1 (CAV1) and caveolin-2 (CAV2) on chromosome 7 is associated with glaucoma. One function of CAVs is endocytosis and recycling of extracellular matrix (ECM) components. Here, we generated CAV-silencing lentivirus to evaluate
  • PMID 25103269


  • cDNA cloning and expression of bovine procollagen I N-proteinase : a new member of the superfamily of zincmetalloproteinases with binding sites for cells and other matrix components
  • Temperature - induced post - translational over - modification of type I procollagen. Effects of over - modification of the protein on the rate of cleavage by procolloagen N - proteinase and on self - assembly of collagen into fibrils.


How to Cite TUDERMAN, L. and PROCKOP, D. J. (1982), Procollagen N-Proteinase. European Journal of Biochemistry, 125: 545–549. doi: 10.1111/j.1432-1033.1982 ... Author Information 1 Abteilung für Strukturbiologie, Biozentrum ...
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リンク元プロコラーゲン-N-プロテイナーゼ」「procollagen peptidase



procollagen N-proteinase

procollagen peptidase」



procollagen N-endopeptidase、procollagen N-proteinase



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  [★] ネオジム neodymium

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