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「a reduced ability to focus on near objects caused by loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens after age 45」

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  • An international survey of daily disposable contact lens prescribing.
  • Efron N, Morgan PB, Woods CA; The International Contact Lens Prescribing Survey Consortium.Collaborators (41)Morgan PB, Efron N, Woods CA, Awasthi S, Belousov V, Bendoriene J, Chandrinos A, Chane P, Chu BS, Davila-Garcia E, Erdinest N, Fine P, González-Méijome JM, Grein HJ, Grupcheva CN, Gustafsson J, Helland M, Hreinsson HI, Hsiao J, Itoi M, Johansson O, Jones D, Knajian R, Lam W, Mack CJ, Malet F, Marani E, Marx S, Montani G, Nichols JJ, Pesinova A, Phillips G, Radu S, Ravn O, Runberg SE, Santodomingo J, Silih MS, Tan KO, Tranoudis IG, van der Worp E, Végh M.
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  • PURPOSE: The aim was to determine the extent of daily disposable contact lens prescribing worldwide and to characterise the associated demographics and fitting patterns.METHODS: Up to 1,000 survey forms were sent to contact lens fitters in up to 40 countries between January and March every year for
  • PMID 22853742
  • Effect of multizone refractive multifocal contact lenses on the Cirrus HD OCT retinal measurements.
  • Madrid-Costa D, Isla-Paradelo L, García-Lázaro S, Albarrán-Diego C, Ruiz-Alcocer J.SourceOptometry Research Group, Optics Department, University of Valencia, Spain.
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  • BACKGROUND: Simultaneous vision multifocal contact lenses are widely used to alleviate the symptoms of presbyopia. These contact lenses create simultaneous retinal images due to the incoming light distribution being divided into two or more focuses. Our aim was to evaluate whether the multizone refr
  • PMID 22738166
  • Efficacy of aspheric corneal ablation with the central-saving technique for presbyopic correction through early wound healing modulation.
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  • PURPOSE: : To assess the long-term efficacy, refractive changes, and final visual acuity results from emmetropic presbyopic corrections when using aspheric ablation with the central-saving technique (CST) through the modulation of early wound healing.METHODS: : This study was a prospective comparati
  • PMID 23073487


  • 老眼が治る時代に (AYUMI 現代社会と眼 : 視覚情報社会,超高齢社会の与える眼への影響)
  • 視覚心理・視覚生理-13 視力および老視による視覚低下(近点距離伸長)を改善できるRYB(赤黄青)色有機EL照明
  • 中高年からの眼鏡 (特集 ポイント解説 眼鏡処方の実際)


Join the AOA The American Optometric Association is the acknowledged leader and recognized authority for eye and vision care in the world. Learn more ... Presbyopia is a vision condition in which the shape of the crystalline lens of ...
presbyopiaとは。意味や和訳。[名詞] 〔眼科〕 老眼,老視,老人性遠視.[語源]1793.<ギリシャ語 presby-(présbys「年老いた,老人」の連結形)+-OPIApresbyope [名詞] 老眼の人.presbyopic [prèzbiɑ'pik,près-|-ɔ'p-] [形容詞] - 80 ...








  • 加齢に伴う水晶体の調節力低下をきたした状態。
  • 近方視が障害されてくる。


  • 水晶体の弾性低下



  • 加齢による調節幅の減退 Age-Related Loss of Accommodation


  • 加齢によりはっきり見える範囲が狭くなった状態


  医学的老視 臨床的老視
測定条件 片眼完全矯正下 両眼生活視力
自覚症状 有無は問わない 近見視力障害有り
診断基準 調節幅2.5D未満 40cm視力0.4 未満


30 cm 視力表の視力 40 cm 換算近見視力
0.1 0.13
0.2 0.27
0.3 0.4
0.4 0.53
0.5 0.67
0.6 0.8
0.7 0.93
0.8 1.07
0.9 1.2
1 1.33
1.2 1.6
1.5 2
2 2.67