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  • Neuropathological microscopic features of abortions induced by Bunyavirus / or Flavivirus infections.
  • Javanbakht J, Mardjanmehr S, Tavasoly A, Nazemshirazi M.
  • Diagnostic pathology.Diagn Pathol.2014 Nov 26;9(1):223. [Epub ahead of print]
  • BackgroundThe present study describes the pathologic changes in the brain and the spinal cord of aborted, stillbirth and deformities of newborn lambs infected with viral agents.MethodsFrom February 2012 to March 2013, a total of 650 aborted fetuses from 793 pregnant ewes were studied from 8 flocks a
  • PMID 25425524
  • Ovine and Bovine Congenital Abnormalities Associated With Intrauterine Infection With Schmallenberg Virus.
  • Peperkamp NH1, Luttikholt SJ2, Dijkman R3, Vos JH3, Junker K3, Greijdanus S3, Roumen MP3, Garderen EV3, Meertens N3, Maanen CV4, Lievaart K2, Wuyckhuise LV5, Wouda W3.
  • Veterinary pathology.Vet Pathol.2014 Nov 26. pii: 0300985814560231. [Epub ahead of print]
  • In December 2011, a previously unknown congenital syndrome of arthrogryposis and hydranencephaly in sheep and cattle appeared in the Netherlands as an emerging epizootic due to Schmallenberg virus (SBV). Gross lesions in 102 lambs and 204 calves included porencephaly, hydranencephaly, cerebellar dys
  • PMID 25428409
  • Porencephaly in a fetus and HANAC in her father: Variable expression of COL4A1 mutation.
  • Takenouchi T1, Ohyagi M, Torii C, Kosaki R, Takahashi T, Kosaki K.
  • American journal of medical genetics. Part A.Am J Med Genet A.2014 Nov 25. doi: 10.1002/ajmg.a.36823. [Epub ahead of print]
  • COL4A1-associated disorders encompass a wide range of hereditary vasculopathy, including porencephaly and HANAC (adult-onset hemorrhagic stroke with cerebral aneurysm and retinal arterial tortuosity, renal cysts, and thenar muscle cramp). It remains elusive whether or not porencephaly and HANAC are
  • PMID 25425218


  • Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Associated with Unilateral Hemispheric Porencephaly
  • George Imataka 1,Masahiro Ogino 2,Yoshiyuki Watabe 1,Shigeko Kuwashima 3,Teisuke Hashimoto 3,Osamu Arisaka 1
  • Dokkyo journal of medical sciences 37(2), 125-128, 2010-07-25
  • … We report an 18 year-old male with a hemispheric large porencephaly who demonstrated symptomaticWest syndrome and then developed into Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. …
  • NAID 110007616571
  • 前頭葉型孔脳症による認知障害を呈し広般性発達障害が疑われた成人例
  • 栗山 健一,将田 耕作,小久保 和哉,小島 洋,小島 卓也
  • 総合病院精神医学 = Japanese journal of general hospital psychiatry 21(1), 43-48, 2009-01-15
  • NAID 10024921578
  • 孔脳症にアルツハイマー型認知症が合併し,幻視・幻聴を認めた1症例
  • 野澤 宗央,井関 栄三,野澤 詠子 [他]
  • 精神医学 51(5), 419-424, 2009-05
  • NAID 40016539931


porencephaly por·en·ceph·a·ly (pôr'ěn-sěf'ə-lē) n. Occurrence of cavities in the brain substance, usually communicating with the lateral ventricles. Also called porencephalia.
porencephaly /por·en·ceph·a·ly/ (-en-sef´ah-le) development or presence of abnormal cysts or cavities in the brain tissue, usually communicating with a lateral ventricle.porencephal´icporenceph´alous por·en·ceph·a·ly (pôr n-s f-l) n. ...
Porencephaly is an extremely rare congenital disorder that results in cystic degeneration and encephalomalacia and the formation of porecephalic cysts. The term is used variably among radiologists with its broadest definition being a ...


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