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  • リンパ管侵襲の程度(ly0・ly1・ly2・ly3)
  • 静脈侵襲の程度(v0・v1・v2・v3)
  • リンパ行性転移の進行度(n0・n1・n2・n3など)
  • 神経周囲侵襲の程度(pn0・pn1など)

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  • Structural and functional components of the feline enteric nervous system.
  • Kleinschmidt S, Nolte I, Hewicker-Trautwein M.SourceAddresses of authors:  Department of Pathology, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Bünteweg 17, D-30559 Hannover, Germany  Small Animal Clinic, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Bünteweg 9, D-30559 Hannover, Germany.
  • Anatomia, histologia, embryologia.Anat Histol Embryol.2011 Dec;40(6):450-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1439-0264.2011.01091.x. Epub 2011 Jun 15.
  • With 5 figures and 2 tables SUMMARY: Neurohistological and immunohistochemical examinations of the feline enteric nervous system (ENS) were performed by using antibodies against neuron-specific enolase (NSE), phosphorylated neurofilaments (PN), non-phosphorylated neurofilaments (NPN) and vasoactive
  • PMID 21671994
  • Thalidomide, dexamethasone, Doxil and Velcade (ThaDD-V) followed by consolidation/maintenance therapy in patients with relapsed-refractory multiple myeloma.
  • Offidani M, Corvatta L, Polloni C, Gentili S, Mele A, Rizzi R, Catarini M, Caraffa P, Samori A, Blasi N, Ferranti M, Malerba L, Brunori M, Leoni P.SourceClinica di Ematologia Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria, Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona, Via Conca, 71, 60020, Ancona, Italy,
  • Annals of hematology.Ann Hematol.2011 Dec;90(12):1449-56. Epub 2011 Mar 25.
  • In newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (MM), three/four-drug combinations as induction therapy seem to be more effective compared with two-drug associations in terms of response rate and duration of remission. Moreover, there is an emergent body of evidences that consolidation/maintenance therapy impro
  • PMID 21437586


  • LHRHアゴニストとタモキシフェン投与中に発症した異時性対側乳癌の一例
  • 大野 毅 [他]
  • 長崎醫學會雜誌 : Nagasaki Igakkai zasshi 86(2), 86-91, 2011-06-25
  • … 47歳女性,右乳房D領域に腫瘤を自覚し当院外科受診,乳腺超音波検査(US)で12×9mm大の乳癌に対し乳房全切除,センチネルリンパ節生検を施行,病理組織学的検査にて,硬癌,12×9mm,pT1c,pN0(SN 0/3),M0,StageI,エストロゲンレセプター(ER)陽性,プロゲステロンレセプター(PgR)陽性であった.閉経前ホルモン陽性乳癌であったため術後はLH-RHアゴニストとタモキシフェンを投与していたが,1年後の定期検査にて左B領域に10mm大の可動性良好な腫瘤 …
  • NAID 110008620344
  • Identification and characterization of another 4-nitrophenol degradation gene cluster, nps, in Rhodococcus sp. strain PN1(ENVIRONMENTAL BIOTECHNOLOGY)
  • Yamamoto Kenta,Nishimura Munehiro,Kato Dai-ichiro,Takeo Masahiro,Negoro Seiji
  • Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 111(6), 687-694, 2011-06
  • … strain PN1, which encodes a two-component 4-NP hydroxylase system that oxidizes 4-NP into 4-nitrocatechol. … In the current study, another gene cluster (npsC and npsRA2A1B) encoding a similar 4-NP hydroxylase system was cloned from strain PN1. … These results indicate that this nps gene cluster, in addition to the nph gene cluster, is also involved in 4-NP degradation in strain PN1. …
  • NAID 110008672817


財団フェローのLiam WyattがMLA(博物館、図書館などの機関・施設)とウィキ メディアンの共同作業について横浜(11日)と京都(13日)で講演を行ないます(詳細). PN. 出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』. 移動: 案内, 検索. PNとは、. ペンネーム ...


PN ピエヌ - anoword : Search  Tutorial about the PN Junction DiodeDescription Pn-junction-equilibrium.pngPn Junction Diode | HD Walls | Find PN junction diode after the depletion PN Junction Theory for Semiconductor

拡張検索pneumococcal infection」「Capnocytophaga」「non-specific interstitial pneumonitis

pneumococcal infection」

  [★] 肺炎球菌感染症



  [★] キャプノサイトファーガ属

non-specific interstitial pneumonitis」

  [★] 非特異型間質性肺炎



WordNet   license wordnet

「send a message from one computer to another to check whether it is reachable and active; "ping your machine in the office"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a sharp high-pitched resonant sound (as of a sonar echo or a bullet striking metal)」

PrepTutorEJDIC   license prepejdic

「(小銃弾などの)ピュー(ブーン)という音 / ピュー(ブーン)と音がする」

WordNet   license wordnet

「contact, usually in order to remind of something; "I''ll ping my accountant--April 15 is nearing"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「hit with a pinging noise; "The bugs pinged the lamp shade"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「make a short high-pitched sound; "the bullet pinged when they struck the car"」


  [★] 結節性多発動脈炎 polyarteritis nodosa




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