plasma hypotonicity

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  • Quantifying SOCE fluorescence measurements in mammalian muscle fibres. The effects of ryanodine and osmotic shocks.
  • Bolaños P, Guillen A, Gámez A, Caputo C.SourceLaboratorio de Fisiología Celular, Centro de Biofísica y Bioquímica, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas (IVIC), Caracas, Venezuela,
  • Journal of muscle research and cell motility.J Muscle Res Cell Motil.2013 Dec;34(5-6):379-93. doi: 10.1007/s10974-013-9360-y. Epub 2013 Oct 16.
  • We have quantified Ca(2+) entry through store operated calcium channels in mice muscle fibres, measuring the rates of change of myoplasmic [Ca(2+)], d[Ca(2+)]myo/dt, and of Ca(2+) removal, d[Ca(2+)]Removal/dt, turning store operated calcium entry (SOCE) ON, and OFF, by switching on or off external C
  • PMID 24129906
  • Force spectroscopy measurements show that cortical neurons exposed to excitotoxic agonists stiffen before showing evidence of bleb damage.
  • Zou S, Chisholm R, Tauskela JS, Mealing GA, Johnston LJ, Morris CE.SourceMeasurement Science and Standards, National Research Council Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • PloS one.PLoS One.2013 Aug 30;8(8):e73499. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0073499.
  • In ischemic and traumatic brain injury, hyperactivated glutamate (N-methyl-D-aspartic acid, NMDA) and sodium (Nav) channels trigger excitotoxic neuron death. Na(+), Ca(++) and H2O influx into affected neurons elicits swelling (increased cell volume) and pathological blebbing (disassociation of the p
  • PMID 24023686


  • 上皮膜輸送を介する浸透圧感受機構
  • 新里 直美,丸中 良典
  • 膜 29(3), 161-168, 2004-05-01
  • … content, blood pressure, extracellular fluid volume (ECF) and is stimulated by aldosterone, vasopression and extracellular hypotonicity to maintain normal plasma osmolality. …
  • NAID 10013114419
  • 熱傷に続発したSIADH(ADH不適合分泌症候群)
  • 高柳 かおり,中村 佳代子,中野 賢三,中村 昭典,樋口 和巳,辛嶋 健
  • 西日本皮膚科 55(5), 866-869, 1993
  • 症例は約25%熱傷の83歳男性である。創面の回復は順調であったが, Na補給により補正し得ない低Na血症が出現した。血漿浸透圧低値, 尿浸透圧および尿中Naの増加を認め, 血中抗利尿ホルモン(ADH)値は血漿が低浸透圧を示すにもかかわらず抑制されていなかった。また, 副腎, 甲状腺および腎機能は正常で, ADH分泌不適合症候群(SIADH)と診断した。水制限により低Na血症は改善した。熱傷を契機に …
  • NAID 130004473909


To examine the ability of plasma to prevent haemolysis caused by mechanical trauma and by hypotonicity, in-vitro experiments were carried out. Human red blood cells (RBC) were agitated with glass beads at 37 degrees C for 18 h in ...
1. J Matern Fetal Med. 1998 Jul-Aug;7(4):165-71. Maternal plasma hypo-osmolality: effects on spontaneous and stimulated ovine fetal swallowing. Nijland MJ, Kullama LK, Ross MG. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology ...





  [★] 血漿

WordNet   license wordnet

「(physical chemistry) a fourth state of matter distinct from solid or liquid or gas and present in stars and fusion reactors; a gas becomes a plasma when it is heated until the atoms lose all their electrons, leaving a highly electrified collection of nuclei and free electrons; "particles in space exist in the form of a plasma"」

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「a green slightly translucent variety of chalcedony used as a gemstone」

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「the colorless watery fluid of the blood and lymph that contains no cells, but in which the blood cells (erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes) are suspended」
plasm, blood plasma

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「(また『blood plasma』)血漿,リンパ漿 / 原形質」



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「(of a solution) the extent to which a solution has a lower osmotic pressure than some other」