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  • pref.
  • 近い、周り、周囲の
  • ex.

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「(Persian folklore) a supernatural being descended from fallen angels and excluded from paradise until penance is done」

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「a beautiful and graceful girl」

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  • DECA: A new model for assessing the foliar uptake of atmospheric lead by vegetation, using Lactuca sativa as an example.
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  • In the context of peri-urban atmospheric pollution by industrial lead recycling emissions, metal can transfer to plant shoots. Home gardeners consuming their produce can therefore be exposed to metal pollution. The Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP) model from the United States Environmen
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  • Anuran road-kills neighboring a peri-urban reserve in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil.
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  • Mortality from road-kills may figure among the important causes of decline in amphibian populations and species extinctions worldwide. Evaluation of the magnitude, composition, and temporal and spatial distributions of amphibian road-kills is a key step for mitigation planning, especially in peri-ur
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  • The biological seal of the implant-soft tissue interface evaluated in a tissue-engineered oral mucosal model.
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  • For dental implants, it is vital that an initial soft tissue seal is achieved as this helps to stabilize and preserve the peri-implant tissues during the restorative stages following placement. The study of the implant-soft tissue interface is usually undertaken in animal models. We have developed a
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  • Comparison of a Hydroxyapatite-Coated and an Anodic Oxidized Titanium Implant for Experimentally Induced Peri-Implantitis : Macroscopic and Novel Radiographic Evaluations in a Canine Model
  • Peri-implantation lethality in mice carrying megabase-scale deletion on 5qc3.3 is caused by Exoc1 null mutation
  • The effect of arm movement on the formation of haptic peri-personal spatial representation (ヒューマン情報処理)
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システム型枠・支保工・足場のスペシャリスト ... 本研究施設の耐震補強工事では、研究環境の保全や利用者の利便性、外観、工期および経費の縮減に配慮した耐震改修工事を行うことになりました。
The PERI Group, founded in 1969, is a worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems. We offer wall and slab formwork, climbing systems, working and facade scaffolds and formwork for tunnel and ...


 » Diğer Resimler » Mavi Peri SihirliPeri masallarının en güzel masalı peri Peri Masalı Oyunu Oyna! | Kız Oyunları PERİ KIZI, PRENS VE CADI - evgeniye Peri ResimleriFairy Wallpaper - Fairies Wallpaper fairy gifs peri gifleri angel gifs melek - Güzel Peri Resimleri - Güzel Peri

拡張検索experimentation」「retroperitoneum」「encephalitis periaxialis diffusa



  • adv, prep
  • 周囲に、

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「to a particular destination either specified or understood; "she came around to see me"; "I invited them around for supper"」

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「《beなどの状態を表す動詞,また動作を表す動詞と共に》…『の周りに』(『を』),…の周囲に(を),…をぐるっと取り巻いて / 《米・英話》《be, lieなどの状態を表す動詞と共に》『…のあちこちに』,《移動を表す動詞と共に》『…のあちこちを』,…をぐるっと回って(《英》about) / 《米・英話》どこか…のあたりに,の付近に(《英》about) / 《米・英話》…『を回って』,回ったところに(《英》about) / …を中心として / 《米・英話》およそ,約 / 『周りに』,ぐるりと,一周して / 《米》あちこちに(と)(《英》about) / 《米》周辺に,あたりに,付近に(《英》about) / 《米》曲って,回って(《英》about) / 《米》『回ったところに』,回った向こう側(こちら側)に / 《米》(時期・季節などが)巡って / 《米》(軸を中心に)回転して / 《米》(方向など)ぐるりと変えて / 《米》元に戻って / 《おもに米話》活動して」

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「by a circular or circuitous route; "He came all the way around the base"; "the road goes around the pond"」

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「in a circle or circular motion; "The wheels are spinning around"」

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「in circumference; "the trunk is ten feet around"; "the pond is two miles around"」



  • adj.
  • 周囲の、ぐるりと取り巻く
  • n.
  • 環境

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「completely enveloping; "the ambient air"; "ambient sound"; "the ambient temperature"」

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  • adj.
  • 周囲の、外周の
ambient, around, outer boundary, peri, surrounding
(adv.)circumferentially, circumference

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「lying around or just outside the edges or outskirts; "circumferential highways around cities"」



  • adj.
  • 周囲の

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surroundingcircumferentialambientperiaround, circumference



experimental method

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encephalitis periaxialis diffusa」

  [★] びまん性軸索周囲脳炎



  • prep
  • (商)~につき/ごとに
  • ~で、~によって。~に託して
  • ~によれば
  • adv.
  • 1個につき、各。

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「…『につき』,…ごとに / 《文》…によって,…で,…を通じて / 《しばしば『as per』…で》…によって示された通りに,…に従って」



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「the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet」

"" より作成