null mice

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deficient mice、deficient mouse、knock-out mice、knock-out mouse、knockout miceknockout mouseKO mice、KO mouse、null mouse

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  • T cell-specific deletion of EFNB2 minimally affects T cell development and function.
  • Jin W, Qi S, Luo H.SourceLaboratory of Immunology, Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CRCHUM), Notre-Dame Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Molecular immunology.Mol Immunol.2012 Oct;52(3-4):141-7. Epub 2012 Jun 4.
  • BACKGROUND: Eph kinases and their ephrin ligands (EFN) are all cell surface molecules, capable of transmitting signals in both directions (1, 2). Such bidirectional signaling is called forward (from EFNs to Ephs) and reverse (from Ephs to EFNs) signaling. Eph family kinases have 15 members, divided
  • PMID 22673212
  • Production of hepatitis B defective particles is dependent on liver status.
  • Redelsperger F, Lekbaby B, Mandouri Y, Giang E, Duriez M, Desire N, Roque Afonso AM, Brichler S, Dubreuil P, Dobrin A, Perlemuter G, Prevot S, Bacon N, Grange JD, Zatla F, Le Pendeven C, Pol S, Strick-Marchand H, Di Santo J, Kremsdorf D, Soussan P.SourceInserm U845, Pathogenèse des Hépatites Virales B et Immunothérapie, 156 rue de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris, France; Institut Pasteur, Département de Virologie, Paris, France; Universite Paris Descartes, Faculté de Médecine René Descartes, Paris, France.
  • Virology.Virology.2012 Sep 15;431(1-2):21-8. Epub 2012 Jun 2.
  • Defective hepatitis B virus (dHBV) generated from spliced RNA is detected in the sera of HBV-chronic carriers. Our study was designed to determine whether the proportion of dHBV changed during the course of infection, and to investigate whether dHBV might interfere with HBV replication. To achieve t
  • PMID 22664356


  • Role of the Acid-Sensing Ion Channel 3 in Blood Volume Control
  • LEE Cheng-Han,SUN Synthia H.,LIN Shing-Hong,CHEN Chih-Cheng
  • Circulation journal : official journal of the Japanese Circulation Society 75(4), 874-883, 2011-03-25
  • … We examined the effect of Asic3 null mutation (Asic3-/-) on blood volume expansion (BVE)-induced urine flow, neural activation, and atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) release in mice. … BVE-induced urine flow was lower in Asic3-/- mice than in wild-type littermates. … In addition, the stretch-activated channel blocker GdCl3 further reduced the BVE-induced urine flow in Asic3-/- mice. …
  • NAID 10028103227
  • ビタミンDおよびビタミンKを分子基盤とするがんおよび骨粗鬆症治療薬の開発研究
  • 中川 公恵
  • ビタミン 85(1), 9-17, 2011-01-25
  • … We used metastatic Lewis lung carcinoma cells expressing green fluorescent protein (LLC-GFP cells) and examined the metastatic activity in vitamin D receptor (VDR) null mutant (VDR-/-) mice and their wild-type counterparts (VDR+/+mice). … VDR-/- mice exhibited hypocalcemia and extremely high serum levels of 1α,25(OH)_2D_3. …
  • NAID 110008440791


Knockout mice are important animal models for studying the role of genes which have been sequenced but whose functions have not been determined. By causing a specific gene to be inactive in the mouse, and observing any differences ...


 propagating NOD/SCID IL2R[ggr]null miceFigure 4. on the image to enlarge the dmp1 null mice are not altered in the IE-Cpr-null mice -Cpr-null mice following ricin challengecaveolin 1 null mice by admin

先読みノックアウトマウス」「knockout mouse
リンク元欠損マウス」「deficient mice」「KO mice」「ヌルマウス」「nullマウス



knockout mouse
標的遺伝子破壊マウス gene targeting mouse

knockout mouse」

  [★] ノックアウトマウス



knockout mouseknockout micenull mice、knock-out mouse、knock-out mice、deficient mouse、deficient mice

deficient mice」



deficient mouse、knock-out mice、knock-out mouse、knockout miceknockout mousenull mice

KO mice」



knockout miceknockout mouse、KO mouse、null mice



null mouse、null mice



null mice



  • adj.
  • ヌルの、無の、ゼロの

WordNet   license wordnet

「lacking any legal or binding force; "null and void"」

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「(法律上)無効の,効力のない / ゼロの,無価値の / (数学で集合が)空(から)の」



mi-, mio-
  • conb form
  • より小さい、より少ない。劣った
  • ex.

WordNet   license wordnet

「the syllable naming the third (mediant) note of any major scale in solmization」

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「the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet」

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