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「epithelium associated with special sense organs and containing sensory nerve endings」

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  • Histopathologic ear findings of syphilis: a temporal bone study.
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  • To the best of our knowledge, histopathologic studies of syphilitic ears have generally focused on hydropic changes; so far, no such studies have investigated peripheral vestibular otopathology using differential interference contrast microscopy, in patients with syphilis. For this study, we examine
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  • Of mice and men: olfactory neuroblastoma among animals and humans.
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  • Olfactory neuroblastoma (ONB) is a rare tumour of nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses that arises from the olfactory neuroepithelium and has unpredictable clinical course. As the sense of smell is phylogenetically one of the first senses and olfactory neuroepithelium is evolutionary conserved with st
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  • 山下, 勝幸
  • Erythropoietin Gene Expression: Developmental-Stage Specificity, Cell-Type Specificity, and Hypoxia Inducibility
  • 感冒後嗅覚障害 (特集 嗅覚障害)


neuroepithelium 【名】《医》神経上皮 - アルクがお届けする進化するオンライン英和・和英辞書データベース。一般的な単語や連語から、イディオム、専門用語、スラングまで幅広く収録。
neuroepithelium [noor″o-ep″ĭ-the´le-um] 1. epithelium made up of cells specialized to serve as sensory cells for reception of external stimuli. Called also sense or sensory epithelium. 2. the ectodermal epithelium, from which the central ...


neuroepitheliumFigure 4: Immature neuroepithelium seen in Immature teratoma of the ovary: A  Primitive neuroepithelium intermed mag.jpgfigure 3 a immature neuroepithelium seen neuroepitheliumis organised into three

リンク元感覚上皮」「neuroepithelial」「sensory epithelium」「神経上皮
拡張検索neuroepithelium cristae ampullaris」「neuroepithelium of ampullary crest



neuroepitheliumsensory epithelium



  • 神経上皮の

sensory epithelium」







neuroepithelium cristae ampullaris」

  [★] 膨大部稜感覚上皮

neuroepithelium of ampullary crest」

  [★] 膨大部稜感覚上皮