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「inflammation of muscle tissue」

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  • Genetic and immunologic susceptibility to statin-related myopathy.
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  • Statin-related myopathy (SRM) undermines drug adherence that is critical for achieving the benefits of lipid-lowering therapy. While the exact mechanism of SRM remains largely unknown, recent evidence supports specific genetic and immunologic influence on the development of intolerance. Genes of int
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  • Myositis ossificans on the forearm in a 10-year-old girl.
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  • Myositis ossificans is a rarely encountered benign lesion characterized by a non-neoplastic heterotopic bone formation in both soft tissue and skeletal muscle. Three subgroups of myositis ossificans are identified: myositis ossificans progressiva, which is hereditary; nontraumatic or pseudomalignant
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  • Pulmonary complications cause significant morbidity and mortality in the idiopathic inflammatory myopathies. Advances in biomarker discovery have facilitated clinical phenotyping, allowing investigators to better define at-risk patient subsets and to potentially gauge disease activity. This serologi
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  • 今月の症例 NSIPとして加療中に,筋炎症状を伴い増悪した1例
  • 秋山 慎介,杉本 啓介,田中 隆一郎 [他]
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  • 好酸球性筋炎に心筋炎,心原性脳塞栓症を合併した1例
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  • 症例は72歳の男性である.筋肉痛・筋力低下を主訴とし,著明な好酸球増多,筋原性酵素の上昇および筋生検にて好酸球性筋炎と診断した.経過中,一過性の心電図異常をともなう左室壁運動異常と壁肥厚が指摘され,好酸球性心筋炎の併発と診断した.更に,注目すべき病態として心原性脳塞栓症を合併した.好酸球性筋炎は多彩な合併症をきたすことが知られている.好酸球性筋炎をうたがう例では迅速な心筋炎の検索とともに,脳塞栓症 …
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  • 封入体筋炎の病態と原因
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Myositis Definition Myositis is a rare disease in which the muscle fibers and skin are inflamed and damaged, resulting in muscle weakness. There are several types of myositis that affect different parts of the body. Description The ...
Learn more from WebMD about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of myositis. ... Myositis refers to any condition causing inflammation in muscles. Weakness, swelling, and pain are the most common myositis ...


Myositis suxsInclusion Body MyositisMyositis | Worsening thigh pain after Flashcards - inflammatory myositis Myositis ossificans | Image | Radiopaedia Inclusion body myositis: current

リンク元inflammatory myopathy」「idiopathic inflammatory myopathy」「focal myositis」「proliferative myositis」「inflammatory muscle disease
拡張検索polymyositis」「amyopathic dermatomyositis」「interstitial nodular polymyositis」「myositis-specific autoantibodies

inflammatory myopathy」



focal myositisidiopathic inflammatory myopathyinflammatory muscle diseasemyositisproliferative myositis

idiopathic inflammatory myopathy」



focal myositisinflammatory muscle diseaseinflammatory myopathymyositisproliferative myositis

focal myositis」



idiopathic inflammatory myopathyinflammatory muscle diseaseinflammatory myopathymyositisproliferative myositis

proliferative myositis」



focal myositisidiopathic inflammatory myopathyinflammatory muscle diseaseinflammatory myopathymyositis

inflammatory muscle disease」


focal myositisidiopathic inflammatory myopathyinflammatory myopathymyositisproliferative myositis


  [★] 多発性筋炎 PM

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「myositis characterized by weakness of limb and neck muscles and much muscle pain and swelling; progression and severity vary among individuals」

amyopathic dermatomyositis」


ADMdermatomyositis sine myositis

interstitial nodular polymyositis」

  [★] 間質結節性多発性筋炎

myositis-specific autoantibodies」

  [★] 筋炎特異自己抗体