myocardial ischemia

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ischemic heart disease
angina pectoris, ischemic heart disease

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Myocardial ischemia — Comprehensive overview covers causes, symptoms and treatment of this heart disorder. ... Myocardial ischemia occurs when blood flow to your heart muscle is decreased by a partial or complete blockage of ...
Information about signs, symptoms, risk factors, causes, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of myocardial ischemia. ... What Is Myocardial Ischemia? Myocardial ischemia is a medical condition that develops due to reduced blood ...



先読みischemic heart disease
リンク元心筋虚血」「myocardial ischaemia
拡張検索silent myocardial ischemia」「asymptomatic myocardial ischemia」「irreversible myocardial ischemia

ischemic heart disease」

  [★] 虚血性心疾患, IHD



myocardial ischemiamyocardial ischaemia

myocardial ischaemia」



myocardial ischemia

silent myocardial ischemia」

  [★] 無症候性心筋虚血

asymptomatic myocardial ischemia」

  [★] 無症候性心筋虚血

irreversible myocardial ischemia」

  [★] 非可逆性心筋虚血



  • n.

WordNet   license wordnet

「local anemia in a given body part sometimes resulting from vasoconstriction or thrombosis or embolism」



  • adj.
  • 心筋の
cardiac muscleheart musclemyocardiamyocardium

WordNet   license wordnet

「of or relating to the myocardium」



  • np.
cardiac muscleheart musclemyocardialmyocardium