motor tic

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  • (頻繁な首振りや肩すくめ等の運動が突発的かつ不随意に起こる症候)運動性チック
tictransient ticvocal tic

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  • トゥレット症候群のチックへの自己対処の機能と対処の生じる文脈:半随意的な症状にいかに対処していくのか
  • Factors affecting clinicians' decision as to whether to prescribe psychotropic medications or not in treatment of tic disorders
  • Evoked Spinal Cord Potentials Monitored at Thoracoabdominal Region after Trans-intercostal Stimulation


A tic is a sudden, repetitive, nonrhythmic motor movement or vocalization involving discrete muscle groups. Tics can be invisible to the observer, such as abdominal tensing or toe crunching. Common motor and phonic tics are, respectively, ...


Tourette’s Awareness for Parents of Motor Tic Causes | LIVESTRONG.COMMotor tics often affect the facial muscles  Kale Redüktör Motor Tic. - RedüktörAmérica Latina) El informe de Ciudades Tourette’s Awareness for Parents of

リンク元vocal tic」「運動性チック」「transient tic

vocal tic」


motor tictictransient tic



motor tic

transient tic」


motor ticticvocal tic



  • adj.
  • 運動の
  • n.

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「machine that converts other forms of energy into mechanical energy and so imparts motion」

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「a nonspecific agent that imparts motion; "happiness is the aim of all men and the motor of all action"」

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「(電気の)『モーター』,電動機 / エンジン,(特に)内燃機関 / 《英》自動車(motorcar) / 《名詞の前にのみ用いて》 / モーターの;エンジンの;自動車の / モーター(エンジン)による,自動車による / (神経・筋肉について)運動の / 自動車で行く / …‘を'自動車で運ぶ」



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「shrub with terminal tufts of elongated leaves used locally for thatching and clothing; thick sweet roots are used as food; tropical southeastern Asia, Australia and Hawaii」
Cordyline terminalis

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「the syllable naming the seventh (subtonic) note of any musical scale in solmization」
te, si

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  [★] チック

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「a local and habitual twitching especially in the face」

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「the act of driving an automobile」

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