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「a polyvalent metallic element that resembles chromium and tungsten in its properties; used to strengthen and harden steel」
Mo, atomic number 42

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  • Elemental content of commercial 'ready to-feed' poultry and fish based infant foods in the UK.
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  • The study reported herein was conducted in order to establish the concentration of 20 essential and non-essential elements in a representative range of commercial infant foods in the UK targeted for infants aged between 6-12months. The primary objective of this study was to examine the nutritive val
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  • Heterotrimetallic compounds containing Mo-M-Li [M = K, Rb and Cs] clusters: synthesis, structure, bonding, aromaticity and theoretical investigations of Li(2)M(2) [M = K and Rb] and Cs(4) rings.
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  • A new polydentate fac-trioxo molybdenum complex, [MoO(3)L](3-) {LH(3) = nitrilotriacetic acid}, has been synthesized by the reaction of lithium molybdate with iminodiacetic acid. The trinegative complex anion coordinates the alkali metal cations, K(+), Rb(+) or Cs(+). The potassium, rubidium and ces
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  • Following Nature's lessons, today chemists can cross the boundary of the small molecule world to construct multifunctional and highly complex molecular nano-objects up to protein size and even cell-like nanosystems showing responsive sensing. Impressive examples emerge from studies of the solutions
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  • Fabrication of Graphene-Based Films Using Microwave-Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
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  • … To simply control the position of the plasma ball and reduce the ion bombardment on the substrate surface, a grounded molybdenum mesh was installed over the substrate plate to realize a remote plasma configuration. …
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  • Molybdenum doping effects on photochromic properties of WO? based composite films (Feature : Ceramics Processing through Energy Consumption Reduction (Green Processing))
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Your source for molybdenum products and information. ... Molybdenum Products Welcome to the Molybdenum Products site. Here you will find information about molybdenum in general and specific information about the products ...
Sulfurous fractions are mixed with hydrogen and a cobalt-molybdenum catalyst, yielding hydrogen sulfide. Chromium, molybdenum and silicon make it more likely that the alloy will exhibit the bcc crystal structure at room ...
molybdenumとは。意味や和訳。[名][U]《化学》モリブデン:金属元素の一つ(記号:Mo). - goo英和辞書は14万項目以上を収録し、発音、音声、慣用句、例文が分かる英和辞書です。



拡張検索iron-molybdenum cofactor」「molybdenum steel」「molybdenum cofactor deficiency


  [★] モリブデン


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iron-molybdenum cofactor」


FeMo cofactorMoFe proteinmolybdoferredoxin

molybdenum steel」


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「steel containing 10-15% molybdenum; properties are similar to tungsten steel」

molybdenum cofactor deficiency」

  [★] モリブデン補酵素欠損症