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  • Intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction in food hypersensitivity.
  • Yu LC.SourceGraduate Institute of Physiology, National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Suite 1020, no. 1 Jen-Ai Road Section I, Taipei 100, Taiwan.
  • Journal of allergy.J Allergy (Cairo).2012;2012:596081. Epub 2011 Sep 8.
  • Intestinal epithelial barrier plays a critical role in the maintenance of gut homeostasis by limiting the penetration of luminal bacteria and dietary allergens, yet allowing antigen sampling for the generation of tolerance. Undigested proteins normally do not gain access to the lamina propria due to
  • PMID 21912563


  • Evaporation of Polydisperse Perfluoropolyether Lubricants in Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording
  • Zhou Weidong,Zeng Yan,Liu Bo,Yu Shengkai,Hua Wei,Huang Xiaoyang
  • Applied Physics Express 4(9), 095201-095201-3, 2011-09-25
  • … The simulation studies show that the distributions of molecular weights in a polymer, which are usually characterized by the polydispersity index (PDI), have significant effects on the lubricant depletion. … As PDI increases, the lubricant loss at the beginning of laser heating becomes more severe due to preferential evaporation of lighter molecular weight components in the mixture. …
  • NAID 150000057492


1.1 Mutations; 1.2 Causes of change in allele frequency; 1.3 Molecular study of phylogeny. 2 The driving forces of .... "Detecting selection at the molecular level" in: Evolutionary Genetics: concepts and case studies. pp. 103?118. ^ The nearly ...


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  • adj.
  • 分子の、分子的な

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「relating to simple or elementary organization; "proceed by more and more detailed analysis to the molecular facts of perception"--G.A. Miller」

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「relating to or produced by or consisting of molecules; "molecular structure"; "molecular oxygen"; "molecular weight is the sum of all the atoms in a molecule"」