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  • Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection by Treponema pallidum. Without antibiotic treatment syphilis lasts for several decades and may develop up to 4 different clinical stages. Usually, the disease begins with a distinct painless and indurated ulcer at the contact site: the primary chancre. An
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  • … For this purpose electrocardiographic tracings of thirteen cases on naturally infected tsutsugamushi disease and twenty-four cases of inoculated rickettsiosis, as a pyrotherapy of metasyphilis, are studied.In three of thirteen natural cases of tsutsugamushi disease minor changes in ST-T segment are observed. …
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  • … Unter diesen syphilitischen Fallen gab es 36 Falle von Lues I, 20 von Lues II,33 von Lues III,482 von Lues latens, 33 von Metasyphilis und 18 von Lues congenita. …
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