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Name   Description  
ABC28 Oct 2008 Convert ABC music notation to inline PNGs, PS, PDF and MIDI
AIM7 May 2007 Embeds a button showing users online status and providing access to a popup chat window.
AJAXDocumentViewer AJAX Document Viewer Extension. Embed documents using AJAX document viewer .
APC View and manage APC cache within MediaWiki
APF - Advanced Page Functions1 Aug 2009 Updated and internationalized versions of some of the most commonly used page functions
API Query Extension16 Nov 2007 Displays results from MediaWiki Query API within an article in blogroll format.
ASCIIMath4Wiki Adds a tag that outputs math expressions in ASCIIMath as MathML.
ASHighlight Allows source code to be syntax highlighted on wiki pages.
AWC's Forum19 Jul 2008 A full featured standalone forum for MediaWiki, including permission based restricted forums, stickies, announcements and locked threads, signatures, avatars, moderation abilities and an admin section.
AbcMusic28 May 2008 Rendering of music from ABC notation
AbsenteeLandlord Auto-locks the wiki database if the sysops are all inactive for some time
AbuseFilter Allows specific behaviour-based restrictions to be placed on wiki activity.
AccessControl23 Jul 2009 Extension to restrict access to specific pages based on internal groups or group lists from userspace.
AccessPostgres27 Oct 2009 Connects to a Postgres database and retrieves data with select directly into an article or to write data into the database with insert and update respectively.
AccuWeather17 Feb 2009 Displays Weather Forecast from
ActiveAbstract Generate XML feed for Yahoo's Active Abstracts project
AdSense This extension allows you to put AdSense ads in your articles.
Add Article to Category19 Jan 2007 Adds an inputbox (for create new article) to each category page. The content of new page will contain "[[category:]]" automatically.
Add Button Adds buttons to the edit toolbar.
Add HTML Meta and Title This extension allows for easier SEO (search engine optimization) with MediaWiki.
Add Metas This extension enables you to add meta tags on all the pages like meta keywords.
AddHTML Used to securely insert HTML section(s) on a wiki page.
AddPageService31 Jan 2007 Web service to add pages to the wiki.
AddPaper13 Oct 2009 Add page with specific custom template about paper data online results
AddPersonalUrls1 Oct 2007 Add some items to the personal URLs.
AddScript Provides a way to add <script> tags to the page's head section.
AddSysop grant or revoke sysop/bureaucrat
Admin Links5 Sep 2009 Defines a special page, "AdminLinks", meant to serve as a "control panel" for administrators; and adds a link to this page to their "user links"
AdminWhiteList9 Oct 2008 This extension adds the user to the groups 'sysop' and 'bureaucrat' when the user is logged in. Its useful for a LDAP wiki based authentication and you need to define which users must be "administrators". Array defined in LocalSettings.
Advanced Meta6 Jan 2010 allows per page editing of various meta tags for SEO reasons
AdvancedRandom Get a random page from any namespace, the talk or subjectpage of which links to a given page.
AdvancedSkinSystem AdvancedSkinSystem implements a flexible skinning framework for your wiki. Skins can be changed on the fly depending on namespace or category and are completely editable from the wiki-interface (if your user is equipped with sufficient rights).
AfterEdit Creates a new MW hook AfterEdit triggered after page editing/submission.
AfterEditRedirect Provides the capability to specify a page for redirect after the completion of an "edit/submit" operation.
Age16 Nov 2008 Calculate difference between two dates
AgeParse13 Mar 2009 Calculate difference between two dates
Ajax Allows Ajax-applets to be run on a special page.
AjaxLogin12 Sep 2009 Allows users to log in through an AJAX pop-up box
AjaxQueryPages Add some AJAX to QueryPages such as Special:Shortpages
AjaxRatingScript13 Sep 2007 Ajax script with 2 to 10 stars Review/Rating possibilities
AjaxShowEditors Shows who is editing a page you are editing.
AjaxWhosOnline An ajax addition to Extension:Whos online. This allows a more dynamic view into what is happening on a wiki site. It will come with mouseover options which will allow a variety of display and chat options.
AkismetKlik Rejects edits from suspected comment spammers on Akismet's blacklist.
Akismetcheck Spam prevention.
AlexaRank1 Jan 2008 Display Alexa page rank graphs or buttons.
AlfrescoSearch11 Mar 2009 Alfresco Search is written by Sufyaan Kazi as a very simple means to search an Alfresco repository and retrieve content, while browsing a MediaWiki based wiki site.
AllBooks14 Apr 2008 Allows listing of all books in a Wikibooks wiki, and creates the Template:NUMBEROFBOOKS variable.
AllowAnchorTags Adds <anchor></anchor> tags and parses them to <a href=></a> tags.
AllowGetParamsInWikilinks27 Apr 2009 Allows user defined get parameters for known articles, to be used in conjunction with extensions such as Extension:UrlGetParameters
Alternate give you the oportunity to alternate how the model look
AlternateSyntaxParser3 Jun 2007 Provides ability to use alternate syntax engines (such as Markdown and Textile) instead of the standard wikitext parser.
AlternativeUserTalk Allows to set alternative user talk page with a working "new messages" notice
Amazon This (simple) extension could be used for your booksources response page to offer the requested books via Amazon. The extension will output the given Amazon Affiliate Code.
Amazon-Linker Easily create product links by just entering their ASIN or ISBN
AmazonAssociates Allows to display Amazon books using a combination of the Amazon web service and the Amazon Associates program.
AmazonContext This extension will allow you to put Amazon Context Links in your MediaWiki installation.
AmazonOmakase This extension will allow you to put Amazon Omakase Links in your MediaWiki installation.
AmazonPartnerLink This extension will allow you to put Amazon Book Links in your MediaWiki.
AmazonPlus A highly customizable extension to display Amazon information
AmazonWidget Insert Amazon Associates advertising widget in wiki page
Ambassador Allows wiki ambassadors to access their home wiki
Annotation3 Mar 2006 Analysis of the wikitext history to determine who authored what text and when.
AntiBot Simple framework for protection against spambots
AntiSpoof21 Oct 2007 Prevents the creation of confusable usernames.
AnyWikiDraw Allows to edit SVG, PNG and JPEG images directly in a page using a Java applet.
Anysite Allows safely embedding a website without touching HTML settings.
ApiMagicWord ApiMagicWord extension provide a wiki text access to enabled Application Programming Interfaces (API) of MediaWiki Web sites.
ApiSVGProxy Adds an API module that proxies SVG files from a (possibly remote) file repository to the local domain
Application test
ArrayExtension17 Dec 2009 Enhances parser with array functions.
Article Class Extended Extends the Mediawiki Article Class to provide serving pages without skin and addressed through explicit 'type' information.
ArticleCache This extension provides article content caching, recursive (bottom-up) article search within a namespace and easy interface for getting article content.
ArticleComments Inserts blog-like comment forms into articles.
Ascii Translit Human readable URL while title contains non-Ascii chars.
Asksql31 Jan 2008 Allows SQL queries through a special page in the wiki, without opening phpMyAdmin etc.
Assert Edit31 Jan 2008 Adds edit assertions, for safer bot edits.
Assignment Submission5 Aug 2009 Defines a special page, "AssignmentSubmission", which allows users to submit files to a hidden directory. Intended for submission of assignments for marking.
AsteriskDialNumber Embeds any number in in an html tag (with current username) so that it can inititate a phone call through an Asterisk PBX
AtomExporter21 Jul 2008 Export wiki pages into valid Atom 1.0 feed.
Attribute10 Feb 2007 Add attribute tag
Auth viaMySQL8 Feb 2009 Auto-authenticates users using MySQL database
AuthBugzilla25 Aug 2007 have Bugzilla / Mediawiki installs share the same login/pwd
AuthDrupal2 Jul 2008 Uses Drupal as signin master
AuthElgg Used to authenticate against Elgg.
AuthIMAP Used to authenticate against IMAP servers.
AuthJoomla13 Dec 2009 Used to authenticate Joomla! 1.5.x
AuthPOP3 Used to authenticate against POP3 mail servers. Tested with qmail
AuthUCenter Use the UCenter as central user database.
AuthorInfo Displays a list of authors that contributed to an article, sorted by number of edits.
AuthorProtect1 Jun 2009 Allows the author of a page to protect it from other users
AuthorRestriction Adds 'read' level permission on a per-page basis.
Auto-Anchor Create id attribute values using a similar mechanism that headers use
AutoExtensionLoader Automatic Extension Loader
AutoLink Used to make auto links in a page during page view.
AutoWatch Add a custom defined list of user to watch any new or edited page + send an email on any new talk page
AutoWikiDump18 Apr 2008 Writes a wiki page to a file when it is updated
Autoincrement31 Jan 2008 A variable hook that adds an autoincrementing variable, Template:AUTOINCREMENT
Automatic Groups21 Jul 2007 Provides a convenient means to configure automatic user rights and group membership based on various criteria
AutomaticREMOTE USER Automatically logs users using the REMOTE_USER environment variable
AvbDisqus24 Sep 2009 Adds Disqus comments into wiki page
Axiom6 Jan 2008 This extensions allows to use Axiom
BBCodeSyntax10 Feb 2008 Adds support for BBCode syntax as used by many popular bulletin board software packages.
BOINC Authentication Authentication to a wiki based on authentication to co-located BOINC project
Babel Adds a parser function to inform other users about language proficiency and categorise users of the same levels and languages.
Back-and-Forth8 Jan 2008 Adds a pair of alphabetic paging links to the top of the page on article views
BackLinksFunctions29 Jun 2006 Counts backward links to a specified page.
Backup & Restore10 Jun 2007 A special page for backing up and restoring multiple wikis on a server
BackwardNavigation16 Jun 2007 Enables backward navigation
BackwardsTimeTravel Retrieve the exact rendering of a page at a given date
Bad Behavior21 Dec 2009 Bad Behavior is a unique way of blocking link spam and the robots which deliver it to your blog, forum, wiki or CMS.
Bad Image List6 Jul 2006 Administration interface for the bad image list
Balloons25 Aug 2009 Extension to add pop-up balloon tooltips.
Bashfr Random quotes from
BibTexImport import data from BibTex files
BibliaVulgata8 Feb 2007 Links a Bible reference to the text of the latin Vulgata Clementina at Vulsearch
Biblio6 Oct 2006 Extended markup for formatting of citations, and automated retrieval of citations from external sources.
Bibliography20 Jan 2008 Bibliography-Management-System. Stores all bibliographic data on a seperate page, and displays only the book, articles, etc. metioned in a text (that can be on different pages).
Bibtex2 Sep 2006 Display of bibtex formatted references.
Bibtexio Implement automated bibtex-format bibliography page and in-text IEEE citation with bottom-of-page IEEE reference list.
Bibwiki5 Jan 2008 Adds a special page to manage BibTeX bibliographies.
BizzWiki A collection of patches and extensions to a MediaWiki installation that brings better permission management functionality.
Blacklist Restricts access to specified pages by adding a robust blacklist option to MediaWiki.
Blahtex25 Mar 2006 TeX to MathML converter.
BlockTitles1 Dec 2006 allows users to block the creation or editing of articles with certain title names
BoardVote Enables secure voting
Boilerplate4 Nov 2007 Load boilerplate text for a brand new page.
BoilerplateSelection2 Oct 2007 Provide selectable templates for new articles based on article title
Book29 May 2008 collects recursively all Articles that belong to a Category and compiles a pdf Book
BookInformation Expands the book sources special page with information from a web service
Bookmarking Create a social bookmarking strip (currently supports
Bookmarking 2  
BotQuery provides read-only access to various metadata about pages of the wiki
BreadCrumbs21 Mar 2007 Shows the users path through the wiki.
BreadCrumbs (Kimon)26 Oct 2007 Shows the user's path through the wiki. Based heavily on Manuel Schneider's extension Extension:BreadCrumbs
BreadCrumbs26 Sep 2007 Breadcrumb navigation based on categories
BreadCrumbsBar26 Oct 2009 Creates a bread crumbs navigation bar
BrettCrumbs11 May 2009 Creates simple breadcrumbs navigation based on "/"
BrokenLinks6 Sep 2009 Special Page which checks all links in table _externallinks and reports on those that return an HTTP response 4xx or 5xx
BrowseImages29 Apr 2008  
BrowserHistoryLink2 Aug 2009 Adds a tag to create a link with a JavaScript event to go forward or back in the client's web browser.
BuddyPressActivity In environments where MediaWiki user authentication has been merged with WPMu/BuddyPress signin, this extension adds wiki edits to the BuddyPress activity feeds.
BugSquish An extension to cross out links to closed bugs.
Bugzilla Reports7 Jul 2009 Generate bugzilla reports
Bullet Feed5 Feb 2008 Allows a minimalistic bullet-style news page thrown into a simple RSS feed.
BypassSearch13 Apr 2008 Adds a user preference to go directly to creating a new page when the Go button is used and the target page doesn't exist
C Style Wiki Includes Allows including HTML, WikiText, or PlainText using an #include tag.
CASAuthentication14 Nov 2009 Overrides MediaWiki's Authentication and implements Central Authentication Service (CAS) Authentication
CCM25 Mar 2008 provides a collaborative content management system integrated into mediawiki
CLDR18 Jan 2009 Provides a parser function to localize the names of languages based on their language code to use in multilingual wikis.
CMS-WIKI-like The goal is to create a CMS that it can be is easily used by anyone, Compared to a classic CMS (content management system) where the editor interface is really different to the site, making it not so evident where to start.
CSO PassThru Add a tag to allow to put unchecked HTML inside <CSO_PassThru> tag
CSO Security for extensions details a few methods for restricting or securing extensions
CSO SiteAd tag Add a <CSO_SiteAd> to to put ads?forms, Javascript, HTML?safely inside wiki pages
CSO Source tag Add a <CSO_Source> to highlight text
CSO iFrame tag Add a <CSO_iFrame> to use frames
CSS A parser-function for adding CSS files, article or inline rules to articles
CSS Dropdowns CSS based drop-downs for MediaWiki to live in the Sitenotice (the area at the top of the page) They are pure CSS (no javascript!!) and work in IE7 and Gecko based browsers like Firefox. In addition the edges are rounded in Gecko based browsers.
CSS MenuSidebar15 Jul 2009 menu with dropdown in the sidebar
CacheManager Disables caching for a page
CalcII22 May 2007 Insert a JavaScript-Calculator to a page.
Calendar (Barrylb) These extensions add a <calendar/> tag and a new special page - Special:Events.
Calendar (Cdamian) Use tags to create a calendar
Calendar (Kenyu73) Full page calendar with page events and template events
Call27 May 2009 Create a hyperlink to a template (or to a normal wiki article) with parameter passing. Can be used at the browser's command line or within wiki text.
CategoryBreadcrumb21 May 2008 Displays category breadcrumbs at the article headers
CategoryCloud27 Mar 2007 Generates a tag cloud from all sub-categories in a given category.
CategoryControl Access control via group and category permissions.
CategoryFunctions Two parser functions to see if a page belongs to a given category
CategoryHits Returns view statistics based on categories category
CategoryHook9 Oct 2007 Adds a hook called "CategoryHook" which allows rules-based categorisation, adds a parser-function for categorisation and adds a parser-function for checking if the current title is a member of a given category.
CategoryIntersection Maintains a table with hash values for category intersections within a page
CategoryLabel Change the labels of sections of categories
CategoryLink19 Nov 2007 Generates an N-column list of all categories in the wiki.
CategoryOnUpload18 Jul 2009 Adds a selection box to the upload page for choosing a category.
CategoryPermissions20 Jul 2008 User permissions restrictions based on page categories
CategoryStats Returns page view statistics in a specific category.
CategoryStepper Displays a category stepper box allowing one to navigate forward and backwards alphabetically through one or more categories a page is in.
CategorySubscriptions Allows users to subscribe to categories and receive daily email updates listing new and updated pages for each category
CategorySuggest10 Mar 2008 Adds input box to edit and upload page which allows users to assign categories to the article. When a user starts typing the name of a category, the extension queries the database to find categories that match the user input
CategoryTagCloud A Simple Category Cloud Extension
CategoryTests Functions for category testing
CategoryTree Provides a dynamic view of the wiki's category structure as a tree.
CategoryWatch22 Mar 2009 Extends watchlist functionality to include notification about membership changes of watched categories.
CentralAuth Allows to merge accounts into global accounts
CentralNotice Adds a central sitenotice
CgiIrcLogin Provides a small textbox to login automatically in CGI:IRC
ChangeAuthor21 Oct 2007 Allows for changing the author of a revision.
ChangePersonal15 Nov 2007 This allows personal links to be changed
CharInsert Create JavaScript character insert boxes.
Character Escapes2 Oct 2007 Convienience tag for escaping tags, templates, magic words, and parser function calls nested in tags and parser functions that support character escaping
Chat1 Feb 2010 Adds a Chat tab to every article that links to an embedded chatroom by the same name.
Chat (Lace)4 Jun 2007 Allows use of the syntax <lace></lace> to embed the lace chat client in an article
Chat phpFreeChat special page providing chat services run by phpFreeChat
Check Spambots24 Sep 2009 Checks editor's IP address, e-mail and name against external known-spambot blacklists.
CheckUser4 Feb 2007 CheckUser function allows a user with permissions to check which IPs are used by a given username and which usernames are used by a given IP, without having to run queries directly against the database by hand.
Checkpoint Allows one to save an edit and continue editing
CheckuserPages Add 'checkuser only read' protect namespaces for private information
ChineseTools24 May 2008 Converts Chinese characters (both Simplified and Traditional) to pinyin letters, and also converts Traditional Chinese characters to Simplified Chinese characters.
Chr2syl This extension enables the generation of unicode symbols for the Cherokee language
Chrome Menu Create pages with "Dropdown Menus"
Cinderella Embeds Cinderella files (cdy) into wiki pages using the cinderella.jar applet
Cindy Add Cinderella applet to MediaWiki pages
Cite footnotes for citing sources in Wikipedia articles and help for correctly citing Wikipedia articles in offline media
CleanChanges3 Feb 2008 More compact display of changes list
Click Adds a parser function to display an image with a link that leads to a page other than the image description page.
ClickCounter20 May 2009 Add some functions for counting user's clicks on predefined links
Climate Crisis AIT Pledge Widget Allows insertion of the AIT Pledge Widget in a MediaWiki page.
Clipboard Provides a simple 'clipboard' to add/paste article titles.
CloseWikis25 Oct 2008 Allows to close wikis via web interface.
CodeReview Code review tool with Subversion support
ColList13 Dec 2007 A way to easily put a list of short items in columns (actually, a table).
CollaborativeWatchlist implements a "collaborative watchlist" special page
Collection This extension makes it possible to collect a number of pages. Collections can be edited, persisted and optionally retrieved as PDF, ODF or DocBook (XML)
Colorize21 Mar 2007 Makes text to appear more fun
CommentPages Comment Page related hooks and functions.
CommentSpammer Rejects edits from suspected comment spammers on a DNS blacklist.
Commentbox Adds a commentbox to certain pages
CommonTag11 Jun 2009 Inserts Common Tag (RDFa) information on page
ConditionalShow10 Sep 2009 Conditionally show a wikitext section based on user group rights
ConditionalTemplate Enables the conditional execution of a template.
Configurator Allows a user with the siteadmin right to change variables in LocalSettings.php through a web interface
Configure16 Jan 2010 Allow authorised users to configure the wiki via a web-based interface
ConfirmAccount Requires submission and approval of accounts.
ConfirmEdit14 Jan 2007 adds captchas when saving an edit.
ConfirmUsersEmail Allows bureaucrats to set other users as emailconfirmed
ContactAtOnce Presence18 May 2006 Render ContactAtOnce presence icon
ContactPage Contact form for visitors
Contribution Scores15 May 2008 Polls Wiki Database for highest user contribution volume.
ContributionCredits Adds Contribution Credits to the page footer
ContributionReporting14 Nov 2009 Displays statistics for contributions made to the WikiMedia Foundation.
Contributionseditcount Displays an edit count on the user contributions page
Contributors9 Jan 2008 Summarises the most prominent contributors to an article
ContributorsAddon26 Aug 2007 Creates a JavaScript popup DIV containing output from the Contributors extension - popup is activated when the mouse is moved over the 'Main Contributors' link
Control Structure Functions A collection of functions to regulate flow control such as branching instructions and loops.
CooperationStatistics Add a special page with cooperation statistics.
Coordinate Convert geographical coordinates written in decimal degrees format to degrees format using a parser function.
Coppermine This extension allows you to insert coppermine gallery pictures into a mediawiki page
CopperminePhotoGallery5 Oct 2008 This extension allows you to insert thumbnails (plus hyperlink to the larger image) from your Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) into a MediaWiki page.
CorporateContact Configurable contact page
CountEdits Displays the edit counts of a specified user or the users with the most edits on a wiki.
Countdown Allows a wiki page to display one or more DHTML countdowns to a specified date
Counter auto count objects in a page
CreateArticle20 Mar 2007 Article creation inputbox
CreateBox7 Jun 2008 Inputbox designed for page creation
CreateRedirect5 Nov 2007 Adds a special page that eases creation of redirects via a simple form.
CrossNamespaceLinks1 Feb 2008 adds a special page listing links across namespaces
CrossReference Adds LaTeX-style autonumbered cross references to a page
Crosswiki Blocking Provides a special page to block users on other wikis
CrowdAuthentication Allow users to authenticate from Atlassian Crowd
CrudeProtection A very crude per-page protection mechanism.
Crypto Displays encrypted data based upon group membership
Cumulus29 Jun 2009 WP-Cumulus flash tag-cloud port to mediawiki
CurrentPages25 May 2008 Adds a parser function to return a bullet list of most viewed pages within the last 24 hours
CurrentUsers27 Mar 2008 Allows a list of currently active users to be embedded into a page using a template
CustomCategory Allows to customize category display, to display sortkey for document instead of their unique title
CustomEdit5 Sep 2008 Present custom editing forms for certain pages
CustomNavBlocks17 Aug 2008 Allows you to use normal MediaWiki-pages as contents of your Sidebar
CustomSidebar Easy system for specifying custom sidebars on a per-page basis
CustomTitle30 Jan 2008 Modify the default page title and header
CustomUserCreateForm13 Jun 2007 Replace the standard user create form with a custom form.
DBDiagram7 Sep 2006 A syntax for creating pretty database schema documentation
DBLP Import15 Jan 2009 Import papers as bibtex from DBLP
DNASeq4 Jan 2009 Displays a DNA Sequence
DNNAuthentication7 Apr 2009 Authenticate WikiMedia to the aspnet_membership table on MS SQL used by ASP.NET and DotNetNuke. Tested with DNN 4.5 using 3DES encryption.
DNSlookup Parser and tag functions to perform DNS lookups on hostnames or IP addresses
DPL Calendar A parser-function calendar based on DPL and other extensions.
DPLforum19 Aug 2007 DynamicPageList-based forum software
DSMW5 Oct 2009 Peer to peer extension of SMW. It manages synchronisation of shared semantic pages and ensures CCI consistency as in Google Wave.
Darnedodoser3 Dec 2007 Randomizes text except first and last character
Data Enables getting and setting of data in the articles.
Data Import Extension21 Dec 2009 The Data Import extension is an extension to Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) and allows calling web services from within a wiki and to import data from virtually any source.
Data Transfer5 Jul 2009 An extension that allows for importing and exporting the contents of a wiki's pages in XML and CSV form, using template calls to define the fields
DataCenter DataCenter Planning and Asset Tracking System
DataInvoker30 Jul 2008 Allows retrieving data from a database
DataTable10 Oct 2007 store data in a table and retrieve it on other pages
Database20 Sep 2008 Database functionality creates sequential, preloaded articles as 'records' (eg KB-0001)
DatabaseFetchHook11 Oct 2007 Dynamically adds a new hook to intercept the database fetchObject and fetchRow methods
DatabaseGoogleExtension A modification of the Google Maps extension that stores map data in a seperate database table and allows creation of surfaces along with points.
Date Formatter Refactors unlinked dates according to the user's preference
Debate22 Dec 2008 Adds tags that allow a rebuttal for a section of text to be displayed in a column to its right, plus helpers that allow case category and case point hierarchies to be easily created. Requires the CategoryTree and SubPageList3 extensions.
DeezerPlaylist26 Jan 2008 Allows to include a Deezerplylist in your Wiki
DeezerSong31 Jan 2008 Allows to include a Deezersong in your Wiki
DelayedDefinition Allows blocks of wikicode to be rendered at a different point in the same page from where they are defined.
DeleteBatch1 Jul 2008 Deletes a batch of pages
DeletePagePermanently Delete a page permanently from the database
DeleteQueue Creates a queue-based system for managing deletion
DeletedContributions1 Feb 2008 A tool to list all of a user's deleted edits
Deleteuser An extension for deleting users from database.
DeliciousTagometerExtension Create a tagometer badge
Dependency Analyzer his special page visualizes the article and discussion revisions, for a given article, as nodes on 2 time bars.
Description10 Jun 2008 Adds a description meta-tag to MediaWiki pages automatically
Desysop20 Jan 2007 Gives bureaucrats the ability to revoke sysop access.
Dhflashplayer5 Jun 2009 Allow the display of DreamHost's flash movie player within MediaWiki.
Dia Allows Dia diagrams to be rendered inside MediaWiki pages.
DidYouMean adds links to articles with "similar" titles, where what is similar can be decided by a PHP function.
DirList lists the content of a directory
DisableSpecialPages Allows wiki administrators to make a special page unavailable
DisallowAccessOnCategory Restrict Access to pages based on their category
Discussion Allows to post comments on any page. Based on Ajax. Supports hierarchical structure of messages.
DiscussionThreading8 Sep 2008 Makes the talk area work like a threaded process, including auto tagging and reply processing
Discuz AutoAuthenticate12 Dec 2008  
DismissableSiteNotice Allows users to close the sitenotice
Docstoc23 Feb 2009 Embed a Docstoc Document
DocumentApproval Allows a page to be "electronic" approved by some users
DollarSign18 Oct 2008 Recognize the LaTeX-style inline math mode with dollar signs. To print the dollar sign, type the dollar sign preceded by one backslash.
DonationGateway3 Aug 2009 The donation gateway process is an expandable group of extensions for accepting donations while offering a choice of currency and payment gateway.
DownloadCounter13 Nov 2009 Add some functions for counting user's downloaded file(s)
DoxyWiki13 May 2008 Integrates doxygen into MediaWiki.
Drafts17 Apr 2009 Adds the ability to save a draft of an article on the server while editing.
DrupalIntegration20 Mar 2009 Integrates Drupal while MediaWiki remains sign in master
DschosCalendar29 Aug 2007 This adds a special page showing a Calendar
DumpHTML Creates a simple HTML dump of a MediaWiki installation.
Duplicator11 Jan 2008 Special page to create independent copies of pages
DynBox25 Dec 2008 Dynamic Box : Display customisable Dynamic HTML CSS Boxs for news.
Dynamic Article List DynamicArticleList is a Mediawiki 1.5 extension. It is designed to provide add-on sort ability among all posted articles. Now four types of Dynamic Article List have been implemented.
Dynamic Article List for PHP4  
Dynamic Category Map provide add-on navigation ability across the whole site
DynamicFunctions This extension defines an additional set of parser functions.
DynamicPageList (Wikimedia) Outputs a bulleted list of most recent items residing in a category, or a union of several categories.
DynamicPageList (third-party)1 Oct 2009 Create lists of other articles based on their category, namespace, title, references or template usage and include contents or arguments of template calls of those articles into your page.
DynamicPageList215 Dec 2006 Older version of DynamicPageList. Generates dynamic article list using logical operations on categories/namespaces and much more display options.
DynamicPageList2 0.915 Dec 2006 Enhancement of DynamicPageList. Generates dynamic article list using logical operations on categories/namespaces and much more display options.
DynamicSkin6 Sep 2007 This extension allows the skin layout and content to be defined using normal wikitext articles instead of PHP script files, and to be modified dynamically depending on the contents of each page.
DynamicTabs Makes it possible to remove and/or add custom tabs either to articles with the same name in a different namespace or other internal and external links
EAN21 Feb 2009 EAN BarCode Generator, a MediaWiki extension for graphical illustration of Code39, Codabar, EAN-13, EAN-8 and UPC-A barcodes.
EasyTimeline Adds <timeline> tag for creating timelines
Edit Section Link Transform5 Aug 2007 Changes "[edit]" edit section links in to an icon link.
EditAttributesAction Provides a definable user-friendly access to page attributes.
EditCount11 Jan 2008 Displays a detailed edit count of users.
EditImage11 Aug 2008 Make bitmap images (i.e., JPGs and PNGs) "editable" through the browser.
EditOnlyYourOwnPage Prevents non-sysop users from editing anything other than their own user page, talk page and subpages thereof.
EditOwn22 Oct 2007 Unprivileged users can only edit pages they've created themselves
EditPageMultipleInputTextAreas4 Nov 2007 Multiple inputboxes to be combined as one text
EditPageTrick Add a simple random trick when editing a page.
EditSimilar2 Jul 2009 Encourages users to edit articles similar (by categories) to the one they just edited.
EditSubpages Allows sysops to unlock pages for anonymous editing
EditSummary26 Dec 2008 Allows sysops (by default) to change the edit summaries of certain edits.
EditTalkRight Enforces the "edit_talk" right
EditUser Allows privileged users to edit other users' preferences
EditUser 2 Edit some important user record fields in MediaWiki 1.6.10
EditWarning28 Jan 2010 Displays a warning if user edits a page which is currently being edited.
Editcount Displays edit count of a user
Editheader Adds a page in the MediaWiki namespace to the top of pages automatically
Email Digest Emails a user their watchlist
Email Link Turns email addresses into links
Email authentication before editing Force users to confirm their email before editing
Email notification E-mail notification (ENotif) - a scheme allowing for page change or creation notifications sent as e-mail (listed as enhancement bugzilla 454) and
Email required to sign up Same as $wgEmailConfirmToEdit
EmailAddressImage25 Feb 2008 Generates an image of input text for obfuscating email addresses.
EmailForm Inserts an email form into a page.
EmailObfuscator This extension obfuscates email addresses within <mail></mail> tags.
EmailPage4 May 2009 Send rendered HTML page to an email address or list of addresses using phpmailer
EmailToWiki14 Jun 2007 Allows emails to be sent to and appended to articles in the wiki using pagename@your-wiki-domain
Emailtag7 May 2007 Adds a tag to display e-mail addresses as images (to avoid spam).
Embed Document This extension will
Embed Media Allow inline use of other media.
Embed3DWML This extension will embed 3d objects (*.3ds, *.obj, ...) difined in 3dwml file inside a MediaWiki page.
EmbedHighlightedCodeFromFile3 Sep 2009 embed source code from a file on a page, auto syntax highlighted
EmbedImg Allows to embed external images with parameters on a wiki page.
EmbedNews11 Jun 2008 Displays current event from a news page
EmbedPDF Allows to embed .pdf documents on a wiki page.
EmbedURL17 Feb 2007  
EmbedVideo Adds a parser function called #ev for embedding video clips from popular video sharing services.
EmbedVideo++ Adds a parser function called #ev for embedding video clips from popular video sharing services.
EmbedVideoPlus Adds a parser function called #evp for embedding video clips from popular video sharing services.
EmbeddedVideo5 Aug 2007 embeds uploaded videos into pages
EmergencyDeSysop24 Sep 2008 Allows a sysop to sacrifice their own bit, in order to remove the bits of another in an emergency.
Emoticons13 Aug 2009 Enable forum-style emoticon (smiley) replacement within MediaWiki.
EmoticonsLite18 Jul 2009 Enable forum-style emoticon (smiley) replacement within MediaWiki.
EmpressrTag The EmpressrTag is a MediaWiki extension which enables you to embed Empressr slide show presentations into your wiki.
Emu Allows MediaWiki to authenticate against a remote Drupal 4.6/ 4.7 site.
EnableAbbrTags Adds <xabbr></xabbr> tags and parses them to <a class(es) href=></a> tags.
Enforce Correct Virtual Host10 Feb 2007 A default servername is defined. Requests with other servernames are redirected to default server name.
EnforceStrongPassword7 Mar 2007 Enforces a strong password.
EnhanceApi17 Oct 2008 Enhance standart MediaWiki API
Enkoder27 Mar 2007 Obfuscates email addresses and other content by transforming into JavaScript.
Enscript Syntax highlight code using GNU Enscript
EntreCard EntreCard extension allow you to put EntreCard widgets on your Wiki pages.
ErrorHandler Error handler for MediaWiki
Eval Provides mathmatical functions for MediaWiki
Evaluation WikiFlow Evaluation workflow
EventCountdown15 Feb 2006 Makes it easy to display upcoming events.
Events provides the ability to create events on any page of your MediaWiki
ExpandAfter Allows to expand content in <tags> in templates.
ExpandCss10 Apr 2006 Expand the CSS Styles for your wiki without own skin
ExpandTemplates recursive expansion of templates, parser functions and variables
Expandable tables10 May 2007 Allows expandable/collapsable tables to be created similar to WikiNews
ExplicitDescription Generates META description tag based on your explicit definition
Export by category export a group of pages by category name
Export entire Namespaces Allows exporting entire namespaces in Special:Export
ExtAuthDB9 Jul 2009 Used to authenticate users with external MySQL database
ExtIdx (Extended Index)23 Jun 2008 ExtIdx, a MediaWiki extension that extends the page index with the index of (in the headlines) referred pages.
ExtendAnchorTags Adds <xa></xa> tags and parses them to <a class(es) href=></a> tags.
ExtendedPagers extended pagers that support ordering and can jump do a specific page (like e.g. google), (ExtendedIndexPager, ExtendedTablePager)
ExtendedProfile extend user profile
ExtensionClass Provides a base class for developing extensions.
ExtensionDistributor Distributes extensions from
ExtensionFunctions.php An extension to provide common functions for other extensions
ExtensionInstaller An extension that allows bundled extensions to be included with a MediaWiki distribution and installed via the installer.
ExtensionManager Provides a means of easily installing 'extensions' to MediaWiki.
ExtensionRenderer Allows custom rendering of articles with extensions. (Like Some_Data.xml)
External Data5 Jan 2010 Allows for using and displaying values retrieved from either an external or local XML, CSV or JSON file
External image whitelist Allows external images only from sites matching a regex whitelist
ExternalArticles15 Oct 2009 Preloads source from external articles.
Extra PF  
ExtraNamespaces14 Dec 2008 Adds the functionality of allowing Extra Namespaces to be declared in the MediaWiki namespace
EzMwLucene7 May 2009 This project provides a simplified Lucene search to Mediawiki.
FBConnect27 Feb 2009 Facebook Connect Mediawiki Integration
FCKeditor (Official) using the FCKeditor (WYSIWYG editor) for editing wiki pages
FCKeditor (by Mafs)2 Jul 2007 using the FCKeditor for editing wiki pages
FLVPlayer This extension allows the display of flv movies within a wiki using the FlowPlayer FLV movie player.
FLVPlayerTwo This extension allows the display of flv movies within a wiki using the FlowPlayer FLV movie player (Version 3.1.0) - It is based upon FLVPlayer.
Fail2banlog This extension writes a text file with IPs of failed logins attempts as an input to fail2ban.
Farmer Manage a MediaWiki farm as well as make configuration changes via a web interface.
FaviconLink Grabs the favicon from the site you are linking to, and puts it in front of the link
FeedImport This sample is used to create extension articles.
FileBrowser27 Jan 2009 Adds a small filebrowser to your wiki. Allows up- & download from a different server.
FileCheck31 May 2008 automatically detects duplicate files on upload, prevents the upload of an already existing file
FileIndexer This extension makes uploaded document files searchable.
FileLink Automates the creation of file:// links prompting user to select a file using a dialog.
FileLink ParserFunction highlights links to local filesystem
FileLinkCorrection Using file:// links with linktext with MediaWiki+FCKeditor
FilePageMasking Translates local links to file description pages by masking ".xxx" as "_xxx".
FileProtocolLinks highlights links to local filesystem
FileProtocolLinksSMB highlights links to local filesystems via SMB Protocol
FileSync2 Sep 2007 A template which can be added to an article to make it synchronise with a file
FileSystemListing Provides an easy way to list filesystem contents on your webserver.
FileTree16 May 2009 A configurable, AJAX file browser plugin for jQuery.
Filepath Allows user agents to get the full path of a file from its name.
FilterTitles Add blog tools to a MW installation.
Find Spam Adds a special page that allows to find recently added spam.
FireStats FireStats is a statistics plugin that can be integrated into MediaWiki.
FixedImage As written, included a fundraising goal bar in the sitenotice. The reference image (and wiki) in the source code no longer exists.
FlagPage2 Aug 2009 Adds tab "flag" which provides a simple interface for adding predefined templates to a page
FlaggedRevs Article validation allows for article content management by "editor" and "reviewer" classes.
Flash embeds widget to run flash movies
Flash Extension embeds widget that displays flash movies
Flash Video This extension helps you display a list of video files,
Flash swf embeds a widget that plays flash movies
FlashMP33 Apr 2007 Plays mp3-files in an embedded Flash-player
Flashlets4 Sep 2007 A taghook which allows ActionScript to render as an embedded SWF movie by compiling it with the free open-source MTASC ActionScript compiler.
Flashow embeds a widget that runs flash movies
Flickr31 Oct 2007 Embed specific Flickr images in MediaWiki pages.
FlowPlayerExtension This allows you to embed FLV files through the use of FlowPlayer 2.x
Flowchart Allows making ASCII art drawing of protocol flows
FlowchartWiki9 Apr 2009 Flowchartwiki creates flowcharts from the links between wikipages in a category and can be used for process modelling and process documentation.
FlvHandler18 Sep 2009 Flash video image handler
FoldingNav23 May 2009 Show and hide regions on a page with a mouse move
FolkTagCloud Adds an SMW property for tagging wiki pages with user-defined labels and a parser tag for displaying these "FolkTags" in a tag cloud.
ForcePreview Forces unprivileged users to preview before saving
Form2 Jul 2009 Form interface for creating new articles according to a template
FormHandler send form by Email16 Apr 2007  
FormMailer Formats and sends posted forms to email recipients.
FormTools Enables the processing of posted HTML forms in MediaWiki.
FormatEmail5 Dec 2006 Allows custom headers/footers to be added to user to user emails.
FormelApplet Add FormelApplet to MediaWiki pages
FormelApplet\1 0n Add FormelApplet to MediaWiki pages
Forum extension small forum extension
FramedVideo7 Apr 2009 Allows embedding videos from various services
FreeMind5 Sep 2007 Displays FreeMind MindMaps as flash or java applet with full navigation.
Freenode Chat13 Jul 2009 Adds a special page used to chat in real time with other wiki users (using Freenode web IRC client).
Full Local Image Creates 2 parserfunctions. Localimage and Fullimage, they work similar to the Localurl and Fullurl functions except they return the path to a image not a article.
FundraiserPortal Adds a "please donate" portal to the top of the sidebar
GISWiki kwBreadCrumbs allows you to dynamically create a "trace" of the pages you
Gadgets Allow users to enable JS-based, user-provided gadgets from their preferences page.
Gallery2wiki25 Jun 2007 insert images from galery2
GbangaLabsLocalFileSearch30 Nov 2009 includes a local file search when searching the wiki
GbangaLabsPivotalTrackerTag23 Nov 2009 seamless integration of scrum-style Pivotal Labs pivotal tracker stories
Gchart4mw5 Jan 2008 provide tags for drawing charts the easy way using google chart API.
GeSHiCodeTag23 May 2008 A tag to create a syntax-highlighted code using GeSHi
GeSHiColor This extension adds color to source code using GeSHi
GeSHiHighlight This extension allows syntax highlighting using GeSHi
GeSHiHighlight (Ajqnic)8 Sep 2006  
GeoGebra Add GeoGebra applet to MediaWiki pages
GeoIP Provides a basic GeoIP API for other extensions.
GeoRSS An easy geotagging interface, with GeoRSS syndication.
Geoserver An extension to add maps to wiki articles and to store wiki articles in a spatial database
GetFamily22 Feb 2009 Generates a family file for pywikipediabot
GetHub add gethub gists into your articles easily
GetParam to get variables from the URL parameters
GiX This extension allows you to manage a free network with its maps and its nodes.
Gis implements <geo> tags, Map sources and Neighbors functions.
GiveRollback Special page to allow local bureaucrats to give rollback permissions to a non-sysop user
Gliffy Provides integration with Gliffy online diagrams
GlobalBan This extension disallows all access made by any IP/IP range listed in the blacklist.
GlobalBlocking Allows IP addresses to be blocked on multiple wikis.
GlobalCssJs Allows global CSS and JS on a "central" wiki to be loaded for all wikis in the farm
GlobalMessages26 Jan 2008 This extension allows you to set Interface Messages that will apply to all wikis that include the extension, May be useful for Wiki Farms
GlobalUsage Special page to view global image usage
GlobalUserrights Allows easy management of global user rights through Special:GlobalUserrights
Glossary28 May 2008 Enable a Glossary within MediaWiki using tooltips.
GnuplotBasic18 Nov 2009 Define Basic Gnuplot script (plus optional plotdata) and render graph image
Go diagrams Allow to display go diagrams in MediaWiki
GoToCategory6 Apr 2008 Checks search terms agains the Category namespace for Go 'jump to page' functionality
Google Allows to insert a Google search form in your wiki page.
Google AdSense 227 Nov 2008 Adds GoogleAdSense to the sidebar
Google Adsense20 Mar 2009 Adds Google AdSense to the top
Google Analytics29 Jan 2007 Enable Google Analytics within your wiki
Google Analytics Integration16 Dec 2009 Automatically inserts Google Analytics tracking code at the bottom of MediaWiki pages
Google Analytics Links16 Apr 2007 Enable outbound and file link tracking
Google Calendar5 Jul 2008 Add Google Calendar to your Wiki.
Google Custom Search Engine21 Nov 2006 This extension adds a Google Custom Search Engine (Google Co-op) to your MediaWiki-powered site.
Google Geocoder15 Jul 2008 Geocoder extension for MediaWiki that uses Google Geocoder service
Google News Bar Add a Google News Bar to your wiki pages.
Google Sitemap18 Sep 2006 Adds a special page to create meaningful Google Sitemaps.
GoogleAdSense28 Mar 2009 This extension allows you add Google search, Google text ads with different Google channels.
GoogleAjax To add a google search to the search results page using the Google Ajax API
GoogleCalendar5 Apr 2007 This extension allows you add Google Calendar to wiki pages"
GoogleMapExtension Generates custom maps using the Google Maps API
GoogleSiteSearch26 May 2007 Replaces built-in MediaWiki search with Google Site Search results
GoogleTranslate Ajax bar to Google Translate
GoogleVideo This extension allows to display Google Videos in your wiki.
GoogleWave7 Oct 2009 Makes it possible to embed Google Waves in MediaWiki
Googledocviewer Allows documents to be embeded on a page using the viewers from google docs
Graph takes a textual graph description between <graph> </graph> tags and turns it into a pretty flowchart diagram.
Graph data structure Add a special page that allows you to query your wiki for XML output which describes graphs of your wiki
GraphViz Render Graphs online
GraphVizAndMSCGen Combination of GraphViz and MSCGen extensions
Graphical Category Browser8 Jun 2006 A graphical browser for categories
Gravatar Provides integration with Gravatar - for globally recognized avatars
Group Based Access Control Extension to restrict access to specific pages based on groups.
GroupPermissions16 Jun 2009 Allows preset GroupPermissions to be changed internally
GroupPermissionsManager Manage group permissions via a special page
GroupPortal30 Jan 2008 Allows for group-based Main Page redirection
GroupsSidebar18 Nov 2009 Allows to add sidebar elements for specific user groups
Guestbook29 Dec 2007 Adds a guestbook as a specialpage.
H1 CSS Parser hook to init <H1> tags at a custom number using CSS 2
HNP Provides an hierarchical namespace permissions system (aka "prefixes") to Mediawiki without changes to the base installation nor creation of new database tables.
HTML Profiles9 Mar 2009  
HTMLets lets you inline HTML snippets from files
HTTP302Found18 Jun 2009 Forces an external HTTP 302 redirect instead of internal redirects
Halo Access Control List21 Dec 2009 The Halo Access Control List is an extension that allows the convenient protection of wiki contents.
Halo Extension21 Dec 2009 The Halo extension is an extension to Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) and has been developed in order to facilitate the use of Semantic Wikis for a large community of users.
HasCategory2 Sep 2009 Enhances parser with ability to find out whether a page is contained within a category with the {{#ifhascat:}} parser function.
Header Footer Provides per-namespace and per-page header + footer inclusion.
Header Tabs13 Sep 2009 Extension replaces top-level headers with tabs (using YUI)
HeaderScriptInjector29 Nov 2008 Inject scripts, CSS, load popular JS libraries from Google Ajax API into the HTML header of your wiki
Hebrew Numbers13 Jan 2010 Converts numbers to hebrew numerals
Hidden pages Create new namespaces that can be accesible only by some users
HideEditOnPreview Hides the edit-link (tab) in preview mode
HideEmptySections Hide sections that do not have any text in it.
HideNamespace2 Sep 2009 Hides namespace in the header and title when a page is in specified namespace or when the {{#hidens:}} parser function is called. You can also use {{#unhidens:}} to override the hiding individually.
HideReferringPage Prevent external sites from knowing what pages are linking to them.
Hierarchy8 Mar 2007 Creates a hierarchical page navigation structure.
HierarchyBook28 Oct 2008 Uses a hierarchy index to create a pdf book
HtdigSearch ht:/Dig integration
HttpAuth3 Oct 2008 Automatically authenticates from Apache HttpAuth credentials.
HttpImage Provides a clickable image link using an external image stored in an external site and an article title (which may or may not existin the database).
HttpsLogin10 Feb 2008 Allows you to use https only for pages that transmit your password
Hyper Estraier Search wikicontent using Hyper Estraier
I18nTags Access the i18n functions for number formatting, grammar and plural in any available language
ICQ5 Nov 2006 Render ICQ Button showing users online status
IIS REMOTE USER AD-LDAP Login users via REMOTE_USER and gets Attributes from AD LDAP.
IM Status5 Oct 2008 Provides status buttons for several IM programs (AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN/Live Messenger, Skype, Xfire and Yahoo)
IPAuth Automatic login from fixed IPs
IPaper Allows embedding of Scribd iPaper documents on wiki pages and thus all the formats that supports.
IPexception give read right to users with the correct IP address
IRC Chat20 Jul 2008 Adds an IRC Applet to your wiki
Icon31 Aug 2009 Allows using images as icons (linkless and linked both supported)
IconLink1 May 2009  
IlchAuth IlchClan and Ilch-Community Authentication
ImageFooter Adds a text footer at the bottom of the image uploaded
ImageLink Provides a clickable image link using an image stored in the Image namespace and an article title (which may or may not existin the database).
ImageMap19 Apr 2007 HTML image maps
ImageMap (Alternate)7 Nov 2008 Implements Image map as a superset of existing imagemap extensions
ImageMap (McNaught)24 Jul 2006 ImageMap implementation. (see Extension:ImageMap)
ImageMapConversion15 Mar 2009 This special page converts HTML image maps to inline-format image maps
ImagePlus User-friendly way to insert images and edit image markup
ImageProtection Protects uploaded files in the images directory from direct linking.
ImageShadow To have a nice shadow behind images for Mediawiki
ImageSizeInfoFunctions24 Jan 2009 return image width and height in pixel
ImageTagging Lets a user select regions of an embedded image and associate an article with that region
Imagetabs31 Aug 2007 An extension that shows interwiki tabs above Image: pages
ImgLink Allows (small) images to be inlined in links
ImportFreeImages17 Feb 2008 Allows users to import properly licensed photos directly into their wiki from flickr.
ImportUsers10 Feb 2008 Import users in bulk from a CSV file.
Improved Access Control7 Nov 2008 enables group access restriction on a page-by-page basis along with several other features
Include6 May 2008 Include external static content from the local file system, a remote URL, or SVN. External content can be included or embedded as an iframe.
IncludeArticle Include articles in an article
IndentSections19 Mar 2008 Indents all sections according to their headers.
IndexFunction Parser function to create automatic redirects and disambiguation pages
Infobox Data Capture10 Apr 2007 Tags to enable capture of typed data in infoboxes.
Inline SVG  
InputBox Allows users to add predefined HTML forms to wiki pages.
InstantCommons Enable use of Wikimedia Commons as media source
InterWiki9 Sep 2008 Manage the InterWiki list from a file
InteriaVideo Display Interia Video from
Interlanguage14 Nov 2008 Grabs interlanguage links from another wiki
InternalWhitelist2 Jul 2008 Provides the capability to maintain a listing of "whitelisted" articles in the MediaWiki namespace
InterwikiList Creates a special page to view all available interwiki links on a wiki
Invision Power Board Authentication3 Apr 2007 Integrates Invision Power Board with MediaWiki
IssueTracker8 Mar 2008 A simple and powerful bug tracking and issue tracking extension developed to make this process easier for your team.
Itemstats This extension adds the possibility to use World of Warcraft ItemStats [1] "item" and "itemico" tags in articles.
JHilbert10 Jun 2009 Wiki inline proof verifier
JIRA17 Oct 2007 Embed lists of JIRA issues in a wiki page
JQuery Tab Container Helps you organize content of your page into AJAX tabs.
JSKit Integrates js-kit tools onto a wiki page
JSKitRating Provides integration with JS-Kit Ratings and JS-Kit Score AJAX based social rating/scoring tools.
JSPWiki2MediaWiki5 Jan 2007 - converts JSPWiki format to MediaWiki format.
JSXGraph Add JSXGraph constructions to MediaWiki pages
JSpoiler30 Aug 2009 Adds a <spoiler> tag to show/hide text
Jabber30 Jul 2006 Render Jabber Button showing users online status
Jamendo Add the capabilities of the JamendoLib to displaying and playing Jamendo's albums.
Java Applet7 Sep 2007 Add java applets to a wiki
Javascript Loads Javascript files from selected files or directories without duplication.
Javascript Slideshow15 Sep 2008 Create a slideshow (using javascript) from multiple included DIV elements
Jira Ticket11 Mar 2008 Links a single Jira ticket with status and priority into an article
Jmol3 May 2008 Jmol applets
Jpgraphmw provide tags for easily drawing charts using jpgraph library
JsMath Math rendering with the javascript library jsMath.
KML Export19 Oct 2008 Generates KML files for Google Earth from content in article pages.
KeepSearches6 Aug 2009 Keeps in database and counts all the searches made by users in your mediawiki
KeepYourHandsToYourself Prevents user from editing other users pages and subpages.
Knowledgebase5 Aug 2007 Assist creating numbered knowledge base articles by redirecting to next-higher article number in the KB namespace.
Kw article time stamp  ???
Kw bread crumbs Shows the users path through the wiki.
Kw include file  ???
Kw site map  ???
KwikiData4 Jan 2010 Extracts template data and stores them in an SQL database
LO Parser Functions A collection of parser functions such as expression handling and time calculation unit.
Labeled Section Transclusion enables marked sections of text to be transcluded
LandingPage17 Dec 2009 Follows redirections to landing page
LanguageFunctions Adds support for filtering multilingual pages by a known set of languages
LanguageSelector language selector on every page, also for visitors; automatic detection of visitor's language Quilt Allows insertion of the Quilt in a MediaWiki page.
LastFMWidget7 Feb 2007 New parser tag (<lastfmwidget>) to include the Last.FM widget.
LastFm Adds player to a page with the <lastfm> tag.
LastLoginTime This extension displays Last Login Time for a user as a personal URL.
LaunchExternal Uploaded 'media/images/http:/file:/etc links open in new external window
LightboxThumbs12 May 2009 Displays full-size images with Lightbox 2 when clicking on thumbnails.
LilyPond15 Nov 2009 This extension adds the option to typeset music
LimitUserCount Provides the ability to limit the creation of new users based on user count
Link Attributes9 Mar 2009  
Link Suggest Ajax Search bar to look for and add links.
LinkHint LinkHint gives you a simple preview of the inner links on a page
LinkOpenID20 Nov 2008 Allow users to link their account to an external OpenID
LinkSearch Generic search for external links
LinkedImage Allows client-side clickable images with custom link targets etc. using <linkedimage> tag
Links3 Dec 2007 To create a random sheet of links for spambots
LiquidThreads LiquidThreads is a new structured discussion system for MediaWiki, implemented as an extension.
ListTransclusions Lists all transcluded pages of a given page
LiveFeed Provides several useful tools including the Live Traffic Feed widget that allows you to see what is happening on your wiki/blog right now.
LiveSaver3 Sep 2006 Save user-input over browser crashes and other accidents.
Livejournal User12 Nov 2008 Adds <lj user=""/> and <lj community=""/> tags to document.
Livelets5 Nov 2007 Use simple template-syntax to create live portlets that can update automatically when changed.
LocalFileSystem2 Aug 2008 Displays files of one directory of the local file system
LocalisationUpdate Extension to keep the localized messages as up to date as possible
LockTitle9 Dec 2006 Enables locking of certain titles to prohibit unprivileged users to create said page
Lockdown implements per-namespace group permissions
Lockout Prevent blocked users from logging in
Log Searches logs searches into file
LogEntry24 Oct 2008 Provides a form for appending to log pages
Login At Edit10 May 2006 Integrates Edit and Login forms.
Logotipo22 Mar 2008 Example of function to change $wgLogo on a per-page basis
LookupUser Retrieve information about a user such as email address and ID
LoopFunctions23 Oct 2008 provides limited looping functionality in wikitext
Loops Loops, man! LOOPS!
Lua Extends the parser with support for embedded blocks of Lua code
Lucene-search Search engine for MediaWiki
LuceneSearch7 Aug 2007 Special page for Mediawiki Lucene-based search engine
MHTML2 Feb 2009 Displays MHTML content in an IFRAME
MOCA24 Sep 2007 MOCA: Mediawiki Ontology Convergence Assistant
MWCalendar1 Jun 2007 This will display a calendar as set within parameters and will display data if passed.
MWReleases29 Sep 2009 Publish current Mediawiki releases via the API
MWSearch Back-end for the MediaWiki Lucene-based search engine
MWZenphoto Allow inclusion of images from a Zenphoto gallery using a simple tag in the markup
MagicNoCache17 Oct 2009 Disables caching for a page
MagicNoNumberedHeadings6 Sep 2007 Add MagicWord __NONUMBEREDHEADINGS__ to disable autonumbering of the headings in a page.
MagicNumberedHeadings6 Sep 2007 Add MagicWord __NUMBEREDHEADINGS__ to force autonumbering of the headings of a page.
Mahalo ParserFunctions A collection of useful MediaWiki parser functions
MailChimpForms Adds MailChimp subscription management forms to your wiki. Currently only supports the sign-up form.
MailDigest Mail a watch list once a day (or any other interval)
MailNotification A small extension to send mails to registered users via a cronjob.
Mailman Creates a mailman subscribe form
Mails3 Dec 2007 To create a random sheet of mails for spambots
Maintenance28 Dec 2008 Web interface for various maintenance scripts
MaintenanceShell Provides access to the maintenance scripts via a special page.
MakeBot12 Jul 2007 Adds a special page which allows bureaucrats to grant and revoke bot status from user accounts.
Makepatrol Adds a special page which allows sysops to grant and revoke patrol and autopatrol rights from user accounts.
Makesysop Gives bureaucrats/stewards the ability to modify user levels
ManageCategories User-friendly way to add and remove categorization tags.
MantisIntegration6 Nov 2008 Pretty links to the Mantis bug tracking system with a summary line
ManualSitemap8 Dec 2009 Adds a special page to create Sitemaps.
Maps Allows users to display maps and coordinate data using multiple mapping services.
MarkdownExtraGeshiSyntax8 May 2009 Adds support for markdown extra syntax with Geshi support.
MarkdownSyntax Adds support for markdown syntax.
MarkitUp MW2 May 2009 Integrate the markup editor markitUp into MediaWiki
MassDelete This extension can be use to delete a set of pages in one pass from a Web browser (in the manner of Special:Import).
MassEditRegex3 Oct 2009 Use regular expressions to edit multiple pages at once
MassUserImport7 May 2009 Mass add users from a CSV.
MathFunctions29 Oct 2008 Enhances parser with mathematical functions
MathStatFunctions13 Jan 2008 Addition of math-specific and statistic specific parser functions.
McSvejoLink This extension allows you to add social bookmarking for (bulgarian digg-like site).
Mccp Adds a collection of Special Pages and a Custom Skin which together provide a nicely-integrated web-portal to an external "Metrology & Configuration Control" database.
MeanEditor27 Mar 2009 The mean, the safe and the ugly visual editor for non-technical users. Based on WYMeditor and jQuery.
MediaFunctions11 Jan 2008 Provides various parser functions to obtain properties of media files
MediaFunctions (old)5 Feb 2007 Access to the media (file or image) meta data.
MediaList Displays a list of all files used by the current article
MediaWiki Bulletin Board MWBB is MediaWiki Bulletin Board, a message board or forum extension for MediaWiki.
MediaWiki Bulletin Board Modifications Modifications for MediaWiki Bulletin Board
MediaWiki-Wave1 Oct 2009 Provides WYSIWYG real time collaborative editing using Google Wave. The resulting information will end up in a MediaWiki information to be read by the public
MediaWikiAuth Transparently imports users from another wiki
MediawikiPlayer Embeds a media player into a wiki page
Memento Performs content negotiation in the DateTime dimension.
Memorize3 Feb 2007 Allows users to create memorization tables like those on
Memotoo5 Dec 2008 Display your Memotoo data (address book, calendar, bookmarks, ...) on your MediaWiki
MenuTabs Create pages with "Tabs"
MetaDescriptionTag Extension tag for adding a custom <meta> description to the document header.
MetaKeywords Allows configuration of site's <meta "keywords"> and <meta "description"> tags per namespace
MetaKeywordsTag Extension tag for adding <meta> keywords to the document header.
MetaMan12 Nov 2009 Extends the edit mode of wiki pages by adding a UI for easier metadata management. Categories and properties (Semantic Media Wiki) can easily be removed and suggestions are made based on similar pages in the wiki.
MetaTags Allows users to add META and LINK tags to an individual page's HEAD coding. This extension still allows the mediawiki page to be parser cached.
Metapost13 Nov 2008 Include METAPOST graphics on a Mediawiki page using the <metapost> tag
MetavidWiki7 Sep 2008 MetavidWiki is an extension that enables community engagement with audio/visual media assets and associative temporal metadata.
Metrics4 Apr 2008 Adds a special page to display predefined metrics / statistics
Mibbit Adds a special page used to chat in real time with other wiki users.
MicroID1 Dec 2007 adds a MicroID to user pages
MindMeister Provides integration with MindMeister mindmaps
MiniDonation Adds <donationform> tag to support donations via PayPal
MiniPreview Displays small previews of other images in the same categories or displayed on the same pages next to an image
Minify Compresses CSS and JS from action=raw
Minimum Name Length29 Mar 2007 Enforce a minimum username length during account creation
MobileSkin30 Apr 2009 Automatically detect iPhone or other mobile devices to select a skin appropriate for the device (overrides user's preference for desktop without changing the user setting).
ModalBox29 Apr 2009 Creates a Grey, Drop Down Modal Box
MooTools 1.2 Core18 Jul 2008 Adds mootools-1.2-core-yc.js to each page
MoodleGlossary25 Sep 2007 Display description of a Moodle Glossary word on mouseover, if that word appears in a wiki article.
MoodleSSO Integrate Mediawiki transparently with Moodle.
MostRevisors Add a special page listing pages with the most different editors.
Mp3 Streams MP3s
MpDisqus28 Oct 2009 Integrates Disqus commenting service at bottom of each page
Msc9 Apr 2009 Render Message Sequence Charts (MSCs) inside of wiki pages.
MscGen5 Jul 2006 This extension allows to display Message Sequence Chart's.
Multi-Category Search19 Oct 2009 Extension represents a special page Special:MultiCategorySearch, that allows to find pages, included in several specified categories at once.
Multi-protocol notification6 May 2007 Forward major or minor change notifications to a multi-protocol chat and messaging server for IRC, XMPP and PSYC users.
Multi-select Namespace Search Converts namespace search checkboxes into multi-select list boxes
MultiAuthPlugin single plugin to manage all possible authentication scenarios
MultiBoilerplate Allows a boilerplate to be selected from a drop down box located above the edit form when editing pages.
MultiLanguageManager11 Nov 2007 Add multi-languages capacities to a wiki
MultiPageExport Export a list of Pages to one HTML Page
MultiReplace Enhances parser with ability to perform multiple regex and/or plain string replace function on given string
MultiUpload20 Apr 2009 Allows users to upload more than 1 file at time.
Multilang17 Jan 2006 A multilanguage extension
Multilanguage9 Sep 2006 A multilanguage extension
My blog Allows a blogger to the user's menu.
My list  
My portal My Portal is a MediaWiki hack, it is NOT a MediaWiki extension, that allows users to have a custom portal page like MyGoogle, MyYahoo, etc. It is a modified version of Simplortal ( .
Myriad5 Oct 2005 Myriad Music plug-in
NSFileRepo27 Jan 2010 implements per-namespace group permissions for image and file rights protection
NagVis11 Dec 2008 Add NagVis maps to MediaWiki pages
NagiosStatus27 Jul 2006 Allows the wiki server to pull Nagios status information.
NamespaceLevelProcessor Provides the capability to assign a PHP 'processor' on a per namespace basis.
NamespacePermissions provides flexible access management for custom namespaces
NamespaceProtection29 May 2007 Provides namespace protection capabilities built into version 1.10 for prior versions
NavContent Navigation tool to toggle showing of content
Navigation path  
Network Analyzer This tool generates different networks out of articles and their revisions. They can be filtered by category and article edit time.
NetworkAuth19 Dec 2007 Allows you to authenticate users based on network information
New User Email Notification11 Jan 2008 Sends email notification when user accounts are created
NewArticleTemplates6 Feb 2008 Prefills newly created pages with some text.
NewPage A quick and simple wiki page creator
NewUserMessage28 Nov 2009 Add a message to newly created user's talk pages
Newest Pages11 Jan 2008 List of the most recently created pages on the wiki (doesn't use recentchanges)
Newest Pages Blog Adds an includable special page to MediaWiki
News The News extension allows a custom excerpt recentchanges to be included on a wiki page, or to be published as an RSS or Atom feed.
News Channel8 May 2009 Extension allows to set up a custom RSS 2.0/Atom 1.0 news channel on your wiki in a minute. If you include a page into some specified category (e. g.), this page instantly appears on the site's channel. Channel is implemented as a special page 特別:NewsChannel and is automatically linked from every page of the wiki.
News2 The News extension allows to show the latest articles of a specific category, default is News.
NewsBulletins11 Jul 2008 Adds a news/bulletins block to any page.
Newuserlog12 Sep 2008 Displays account creations in Special:Log in reverse chronological order
NiceCategoryList2 Displays a nicely-formatted category list, with versatile sub-category listing.
Nimbus6 Jan 2010 Cumulus (flash) presentation of top categories, degrading to Text Category Cloud
NoBogusUserpages Allows for restriction of creation of bogus userpages to privileged users only.
NoCache Add a __NOCACHE__ magic word to disable cache
NoRobots31 Mar 2006 Protect individual pages from being indexed by search engines.
NoTitle18 May 2007 Adds a magic word that lets you hide the main title heading
NoUnwrap27 Nov 2009 text surrounded by <nounwrap></nounwrap> has its linefeeds left intact instead of unwrapping them into paragraphs
NoViewOnBlock Blocked users can't view the wiki
NonincludableNamespaces Emulates $wgNonincludableNamespaces for older versions of MediaWiki.
NotEvil Block any edit which contains a url, unless the user is on the Not Evil list.
Notified User5 Aug 2008 Gives the possibility to see the users notified to an article
NotifyCategoryTalkOnEdit8 Oct 2007 Makes a note on a category's talk page when a user modifies or creates a page in that category. The result is that users watching the category will then be notified (by the usual means).
Nuke9 May 2008 Gives sysops the ability to mass delete pages.
Nuke Templating Provides the site administrator a way to police the usage of templates on a MediaWiki installation.
NukeDPL22 Mar 2009 Allows mass deletion of articles by DPL query (based on Extension:Nuke by Brion Vibber)
NukeHtmlPhp This extension enables the conditional removal replacement of the following tags <html> <php> <runphp> from article being saved. Potential security issues can thus be managed.
NumberFormat25 Nov 2009 Format numbers - insert thousands separators, round to a given number of decimals
NumerAlpha incremential tag (numbers, roman and alphabet)
OAIRepository4 Apr 2008 Provides an OAI-PMH repository interface.
OCExtensions A small suite of extensions that make the UI more friendly, especially if your wiki is geared toward an audience that prefers to fill out forms rather than use wiki text (i.e. for templates).
OFlash20 Nov 2008 Easy syntax for inserting Flash SWFs and FLV videos.
OMBookmarks26 Nov 2007 Displays bookmarks from MIKE2.0 Openmethodology Bookmarks in a blogroll type view on your Mediawiki website.
Ofortuna19 Oct 2008 Allows to display a random page from a specified category
OggHandler Integrated support for Ogg Theora, Vorbis, Speex and FLAC
On Campus11 May 2006 Restrict a namespace from being viewed outside a subnet.
OnImageUpload Provides text preloading when uploading files
OnlineStatus add a preference to show if the user is currently present or not on the wiki
Open Office Export Sorry, but development of OO-export has stopped
OpenDocument Export Converts MediaWiki markup to OpenDocument Text format (.odt)
OpenID2 Jan 2010 Allow users with accounts on other OpenID-enabled sites to log in
OpenLibrary17 Jun 2008  
OpenSearch1 May 2006 OpenSearch support for MediaWiki
OpenSearchXml OpenSearch XML interface provides for text extracts
OtrsTicket12 Oct 2009 Read-only access to a limited set of attributes from one or more OTRS instances
Oversight4 May 2006 Adds a user class that allows hiding revisions.
Oversight 214 Aug 2008 Adds a user class that allows hiding and unhiding revisions
PDF Set up MediaWiki to react to the "<PDF>" tag
PDF Writer Generates PDF from single articles or collections
PDFThumbnails21 Jul 2009 Handles PDF files like multipage DJVU
PHP-Fusion Auth27 Dec 2009 Authenticate users from PHP-Fusion.
PHP-Rewriter renames files from .php to .php5
PHPBB ShowForum Show your PHPbb post inside Mediawiki's Pages
PIM Support20 Mar 2008 simple Personal Information Management support, currently for prefilled contact wikipages in seperate namespace
PJIRC2 Apr 2009 Adds an PJIRC Applet to your wiki
POD5 May 2007 Render POD (Plain Old Documentation) input as HTML
PSINoTocNum17 Apr 2007 New MagicWord __NOTOCNUM__ to disable TOC numbering.
PSIporting31 Aug 2007 Ex- and importer with sql statements and including linked images.
Packages8 Nov 2007 Create packages of templates and other articles from remote wiki's. The resulting packages are PHP files which can be added or removed like a normal extension without affecting the database.
Page Object Model29 May 2008 A set of classes to be used by bots or other extensions for MediaWiki page manipulation in the manner similar to HTML's DOM
Page access restriction Adds a restrict tab to the page bar so that authorized users can decide who may view that page.
PageAttributes Enables the manipulation of attributes associated with a page.
PageBy shows contributors inline on a wiki page
PageCSS Parser hook to add per-page CSS using the <css> tag
PageEval26 Mar 2009 Load a wiki page into another.
PageHistoryRealnames17 Dec 2009 Adds users real name on history page
PageNotice lets you define a fixed header or footer message for each page or namespace
PageProtection24 May 2006 Protect areas and sections from access
PageProtectionPlus18 Dec 2007 Protect areas and sections from access
PageSecurity1 Mar 2007 Restricts access to pages according to security definitions.
PageSidebar Provides page scoped sidebar.
PageTools Provides a 'magic word' interface for getting category information related to the current page, setting the page's title and subtitle.
PageVariableExtension Allows for a variable to be assigned on a page and the html to be reused on another page
PagesfromTemplate Create a set of pages by splitting a template (or a normal wiki article) with parameters passing. Operates only for users who have the right to import pages from a file (importupload). The template must be edit protected.
Painting2 Sep 2006 A painting java applet
ParserFunctions Enhances parser with logical functions
ParserPhase2 This extension enables performing a 'second pass' through a 'parser cached' page replacing for 'dynamic' variables.
Password Reset5 Feb 2008 Resets Wiki user's passwords - requires 'passwordreset' privileges
PasswordProtectFiles14 Mar 2009 This allows files protection using password
PasswordProtectPages10 Feb 2009 This allows page protection using password
PasswordProtected Makes page able to be protected via passwords
PatchOutput19 Jul 2007 patch MediaWiki output before displaying
PathFunctions4 Jan 2007 A reimplementation of the builtin variables PAGENAME etc. with the ability to specify what page to evaluate on.
Patroller Enhanced recent changes patrol interface with workload sharing
PayPal Creates a PayPal button, which leads user to your PayPal-Donation-Site.
Pchart4mw21 Nov 2009 Create professional charts for MediaWiki
Pdf Export28 Jan 2010 Converts current page to PDF and sends to browser
Pdf Export Dompdf Converts current page to PDF and sends to browser, using dompdf (a html to pdf converter written in php5)
PdfBook9 Dec 2008 Composes a book from articles in a category and exports as a PDF file
PdfHandler6 Sep 2007 Handles PDF files like multipage DJVU
PerlDoc9 Jan 2008 Display perl documentation for an extension installed on your system.
PermissionACL implements per-{namespace, page, category, user, group} access permissions
PersistUseskin Persists use of &useskin=, if found in query string
Personal Notepad Personal notepad page accessible only to the owner. See below for details.
PersonalisedHomepage Allows users to create their own homepage.
PhpHighlight Adds a new tag <php> to highlight PHP code with the internal PHP syntax highlighter
PicLens Media RSS support for gallery tag, and PicLens integration
Picasa2Gallery Generate image gallery from Picasa xml export.
Pipe Escape Escape pipe characters in parser function arguments/template arguments.
Pipes9 Oct 2008 Pass data through a series of data processing nodes
Piwik Integration9 Aug 2009 Inserts Piwik script into MediaWiki pages for tracking and adds a Special Page.
PlaceNewSection Controls placement of new sections
PlainHtml23 Jan 2008 Sends text directly to user's internet browser.
PlantUML Add UML diagrams in your Wiki
Player Provides embedded multimedia playback using common browser plugins or embedded players.
Plexcel1 Oct 2008 Provides Active Directory SPNEGO Single Sign-On (SSO) and explicit Kerberos 5 logon using the conventional loign form. Users allowed to authenticate with the site may be restricted to specific Windows groups. Windows groups may be mapped to MW groups. Local accounts will be created automatically, populated and updated as necessary when the user authenticates a new session.
Ploticus16 Oct 2007 Ploticus extension for just-in-time graph generation
Plotters4 Jun 2009 Allows users to create client side graphs (like pie, bar, etc), and do generic canvas drawing from data using admin created javascript.
Poem adds <poem> tag for poem formatting
Point-Mapping Permit to geolocalise locations on a map
Poll7 Apr 2008 Add polls to mediawiki.
Poll2 Add a Poll-Special Page into Mediawiki
PollDaddy An extension that allows embedding of polls into MediaWiki
Polyglot support for content in multiple languages in a single MediaWiki
PostForm5 Dec 2009 Creates a form to send data via email
Postcomment8 Mar 2007 Allows users to post comments directly to discussion pages.
Postloader Enables postloading of content after creation of an article but before the said article is written to the database.
PovWatch Extension for pushing articles on to the watchlists of other users.
PreferencesExtension Allows other extensions to add new user preferences to MediaWiki
Prefix Security Extension for controlling page-specific user rights based on titles and their prefixes
PreloadManager Provides per-namespace specific text preloading upon page creation.
Preloader31 Dec 2006 Load boilerplate text when creating new pages
Presentation Add presentation type slides to your wiki
Progress28 Nov 2008 Easy way to see the progress of several tasks.
Progressbar Adding a simple progressbar to a page
ProjectWiki20 Mar 2007 Project Management portal in a MediaWiki installation
PromotedInterlanguages5 Jun 2008 langcode}} function to customize the look of interlanguage links to foreign promoted articles
Proofread Page The Proofread Page extension can render a book either as a column of OCR text beside a column of scanned images, or broken into its logical organization (such as chapters or poems) using transclusion.
PropertyTable25 Jul 2007 Outputs a table with keys and values.
PropertyTable227 Dec 2007 Outputs a table with keys and values.
ProtectSection29 Aug 2009 Prevent editing of text embedded in <protect>...</protect> tags
ProtectSource This Extension blocks access to the source of protected pages for non-privileged users.
ProtectText28 May 2008 Block editing of marked text, but still allow a sole contributor to work on the full text
ProtectedNotice Allow you to show a notice on protected page
ProtocolAccess23 Nov 2009 Access control for links of specific protocols
PublicCat Divides wiki into private and public by domain name, but allows unrestricted access to articles in a public category.
PublicRevision5 Oct 2007 Allow articles to be held at a particular revision until subsequent edits are authorised by a user with sufficient permissions.
Pubmed Fetches literature data from PubMed ( by SOAP API and includes them into a Wiki page.
PunBB Authentication Auto-authenticates PunBB users
Purge Adds a purge tab on all normal pages and bypasses the purge check for anonymous users allowing for quick purging of the cache
PurgeArticle27 Mar 2009 enable purge the current article through the toolbox
PurgePage Allows for the easy implementation of keeping a page uncached.
PurgeParentPage Purges parent page's cache on sub-page insert or delete
Purgetab18 Jan 2008 An extension to add the purge tab to all article pages without the use of JavaScript.
Purple MediaWiki9 Dec 2008 Purple MediaWiki allows users to add Purple Numbers to their MediaWiki installation.
PurpleWiki2MediaWiki This extension helps move all the wiki pages and user info from PurpleWiki to MediaWiki
PwAuthPlugin This extension allows you to authenticate wiki users using your systems password database.
QISSingleSignOn Single Sign On from HISQIS-Portal
QPoll5 Jan 2010 Allows to create chains of multipage polls and to provide the statistics at the custom special page
Question API5 Nov 2007 This extension aims add allowing to automatically triggering edits in the wiki while having wiki users verify the edits. A set of questions is displayed on the bottom of the page and if users answer them affirmatively, a pre-defined page edit is triggered. This can be used to integrate information from sources the provide a lot of facts at a time but which cannot be trusted in all cases.
QuestyCaptcha19 Jul 2009 Adds a question-based CAPTCHA.
QuickEditProtect Provides secure inclusion of widgets
QuickLink Adds a fast link search-and-insert feature to the edit page.
Quicktime provides a tag that embeds Quicktime movies
Quiz19 May 2007 Quiz tool for MediaWiki
R9 Aug 2007 Allows to integrate R output (raw, html and graphics) to mediawiki pages
RDF Flexible framework that goes beyond the ability of the code described at RDF metadata
RDFEditor9 Jun 2009 Edit, validate (syntax and schema) and submit a XML/RDF document.
RDFa21 Oct 2009 Outputs semantic data of Mediawiki in the RDFa format.
RSS26 Jan 2010 Displays an RSS feed on a wiki page
RSS (GISWiki) Transcludes RSS feed items into a wiki page.
RSS Reader17 Aug 2008 provides an <rss> tag to display one or more rss feeds inside an article
RSS feed for recent changes9 Mar 2008 The extension allows you to get the RSS feeds for the recent changes made in the wiki.
RT13 Apr 2009 Interface to a RT (RequestTracker) database
RadioRefRemoteRender Inserts javascript to make the RadioReference remote render work.
Random Pages21 Mar 2008 Adds <randompages /> tag
RandomArea30 Jul 2009 Inserting random elements in a page
RandomImage20 Aug 2007 Adds a <randomimage> tag to the parser allowing for randomisation of multimedia content on a page
RandomInCategory special page to direct the user to a random page in specified category
RandomInclude8 Feb 2007 Includes a random text.
RandomSelection17 Jan 2010 Displays a random option from the given set.
RandomText16 Sep 2007 Inserting random text in a page
RandomUsersWithAvatars20 Dec 2009 Shows the avatars of randomly chosen wiki users who have set an avatar for themselves.
Randomrootpage26 Aug 2008 Special page which fetches a random root page
Rating29 Mar 2007 Add a Rating box to each MediaWiki page. Ask the readers a question and ask them to rank from 1 to any number.
Rating Bar3 May 2009 Display a rating bar, display many tables such as top-rated titles or top voters and add a special page.
RawFile5 Oct 2008 Downloads a RAW copy of <tag>data</tag> parts in a file
RawMsg Adds a parser function called #rawmsg for inserting raw HTML fragments into wiki pages.
ReCAPTCHA Places a strong CAPTCHA (including audio CAPTCHA) on your Wiki
Read Restrict Stops reading of pages except to specific groups.
ReaderFeedback Lets users and visitors rate the pages they read.
Recent Activity Notify Sends an email to selected users, for actions from new or anonymous users.
Recent Changes Cleanup Allows sysops to hide any line in the RC page. See description for more detail.
Recent changes  
RecentActivity16 Mar 2009 Adds parser functions for listing recently created and edited articles.
RecordAdmin10 Dec 2009 A special page for finding and editing record articles using forms
RedditTag7 Feb 2008 This extension allows you to provide a button to submit a page to Reddit or any subreddit.
Redircite4 Oct 2007 An extension that allows for abbreviated inline citations
Redirect10 Jan 2009 Allows easy configuration of redirects on account creation and logout
Redirect Anchor9 May 2006 Enable redirects to particular sections of articles.
RedirectAfterLogout12 Jan 2008 Allows wiki administrators to redirect to a specific page after a user has logged out
RedirectOnAccountCreation12 Jan 2008 Allows wiki administrators to redirect to a specific page after a user has created a new account
RedirectOnLogin30 Jul 2008 Allows wiki administrators to redirect to a specific page when an user login
RefHelper Helps manage references. Adds a special page for adding references to the wiki in a predefined format.
Refbase5 Feb 2008 Formats references from a refbase installation using citation templates
Referenceselector20 Jan 2008 Adds a button to the edit page for finding mediafiles to "attach" or insert a reference ([[Image:]]) to at the cursor position.
RefreshSpecial26 Mar 2009 Allows manual special page refresh of special pages
RegexBlock13 Mar 2009 Adds a new special page for blocking, viewing and unblocking user names and IP addresses by given name, using regular expressions
RegexFunctions Regular expression based parser functions
RegexParserFunctions Adds a {{#regex}} parser function for evaluating regular expressions.
RemoveRedlinks Removes redlinks from page output
RemoveSubpagestr14 Jun 2007 Remove links from certain subpages back to their root page.
Renameuser Special page allows user accounts to be renamed
Replace Text Provides a form to let administrators do string replacements on the entire wiki, for both page contents and page titles.
Require Editor Privilege26 Jul 2008 Two new user groups are introduced: Readers can read any article that a user could read in a standard wiki, Editors can do anything a user could do in a standard wiki.
RequireCategory Requires pages to be placed at least to one category.
Resign This extension gives users the ability to remove their permissions.
Restrict access by category and group21 Aug 2008 Restrict access to pages by users groups and documents categories
RestrictTalk Allow permissions to be restricted for "talk" namespaces
RestrictiveRights17 May 2008 Any user permission set to false is dominant.
ReturnToUserPage Sends users directly to their own user page after login or account creation.
Review Review allows for readers to rate the content of pages/revisions.
Ricks Google Maps  
RightFunctions Permission-based parser functions
RigorousSearch Performs a slow, inefficient wiki search on the full page text.
RoboHelp2Wiki Convert Macromedia RoboHelp Topics to MediaWiki pages.
RomanNumbers Convert a roman number to an arabic one or vice versa.
RomanNumerals18 Jul 2006 Converting Arabic numerals into Roman numerals
RoyalMailTrack4 Sep 2008 Inserts form to submit a Royal Mail track & trace number
RssExport This extension enables you to add rss export from your mediawiki site
RstToHtml31 Jan 2008 Use reStructuredText in MediaWiki pages
RudeProxyBlock This extension disallows all access made by an IP listed as an Open Proxy.
Runphp page  
SAMLAuth SAML based authentication using SimpleSAMLphp
SCIJAX provides server side spellchecking for form editing boxes
SMF Auth Integration15 Apr 2008 Authenticate users from SMF.
SMF Auth Lite Integration Authentication for SMF forums, (simple machines forum) ?
SMF Authentication1 Nov 2008 Authenticates users from SMF(Simple Machines Forum) and automatic log them in/out at MediaWiki.
SMF AutoAuthenticate  
SMW InlineQueryParserFunction Adds a parser function called {{#ask}} which is the logical equivalent to Semantic MediaWiki's inline query extension tag called <ask>
SMW ParserFunctionAskMore Makes Semantic MediaWiki's <ask>...</ask> tag into a ParserFunction {{#askmore}}. So you can use it in a Template and feed template parameters into the query, even the {{{...}}} parameters which is not possible with the {{#ask}} implemented natively by Semantic MediaWiki.
SNMPquery Do SNMP queries to your boxes!
SQL2Wiki7 May 2007 Add dynamic content to your wiki by using SQL-Select statements (MySQL only).
SQLselect22 Feb 2007 Embed the output of an SQL query in a wiki page
SSL authentication3 Nov 2009 Automagic login with certificates using Apache2 mod_ssl clientside
STSGMassMailer25 Nov 2009 Adds a special page to the wiki for mass-emailing
SVNIntegration17 Feb 2009 Adds some custom tags which allow an integration of files from Subversion repositories into the wiki.
SVNRepository5 Sep 2008 SVNRepository is an extension supporting the usage of Mediawiki in a development project context. It supports to upload files in a SVN and to reference the SVN entries - in all revisions - within the wiki. A positive side effect is also that there are no limitations anymore with uploading large files.
SacredText Can be used to quote sacred texts, without linking to external websites. Adds the sacred texts to the user's database.
Salesforce7 Nov 2007  
ScreenPlay Allows to use MediaWiki as a screen writing tool.
Screencasting Adds a screen recorder to MediaWiki, to record screencasts directly on the edit pages.
Script And Google AdSense Add Google AdSense to individual pages or any other scripts.
ScriptsManager This extension enables a user to edit scripts (e.g. Javascript, CSS) in the NS_SCRIPTS namespace and commit those to the filesystem.
ScuttleBookmarks30 Jan 2009 Displays bookmarks from your Scuttle social bookmarking website in a blogroll type view on your Mediawiki website.
Search Suggest Very lightweight (under 5k) search suggestion using MediaWiki's built-in ajax.
SearchBox28 Oct 2008 Allow inclusion of search forms
SearchLog20 Mar 2008 Logs usage of the search box and allows reporting of keyword totals during given time periods
SearchRealnames17 Dec 2009 Adds real names to Search results
SectionLinkToTop17 Sep 2009 Allows you to add a link next to the edit section link to return to the top of a page.
Secure HTML This extension allows to display aribtrary HTML on a wiki securely.
SecureHTML This extension securely inserts HTML section(s) or pages on a wiki page.
SecurePHP Provides secure execution of PHP code embedded in 'runphp' tagged section.
SecurePasswords Creates more secure password hashes in the database as well as a password strength checker
SecurePoll Extension for elections and surveys
SecureTransclusion Provides secure transcluding of interwiki wikitext pages accessible without the 'action=raw' parameter.
SecureWidgets Provides secure inclusion of widgets
Secured HTML14 Aug 2008 Gives allowed users the ability to add raw HTML to pages.
Secured PHP14 Aug 2008 Gives allowed users the ability to add PHP code to pages.
SeeAlsoSimilarArticles17 Aug 2008 Hook places related articles that derive from the same directory, beneath the article.
Seealso Localised "See also" headings using the tag <seealso>
SelectCategory19 Jan 2008 Allows the user to select from existing categories when editing a page.
SelectCategoryTagCloud11 Aug 2008 Adds a category selection tag cloud to the edit and upload pages and enables a Google Suggest-like/typeahead completion of categories entered by the user.
SelectionOnUpload29 Sep 2009 Adds a selection box to the upload page for choosing something
Selenium10 Jan 2008 Provide a selenium tag and special page interface to selenium-core
Semantic Calendar5 Aug 2008 An extension, based around Semantic MediaWiki, that displays calendars that hold event data using semantic date properties.
Semantic Compound Queries5 Oct 2009 Defines a parser function, #compound_query, that can make multiple Semantic MediaWiki queries at the same time
Semantic Drilldown5 Dec 2009 An extension, based around Semantic MediaWiki, that provides a page for drilling down into the category-based and semantic data of a site, using easily-created filters.
Semantic Forms5 Feb 2010 An extension, based around Semantic MediaWiki, that allows users to create forms for adding and editing pages that use templates to store semantic data. Forms are defined using editable text files, written in a custom markup language, that are then parsed on-the-fly when a form is needed.
Semantic Forms Inputs6 Nov 2009 Additional input types for Semantic Forms
Semantic Gallery Adds a 'gallery' ouput format to Semantic MediaWiki's inline queries.
Semantic Google Maps5 Jun 2009 Allows users to edit and display semantic coordinate data using Google Maps.
Semantic Graph5 Sep 2008 An extension which depends on Semantic MediaWiki and Semantic Forms, that generates graphs and trees based on semantic and non semantic wiki structures
Semantic Incoming Properties To be used with Semantic Mediawiki. Returns a list of incoming properties which semantically link to a the provided page.
Semantic Internal Objects5 Jan 2010 Defines a parser function, #set_internal, that is used to define "internal objects" or "n-ary relations" within Semantic MediaWiki
Semantic Layers5 Aug 2008 Official site. Integration layer between OpenLayers and Semantic MediaWiki.
Semantic Maps Allows users to edit and display semantic coordinate data using multiple mapping services.
Semantic MediaWiki SMW allows users to add structured data to wiki pages through simple wikitext markup that turns links to other pages and data values in a page into meaningful properties. With this information, SMW helps to search, organize, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content.
Semantic Multi Edit Extension19 Dec 2009 Adds a special page to a Semantic MediaWiki installation (which also has to have Semantic Forms and Page Object Model installed) which allows the user to use forms to edit multiple pages at once.
Semantic NotifyMe Semantic NotifyMe allows users to get realtime notifications on semantic property-value changes. NotifyMe is a spinoff extension of SMW (Semantic MediaWiki) extension and Halo extension.
Semantic Result Formats3 Jun 2009 Adds further formats to render inline query results.
Semantic Tasks Semantic Tasks is an extension to Semantic MediaWiki, to provide email task notifications and reminders.
SemanticHistory Render revision history of the Wiki in semantic forms.
SemanticMappoint5 Sep 2008 Semantic Mappoint is an extension to Semantic MediaWiki to query semantic information and depict it in a geo-referenced image. This extension is based on Extension:Point-Mapping extended by semantic query options.
SemanticQueryFormTool4 Jan 2010 Tool for semantic SMW data, retrieves unique property value lists to aid creation of query forms, also saves, combines and manages query results (Help page)
SemanticSignup7 Feb 2009 This extension tweaks user registration process in order to make
Send2Friend Allows users to send an email notification to a friend via a form.
Send2Wiki Allows users to send web pages to a wiki via a bookmarklet.
SendToIdentica21 Jan 2009 Sends updates to for new articles or edits
SendToTwitter Sends a twitter update to twitter every time an article is updated on your wiki.
SendToTwitter2 Sends a tweet when the "Send Tweet" checkbox is enabled on the edit page.
SendmailToWiki26 Nov 2009 Posting (and editing) content on wiki trough e-mail messages
ShareThis Provides links to popular social bookmarking and news sources.
SharedUserRights Easy interface to manage Shared UserRights on a wiki family/farm.
Shibboleth Authentication1 Sep 2008 Allows integration of mediawiki with the Shibboleth Single Sign-on project from Internet2.
Shibboleth Authentication Plus20 Jan 2008 Enriches the functionality of Shibboleth Authentication for group-based Authentication and Authorization. Also, implements a user notification messaging mechanism.
ShortCategory Makes the category view page shorter
ShortLinksParser12 Feb 2008 Different version of interwiki links: Lets you configure base-urls with multiple placeholders for often used sources like Wikipedia.
ShoutBox Adds a parser function called #shoutbox for embedding shoutbox into pages.
ShowHide This extension enables creation of wiki elements which could be shown and hidden.
ShowRealUsernames8 Apr 2009 Extend Special:ListUsers to also show each user's real name.
SidebarEx Provides customizable sidebars.
SignDocument15 Jan 2008 Allows to users to sign wiki page documents.
SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin5 Jan 2010 Adds SignWriting support to MediaWiki.
Silva27 Feb 2008 Draw a 2D tree out of a list of skills
Silverlight This extension allows the display of silverlight content within a wiki.
Simple Article Count Displays the article count (455,292) at the bottom of every page. Requires skin hacking (and thus, core hacking).
Simple Calendar18 Oct 2007 a very simple calendar extension which renders a table of all the months in the year with each day being a wiki article.
Simple Forms29 Sep 2009 A set of simple mechanisms for making and processing forms
SimpleAntiSpam Adds a simple spam/bot check to forms
SimpleFeed Outputs an RSS feed in a way the user specifies, in the wiki.
SimplePie A simple solution for getting feeds into your MediaWiki wiki pages.
SimpleSecurity18 May 2009 Extends native MediaWiki protection to allow article's viewability to be restricted
SimpleTable Converts tab- (or comma-) separated data into a Wiki table.
SimpleUpdate This extension allows updating page with just one URL hit.
SiteGraph Uses the Extension:GraphViz plugin to create a site map.
SiteMatrix adds a special page with a matrix of all Wikimedia sites
SiteWideMessages Sends a message to all users in a certain group
Siteminder Authentication28 Nov 2007 Allows integration of mediawiki with the SiteMinder facility from CA.
SkinByURL Force use of a particular skin based on the URL used to access the wiki
SkinByUrl2 Force use of a particular skin based on the URL used to access the wiki
SkinPerNamespace allows a per-namespace skin
SkinPerPage Allows using different skins on each page using <skin> tag
Skype15 Jan 2007 Render Skype Button showing users online status
SlideShare5 Nov 2007 Parser function for embedding SlideShare presentations
Slideshow This extension generates wiki markup for a slideshow, ready to be imported by Special:Import
SlimboxThumbs16 Jul 2009 Displays full-size images with Slimbox 2 when clicking on thumbnails.
SlippyMap Easily embed OpenStreetMap maps, with marker support.
Smarty Adaptor  
SmartyAdaptor Provides integration with Smarty Template Engine by providing a hook to other extensions.
SmoothGallery3 Jun 2009 Allows users to give a delimited list of images, and output a css/javascript gallery.
Social Bookmarking This extension allows you to add social bookmarking for digg, delicious, stumbleupon,etc...etc... The extension uses and bookmarking system.
SocialProfile30 Nov 2009 Incorporates a basic social profile into a MediaWiki, specifically Avatars, Friending, Foeing, User Board, Board Blast, basic Profile Information, User Levels, Awards and Gifts.
SocialRewarding22 May 2009 In an online community social rewarding is in the majority of cases based on accentuation of the most active members. Therefore, this social rewarding extension accentuates most productive authors of a wiki by applying different developed techniques.
Sort23 Jul 2007 Simplifies creating and maintaining sorted lists using a <sort> tag
Sort224 Aug 2006 Generates sorted lists based on existing token lists or separate lines/paragraphs
SourcesCatalogHighlighter This extension enables you to add on your pages clickable catalog of sources with highlight
SpamBlacklist7 Jan 2007 Regex-based spam filter.
SpamDiffTool8 Nov 2006 allows users to add entries to the Spam blacklist right off of a diff page
SpamRegex3 Oct 2008 Adds a special page to filter out unwanted expressions.
SpecialCalendar5 Jan 2007 Easily create a calendar of iCal format in MediaWiki.
SpecialDeleteOldRevisions24 Feb 2007 Will permanently delete old revisions of all or specified articles. (You cannot specify articles prior to 1.7)
SpecialDeleteOldRevisions212 Nov 2008 Will permanently delete old revisions of all or specified articles.)
SpecialForm Creates a register form that will insert elements into the database and send it by e-mail.
SpecialInterwiki Adds a special page to view and manipulate the interwiki table.
SpecialLastUserLogin219 Jul 2006 Displays the last time a user logged in
SpecialLastUserLoginEx8 Nov 2008 Displays the last time a user logged in
SpecialMergeableChanges Show new, updated, or deleted articles and uploads since a given date.
SpecialMultiUploadViaZip25 Oct 2007 Multiple file uploader. Special page provides an HTML form that accepts a ZIP file, each file of which is passed to the standard Upload form.
SpecialNamespaces6 Sep 2009 Add new namespaces from Special:Namespaces page
SpecialPagesOrganizer24 Jun 2008 provides an easy way to reorder and organize the way pages are displayed on the specialpages page.
SpecialUploadLocal9 Feb 2008 Allows quick mass uploading of large files.
SpecialUserScore12 May 2006 User score as measured by number of contributions
SpecialWantedImages Adds a special page to list the most wanted images.
SpecialWantedtemplates Adds a special page to list the most wanted templates.
Spellcheck1 Feb 2007 provides spellchecking on edit page, supports custom dictionaries
SphinxSearch11 Nov 2008 Replaces built-in MediaWiki search with Sphinx
StackFunctions5 Jan 2010 implements a programming language which is basically PostScript without graphics
StaffTag30 Jan 2009 Creates a XML tag that displays a "@Site" sign similar to Wikia's staff
Stage624 May 2008 Provides tag for embedding Stage6 videos
Stale Pages Add a new special page that lists pages that have not been edited in the last 270 days.
StalkerLog Adds a log entry on each login/logout.
StockCharts4 Jun 2009 Allows users to include interactive financial charts within an article. Charts cover stocks prices, but also economic data such as the Consumer Price Index and interest rates. Charts are flash-powered and users can pan and zoom without a page refresh. Data is provided by Thomson / Reuters and Xignite, with a 15-20 minute delay.
StringFunctions27 Aug 2008 Enhances parser with string functions.
StringFunctionsEscaped11 Sep 2009 Defines a superset of string parser functions that allow character escaping in the 'search for' and 'replace with' arguments.
StringUtils13 Apr 2009 Manipulate strings.
Strip Markup Strip Wiki and HTML markup from text
StructuredInput Creates a framework to build forms within Mediawiki that get converted into wiki text.
StubManager Framework extension for the vast majority of Jean-Lou Dupont's MediaWiki extensions
StyleTags Use style tags within mediawiki
SubPageList22 Oct 2006 Sub Page List 2 is an extension that automaticaly creates a list of the subpages of a page. The dynamic created list will be created automatically on every edit of the page where the SubPageList element is given.
SubPageList329 Mar 2008 provides a splist tag to list the subpages of a page; based on Extension:SubPageList2
Submit In Toolbar Adds Save,Preview,Diff buttons to Toolbar.
Subpage Fun30 Dec 2009 Defines some new parser functions to get advanced informations about subpages.
Substring and strlen This extension adds the ability to get string length and sub strings
SuperDeluxe29 Mar 2007 This extension is used for placing Super Deluxe videos in your wiki by adding a <superdeluxe> tag.
Swekey9 Mar 2009 Add support for swekey hardware authentication
Syntax Highlighting A really simple way for you to add syntax highlighting to your wiki posts with support with several languages. The extension requires the Beautifier Syntax Highlighting Engine (Link broken?). What the extension does is pass the tag inputs and/or arguements to the Beautifier Highlighting engine and returns the HTML output.
SyntaxHighlight GeSHi17 May 2009 Allows source code to be syntax highlighted on the wiki pages.
SyntaxHighlight GeSHi ParserFunction render highlighted source code
SyntaxHighlight GeSHi extension Extends the function of SyntaxHighlight GeSHi with a file/url as a file source. No more Copy-Pasting of code.
SyntaxHighlight vim Syntax highlighting of text within <syntax> tags, with the use of vim
SyntaxHighlighterAndCodeColorizer Highlight Syntax and Color Code using javascript.
SysSidebar30 Aug 2009 Makes "Recent changes" on the sidebar link to unpatrolled edits, for sysops
SysopSidebar Provides a means of customizing the 'sidebar' based upon the user's membership to the 'sysop' group.
TSPoll Include the TS-Poll-Skript into Mediawiki as a Html-Tag
Tab0 Adds "0" tab, linking to the edit page of the first section of the page
Tabber Create pages with "Tabs"
TableMod12 Aug 2009 in-page table modifications
TagAsCategory A folksonomy extension for MediaWiki, using Categories as the underlying functional mechanism.
TagContent7 Jan 2010 Tags content for higher readabillity
TagCorrection beeing able to use tags like <source>, <rss> with MediaWiki+FCKeditor
TagParser4 Dec 2007 Making expressions in <tags> available by parser function
TalkHere shows talk page at the bottom of article page, provides on-page edit box
Talkright This extension makes the editing of talk pages a distinct action from article editing.
Tasks manage creating, processing, and closing tasks for a page
Tasks Extension provide a tasklist
Taxonomy30 Jul 2009 Provides hierarchical taxonomy for article management
TeX Editor19 Jan 2007 a tex editor for mathematical formulae
Technorati This extension allows you to put technorati tags into wiki pages.
TemplateFormEditor31 May 2009 Allows Editing template-applications using a Form. - an extended version of the extension CustomEdit
TemplateInfo5 Dec 2009 Defines a tag, <templateinfo>, that templates can use to provide an XML description of themselves
TemplateLink11 Jan 2008 Create links to a special page that will transclude a parameterized template.
TemplateProfiler21 Jun 2009 Profiles templates and parser function and shows results in a tree and aggregated results in a table. Requires minimal hacking of the parser.
TemplateTable Make a table from template data
Terminator11 Oct 2009 Create editable doodle-like calendars inside your Mediawiki.
Terminology28 Aug 2008 Enable a Glossary or define Terminology within MediaWiki using tooltips.
Testopia Reports14 Jun 2009 Provides reports and charts for Testopia
Tetherless Map19 Nov 2008 Allows users to generate maps based on query results from Semantic Mediawiki.
TimeOffset16 Aug 2007 Takes an offset, an optional start time and returns the resulting timestamp.
TimeZoneInfo Displays several types of information relating to timezones.
TimelineTable Generate a timeline contained in html table from a list of events
TinyMCE MW1 Jul 2007 Easily implement Moxiecode's TinyMCE into MediaWiki
TitleAlias define a different html title for item instead of that from $_GET['title']
TitleBlacklist8 May 2008 Block the creation of pages matching a regular expression blacklist
TitleKey Title prefix search suggestion backend
TivoliAccessManagerAuthPlugin20 Mar 2009 Authenticate users against Tivoli Access Manager
ToFeed19 Nov 2009 Returns an article as a RSS feed
Todo Tasks6 Dec 2009 Create/maintain todo tasks, notify users to whom the task is assigned, display tasks by projects
Toggl1 Dec 2009 Allows user to embed a Toggl timer into a wiki page.
ToggleAnonRights On-wiki toggling of anonymous users' permissions
ToggleDisplay8 Sep 2007 show and hide regions on a page with a javascript click
ToolboxExtender Provides the capability to add arbitrary wikitext to the toolbox on the Monobook skin.
Tooltip14 Jan 2008 Add fancy tooltips to wiki text
TopTenPages4 Sep 2007 Shows most viewed Pages
TopTenTemplate28 Oct 2008 Shows most viewed Pages that include a template
TorBlock Automatically applies restrictions to Tor exit nodes.
TotalRevisions Variable to get the total number of revisions for the current page.
TracWiki2MediaWiki5 Jan 2007 - converts TracWiki format to MediaWiki format.
TransformChanges5 Sep 2009 Makes recent-changes and watchlists render in nice columns for easier reading, see this example.
Translate4 Aug 2008 Enables in-wiki localisation and export of messages.
Transliterator Allows transliteration of words in entries based on rules in MediaWiki space.
TreeAndMenu26 Jun 2009 Adds #tree and #menu parser functions which contain bullet-lists to be rendered as collapsible treeviews or dropdown menus. The treeviews use the dTree JavaScript tree menu, and the drop down menus use Son of Suckerfish method.
TrustedXFF Handling of trusted proxy addresses (XFF)
Twitter4wiki Takes tweed from an twitter account and provides them on a wiki page
TwitterFeed Adds <twitterfeed> tag for display tweets.
Typo3Auth28 Oct 2009 Authenticate users using info from a Typo3 Extension
UML4 Nov 2009 Renders a UML model from text using MetaUML
UnihanTag Extension tag for adding data about Chinese characters.
UnitsFormatter This extension enables intelligent and flexible formatting of units of measure.
UniversalEditButton Adds support for the UniversalEditButton Firefox extension
Uniwiki Authors1 Aug 2008 Appends a list of contributors to articles
Uniwiki Auto Create Category Pages1 Aug 2008 Create stub Category pages automatically
Uniwiki CSS Hooks18 Jul 2008 Add some CSS hooks to the HTML output of articles, for better styling
Uniwiki Category Box at Top18 Jul 2008 Adds a category box to the top right of articles
Uniwiki CreatePage18 Jul 2008 adds Special:CreatePage to the list of special pages for easily creating pages in your wiki.
Uniwiki Format Changes Reformats the recent changes
Uniwiki Format FormatSearch Cleans up the search results page
Uniwiki Generic Edit Page18 Jul 2008 Suppliments the edit page with something more usable
Uniwiki Javascript18 Jul 2008 Adds uniwiki.js to each page (which currently just provides lightweight i18n support in Javascript), and serves as a placeholder for future Javascript code shared between Uniwiki extensions
Uniwiki Layouts18 Jul 2008 Populate newly-created pages with editable "layouts", to encourage a common structure to articles
Uniwiki Toolbar25 Aug 2008 Uses a better toolbar, using Tango icons with optional internationalizable text describing the icons
UnknownActionHandler Enables customized handling of non-native MediaWiki web requests (aka 'actions') through the used of stored PHP page code.
Unmerged Recent Changes30 Oct 2008 A variant of Special:Recentchanges where the feeds do not merge adjacent edits by the same user.
UploadBlacklist Allows configuration of an array with sha1 hashes which can then no longer be uploaded
UploadCSV Mass creation of articles using data from a csv-file.
UrlGetParameters Provides a parserfunction {{#urlget:...}} which allows access to the url parameters in your page. Note: caching for the page you use this extension on should be disabled.
Urlencode performs the exact same function as the PHP function of the exact same name. See External Links for clarification. The string passed to the extension for urlencoding is first parsed by the wiki engine to evaluate any code. See Usage for clarification.
Urllogger Script to log added URLs to a text file.
UsabilityInitiative Features developed by the Wikipedia Usability Initiative to enhance the usability of MediaWiki
Usage Statistics20 May 2009 View usage statistics on per user basis and the site as a whole
UsageBulkStats Builds a mass statistics table. Extension was build to produce a SPSS rapport.
UsenetSyntax Allows simple Usenet highlighting such as *bold*, /italic/ and _underline_.
User Contact Links27 Jan 2008 Create properly formatted links to other wiki user's names/pages
User Image Gallery17 Dec 2006 Adds <userimages> tag to generate image galleries of user uploads
User Merge and Delete11 Feb 2008 Merges references from one user to another user in the Wiki database - will also delete old users following merge
User Rights Email Notification This extension provides a customisable email notification for registered users upon a change in their group memberships.
UserClassExtended Enhances the standard MediaWiki "User" class to provide a more comprehensive Namespace Permissions system.
UserExport5 Aug 2009 Export Mediawiki user name and email to a CSV file
UserFunctions25 Jul 2008 Provides a set of dynamic parser functions that trigger on the current user.
UserInfo Displays some info (IP, OS, browser) about the user.
UserLoginLog30 Jul 2007 Creates a new MediaWiki log for user logins and logout events
UserMagic Defines several username-producing magic words.
UserPageEditProtection6 Dec 2007 Restricts edit access to user pages
UserPageStyles Allows users to create stylesheets for use on their userpages and subpages.
UserPageViewTracker7 Nov 2007 Tracks user page hits
UserRightsList14 May 2009 Manage user rights using a user list instead of one at a time.
UserRightsMagic Provides useful 'magic word' related to the current user's rights.
UserSnoop16 Nov 2007 Tracks user page hits and snoops on users
UserWelcome20 Sep 2008 Adds <welcomeUser> tag to display user-specific social info to logged-in users when SocialProfile extension is installed on the wiki.
Username Blacklist8 Feb 2008 Block the creation of user accounts matching a regular expression blacklist
VBulletin Users Integration  
VBulletin stats  
VPIPPlugin Adds a parser tag called <video> for embedding video clips with the VPIP Player
Validator1 Feb 2010 Validator provides an easy way for other extensions to validate parameters of parser functions and tag extensions, set default values and generate error messages.
Vanilla Authentication  
VariablesExtension28 Mar 2009 Define page-scoped variables.
VarsInDB7 May 2009 Enables the creation of persistent variables which are stored in the Database
VarsInSession26 Jan 2010 Create variables that are stored in the session object and accessible across multiple http requests
VideoFlash20 Aug 2008 VideoFlash is an extension that displays videos from Youtube, GoogleVideo, Dailymotion, Sevenload, Revver and similar services
VideoFlv Cette extension permet de la diffusion de video de type flv.
VideoWiki Enables to add videos to any wiki page, and edit them
VisualMathCaptcha Visual (image) and math captcha
VizExpress A wizard for generating tables and graphs
Vote16 Apr 2009 Provides simple polling capabilities
Vuzit2 Sep 2008 Embed documents using Vuzit's AJAX-based document viewer.
WMPEmbed31 Oct 2009 Embeds a Windows Media Player Object
WarnNoCategories26 Jan 2009 Warns user if she did not specify any category when editing a page
WatchEmailOptional Enable users to configure watched-article email notification on a per-article basis.
WatchSubpages Quickly add all subpages of a guide to the users' watchlist
WaybackMachine25 Jun 2008 Displays a table of available archives of a given website, so that the user can browse in the past of all websites. Designed for wikis related to the history of the Internet and the digital culture.
WclEditor visual client-side editor for MediaWiki
WebChat Adds a special page used to chat in real time with other wiki users.
WebDAV WebDAV / DeltaV / Subversion interface to MediaWiki articles
WebSequenceDiagram Render inline sequence diagrams using
WebStore Web-only (non-NFS) file storage middleware. It is needed by the ProofreadPage extension.
Webservice20 Mar 2009 Pull data from an external webservice into a wiki page
Website in iFrame This simple extension will allow you to post a website in an iFrame in your MediaWiki articles.
Wget Authentication Allows you to securely use wget to authenticate against a pre-existing HTTP authentication login system.
Wgraph15 Aug 2007 Generate complex graphs from a semantic textual description of objects and their relations. Allows nested subgraphs, supports png and svg. Analyse contents of a wiki and generate connectivity graphs.
WhatIsMyIP22 Feb 2009 Shows current user's IP address on Special:WhatIsMyIP
When25 Apr 2007 adds a new parser function called #when which expands to easily queryable time categorisation.
WhiteList5 Sep 2008 Allows restrictive access to certain Mediawiki pages with a robust whitelist option.
Whitelist Namespaces Whitelists an entire namespace as readable
Whitelist Regex1 Feb 2010 Allows pages to be read-whitelisted based on a regular expression
WhoIsWatching6 Oct 2008 Find out who is watching a particular page, and add others to watchlist for that page
WhoIsWatchingTabbed Creates a tab to see who is watching a particular page. Or what pages a user is watching.
Whos online A quick and dirty implementation of WhosOnline for MediaWiki. This script was created for a user within the #MediaWiki IRC channel. This version displays the number of Guests and Registered users online.
WhosOnline26 Jul 2009 Creates list of logged-in & anons currently online
Widgets27 Nov 2009 Allows adding free-type widgets to the wiki by editing pages in Widget namespace
WikEd Full-featured text editor, integrated into MediaWiki edit pages
Wiki-httpbl1 Feb 2008 Http:BL extension to mediawiki, implement DNSBL to block spammer's.
Wiki2LaTeX28 Nov 2008 Exports Mediawiki-articles to LaTeX and PDF
Wiki2twitter10 Jun 2009 Sends twitter updates when content is changed (Recent changes twitter feed)
Wiki2xml Converts markup fragments or whole articles to XML and from XML to other stuff.
Wiki3D A simple 3D description language embedded in a Java Applet
WikiArticleFeedJson10 Nov 2008 Derived heavily from WikiArticleFeeds, by adding the JSON Feed format and adding links to the sidebar making the wiki page embedible, as well as the section.
WikiArticleFeeds Makes RSS/Atom feeds out of wiki articles.
WikiCategoryTagCloud2 Jul 2009 Greatly improved fork of Extension:YetAnotherTagCloud
WikiCurl22 Feb 2009 Universal CURL extension
WikiDB Adds easy-to-use database functionality to MediaWiki.
WikiDebug A few debugging tools I find useful.
WikiFactory Enables configuration via a special page.
WikiFeeds12 Mar 2007 Enhanced feed support for MediaWiki
WikiFlasher Allows embedded flash
WikiGenericScript25 Jul 2008 WikiGenericScript is an extension which allows you to embed a predefined javascripts src using <script src="..." type="text/javascript"></script> tags in the menus. For embedding various kinds of inline scripts like Google Gadgets, Google Analytics etc. etc.
WikiHiero Enables the use of hieroglyphs with additional syntaxes
WikiLogic25 Sep 2006 Specific vernacular text conversion for Formal Logic
WikiMindMap Adds a special page to show a Mind Map of a searched article.
WikiMusicGuide MusicStream24 Oct 2006 WikiMusicGuide Free Music Streaming Service
WikiPDF Converts MediaWiki articles to LaTeX or PDF
WikiPagesTag Allows to have a list enclosed in <WikiPages> </WikiPages> tag that auto links to internal links weather or not is exists.
WikiPlot8 Oct 2006 Plotting mathematical expressions to images, using php.
WikiScript21 May 2009 WikiScript allows you to embed a external javascripts src using <script src="..." type="text/javascript"></script> tags, to embed various kinds of inline scripts like Google Gadgets, Google Analytics etc.
WikiSkin16 Oct 2007 Using normal wikitext articles to define skin content and layout.
WikiTeX Supports LaTeX objects on wiki
WikiTex14 Jan 2008 Enter math inside $..$
WikiTextLoggedInOut10 Jan 2010 Two new parser hooks, <loggedin> and <loggedout> to show different text depending on the users' login state
WikiTimeLine30 Jul 2008 Graphical illustration of historic events
WikiToWordPress4 Sep 2008 Scans every new article produced in the wiki for some given text and automatically creates a blog entry in a WordPress 'collective' blog. Works greatly in combination with the extensions WordPress Comments, and Semantic Forms or CreateBox.
WikiVX30 Jan 2010 This collection of extension is released as Mediwiki distribution, which can be run directly on a harddisk/USB stick.
WikiVid Allows for embeding of videos from external video services such as YouTube, or VReel.
WikiWidgets14 May 2007 Embed various widget types (Google map, Google search, Google widget, Twitter feed etc) Perl script written to generate a MediaWiki-format table showing a calendar month, with links for each day to a subpage from the displayed page.
Wikidiff PHP extension to do fast diffs for MediaWiki
Wikidiff2 Faster diff plugin for MediaWiki under PHP 5
Wikilog27 Nov 2009 Adds blogging features to MediaWiki, through a special namespace, making it a wiki-blog hybrid, like a Bliki.
WikimediaIncubator Adds functions meant for Wikimedia Incubator
WikimediaMessages Adds Wikimedia specific messages and grammar, as well as Wikimedia specific overrides for license related messages
Wikindx Enables the insertion of Wikindx citations into MediaWiki articles.
Wikipdf2 Converts Mediawiki articles to PDF
Wikiwyg A WYSIWYG editor
Wiklets28 Jun 2007 A parser function which allows its content to float in a popup div using Mat Kruse's JavascriptToolbox.
WiktionaryLang designed to add language awareness to the English Wiktionary.
Wildcard search Adds wildcard search capability
Windows NTLM LDAP Auto Auth  
Winter Adds an interpreted language to MediaWiki
WoWItem Link to World of Warcraft items.
Woogle4MediaWiki27 Aug 2009 Woogle4MediaWiki introduces Social search within your Wiki - i.e. let's you collaboratively describe, discuss and rank queries and results. Woogle4MediaWiki replaces MediaWiki's build in search. There is a native PHP implementation for searching the Wiki only (WoogleNative) and an implementation for searching various source via an Integrated Search backend from within your MediaWiki (WoogleRemote).
Woopra Allows for the Woopra Live Tracking Software to work for your MediaWiki installation
WordPress Comments17 Dec 2007 Merging WordPress comments into MediaWiki
WordPressPosts25 Dec 2009 Lists recent WordPress blog posts in the MediaWiki sidebar.
WordpressTeaser20 Nov 2009 This extension allows you to insert teaser (first paragraphs) from your Wordpress blog into a MediaWiki page.
Workflow9 Jul 2009 Allows dynamic content areas called tags which can be switched between pre-selected states by clicking. The states can contain normal content such as images and categorisation links.
Wykres31 Aug 2008 Graph plotting extension using the <canvas> element.
X3d Renders x3d in a Java Applet
XFeed - RSS Feed Aggregator Add a <xfeeds> tag
XImage Image wiki output XHTML Strict compliance
XML Bridge Converts MediaWiki markup to XHTML
XML Class This extension facilitates client-side XML / XSLT processing of data sources stored in Mediawiki pages. Also optionally integrates with rendering extensions such as GeSHi Syntax Highlighting.
XSL A simple XSL renderer
Xcf Allows Xcf (GIMP) images to be rendered inside MediaWiki pages.
XmlOutput10 Sep 2007 Allows articles containing XML to be returned as raw XML with associated XSLT applied if required
XmlWiki A MediaWiki hack giving XML properties to articles
XsltTransformer31 Mar 2009 Output pages to various formats, define types throught SMW, including support for FOP and custom output.
YAMBE12 Jun 2009 Hierarchical Breadcrumb for Mediawiki. Builds a structured path for each page.
Yahoo6 Nov 2007 Render Yahoo Button showing users online status
YahooMaps30 Jul 2008 Create Yahoo maps with wikitext markers
YearsOld10 Feb 2008 To calculate the Years passed since Date
YetAnotherKeywords12 Nov 2008 Extension tag for adding a custom <meta> keywords to the document header.
YouTube (Iubito) <youtube> parser tag for displaying YouTube videos on a MediaWiki.
YouTube (emijrp) provides tag for embedding YouTube videos
YouTubeAuthSub12 Mar 2008 Allows users to upload videos directly to YouTube through the wiki.
YouTubeTag Adds <youtube> tag for embedding YouTube videos.
Zodiac18 May 2009 Puts zodiacal sign by Date










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